10 Best Wind Generators For Sailboats (Reviewed) in 2021

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Best-Wind-Generators-For-SailboatBest wind generators for sailboats have a natural appeal to the sailors needing extra power for completing a sailing journey. They bring the same power that we rely on to get from point A to B, and the innovation behind them is well proven to be reliable.

The generators are widely known for their maintenance-free operation and requiring no launch or recovery. Today, wind generators are very common to many sailors in the blue water cruising routes.

With lots of best wind generators for sailboats in the market, finding the best model can be quite a challenge. When you get to choose your model, you will be faced with a lot of options that can kill you with a headache.

However, there is no need to put yourself to the challenge. have done the whole searching for you. I have search through the models and came up with the list below. I have also listed the features that make secure wind generator stand among the others. So, it’s an article you want to read.

Top 10 Best Wind Generators For Sailboats in 2021

1. Tumo-Int Wind Turbine Generator – For Sailboats

Tumo-Int Wind Turbine GeneratorThe lists start with a beautiful and powerful Tumo-Int Wind Turbine Generator Kit. The generator uses three patented wind turbine blades that have twisted aerodynamic and accurate symmetrical design ensuring the rotor captures maximum power from the wind energy.

The generator design also allows it to operate amazingly with low noise and a little vibration. The Tumo-Int Wind turbine is an excellent product as it picks upwind in an extraordinarily even in the low winds.

The wind boosting controller ensures that the turbine captures every little wind energy and converts to power. Installing the generator on the sailboat is quite simple. The mounting suggested in the instruction is a bit involved, but an accomplished DIY person can achieve it.


  • Permanent magnetic triple-phase
  • Wind Boosting Controller
  • Low energy to start up
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • No noise


  • Incomplete installation kit

2. NPower Wind Turbine – Smart Controller

NPower Wind TurbineMy second best wind generator for sailboats id the high-performing NPower Wind Turbine. One thing I love about thing model is the high-quality marine-grade construction which gives it versatility in sea environments.

With 400 watt power, the turbine efficiently harnesses wind energy 24/7 AC output power. The three-strong symmetrically designed blades ensure that you get the possible control over long distances.

Additionally, it’s impressive that the Wind turbine system includes power conversion to Direct current (DC) at the battery bank for 12V charging and can be used with 24V or 12V systems.

For the most efficient charging my NPower Marine Grade system uses the reliable MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) smart controller.


  • Powder-coated Fiberglass blades
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Overspeed/Overcrank Shutdown
  • Weather Resistant construction
  • Pole mounting design
  • Smart Controller


  • Assembly takes time
  • Not backed by a warranty

3. Sunforce 44444 – Best Watt Wind Generator

Sunforce 44444The Sunforce 44444 wind generator is something that has been loved by lots of sailors. The generator is made from weatherproof, lightweight cast-aluminum which makes it an ideal unit for sailing boats.

With its 400 watts or 27 amps maximum power, it provides enough power to charge your batteries. It’s fitted with a fully integrated regulator which automatically shuts down when the batteries are entirely charged.

Additionally, the China-manufactured product takes DIY skills to have it assembled and mounted. The whole unit is 27 L by 44 W by 44 H inches. The unit attaches to any robust pole, building, or the Sunforce 30-Foot Tower Kit. Our Wind Generator here uses a 12-volt battery which is not included.


  • Weatherproof cast aluminum Construction
  • Portable and Quiet Wind Generator
  • Fully integrated regulator
  • Manufactured in China
  • Ready to use


  • A bit difficult to install

4. ECO-WORTHY Wind Solar – Power with MC4 Connector

ECO-WORTHY Wind Solar - Power with MC4 ConnectorThe ECO-WORTHY is my next powerful wind generator with a solar panel. It comes with one three blade-turbine generator and two pieces polycrystalline solar panel and a 24 centimeter with an MC4 connector.

The kit comes with a highly efficient and compact alternator that has high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet. It’s impressive that the system uses a hybrid controller which is PWM that is designed with overload protection.

Additionally, the system automatically shuts down when the batteries which are being charged are fully charged thanks to the fully integrated regulator. The whole wring system shown on the product description is suitable for a 24v system and to use a 12v system you need to connect the solar panels in parallel connection.


  • Long Cable with MC4 Connector
  • A built-in automatic braking system
  • Compact, high-efficient alternator
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • Fully integrated regulator


  • Somehow expensive

5. Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator – 3 Blade Low Wind Speed

Happybuy Wind Turbine GeneratorThe Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator takes my next position for the best wind generators for sailboats. I love it since it’s my economy level wind turbine that is explicitly made for the best performance on the in the blue water cruising routes.

It’s a 400watt wind turbine that is durable and with low maintenance. The ease of assembly, high efficient, and quite an operation makes it super ideal for your sailboat. Its powerful performance relies on a permanent magnet generator that has low torque.

It also comes with an integrated automatic braking system which reduces the speed when the wind tends to be so much. The high wind energy utilization factor ensures that there is maximum annual power generation.


  • An Integrated automatic braking system
  • Battery Overcharging Protection
  • Anti-UV anti-corrosion material
  • Battery Discharging Protection
  • Nylon Fiber Wind Leaf


  • Offers low wattage
  • A bit small Tailpiece

6. Windmill (DB-400) – Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Windmill (DB-400) The next best generator for sailboats is the Windmill DB-400. It comes as a wind turbine generator kit with DIY set-up instructions and is equipped with all the materials needed for it to function correctly.

It’s an entirely self-sustaining stand-alone device which generates clean GREEN renewable energy continuously without your supervision. With 400 watt power, 16.8lbs weight and durable, heavy-duty construction make it ideal and a perfect model to use to charge your sailboat battery.

The best thing about this wind generator package is that it comes with all the parts and accessories needed in having it working.


  • High-quality Polypropylene/Glass Fiber
  • MPPT Maximum power point tracking
  • The inbuilt automatic braking system
  • Manual braking switch
  • UV protection coating
  • 1 Year manufactures warranty


  • Not that powerful
  • Improvement of Customer service could be better

7. Missouri Wind and Solar – 11 Blade Wind Turbine

Missouri Wind and SolarThe Missouri General Freedom II wind generator is a unique model that features superior quality and performance. It comes with 11 blades that are made of carbon fiber blades.

When they turn they turn the generator blades and the powerful motor which provides 2000 watt working power. The unit is hot-dipped galvanized with zinc-coated hubs which provide excellent durability.

It’s designed with an innovative keyed shaft and hub stabilizer and also include a self-tightening cam-lock washer to keep the blade set from spinning on the turbine shaft. The combo system has heavy-duty stars and stripes with a tail and a PMG mounting bracket that ensures you get the best performance.


  • Fully hot dipped galvanized components
  • Raptor carbon fiber blades
  • Permanent magnet
  • Cut-in wind speed
  • NO cogging


  • No installation kit
  • The installation is difficult

8. ECO-WORTHY Turbine Generator – House & Boat

ECO-WORTHY Turbine GeneratorMy next model is the ECO-WORTHY wind generator that works with a Monocrystalline Solar Panel and a power inverter. The blades in this system high-performance nylon fiber for a precision molding injection allowing it to work on marine environment correctly.

The turbine works with even the smallest wind to provide the best working power. Cable labeling makes it super easy to have it together and to work.

The cable adapter connects the controller with the solar panels, and you need to get other connectors to join the turbine with this controller. The over thermal protection shuts down the output protecting it from damages.


  • High-performance nylon fiber blades
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Precision molding injection
  • Y Branch MC4 Connectors
  • AC/DC Power Inverter


  • Takes time to have it installed

9. Mophorn Wind Turbine – Controller for Power Supplementation

Mophorn Wind TurbineThe Mophorn Wind Turbine is a hybrid wind generator that works with a hybrid charger controller. One great thing about this wind turbine generator is it doesn’t need to be pointed to the wind direction to be effective, making it ideal in areas where the winds are extremely variable.

The wind blades are made from high-quality nylon fiber that makes it weather-resistant and with its easy assembling with DIY installation, and this is a sailboat generator that you want on your sailboat. The Mophorn 700W wind generator kit is ideal for businesses, green windmill, mechanical energy, and homes supplementation.


  • High-quality stainless steel and aluminum fittings
  • MPPT Maximum power point tracking
  • Permanent Magnet Generator
  • Power Supplementation
  • Superior Performance


  • Quite heavy
  • Difficult to assemble

10. ECO-WORTHY Wind Solar Power – Best for Boat

ECO-WORTHY Wind Solar PowerMy last best generator for sailboats is the ECO-WORTHY wind and solar power. It comes as a set of six polycrystalline solar panels, one wind turbine generator, Y branch MC4 connectors and a pair of 16feet solar cable adapter.

With the combination of all these units allows this turbine Eco-Worthy turbine to offer 1KW power for your sailboat. The set comes with a new style controller which is more efficient and entirely automatic, no need to set any parameters.

The solar panel is constructed from the corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for durability and outdoor use. The design allows it to last for decades and also withstand the snow load (5400Pa) and high wind (2400Pa).


  • 400W Wind Turbine Generator
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • Y Branch MC4 Connectors
  • Solar Cable Adapter
  • Hybrid Controller


  • No instructions manual

Best Wind Generators For Sailboats Buyer’s Guide:

With the above information, it’s clear that picking the best wind generators for sailboats from the list is quite hard. As you might’ve noticed, most of the products on this list are quite similar, but some features are distinctive. With the below factors, the choice will be much simpler and straightforward.

Automatic Braking System

With best wind generators for sailboats, there is a breaking system built in to reduce the speed of the turbines when the wind speed gets too high. The turbine also provides protection from overcharging the batteries from and the motor from overheating.

Tower Height

It’s vital that you buy a model that comes with a tall tower which can allow it to take advantage of the high average wind speeds which are possible at elevated heights. The higher you go, the more wind you will get. But when you are finding more breeze, it’s vital that you ensure there are no obstruction structures around it. Remember to check the bridges and the deck cover.


The installation of your best generator for sailboats should be a simple DIY installation. It should come with the necessary DIY equipment kit to help you. The installation instructions should be easy to read and follow. Whatever you do, you must never try to install your wind generator on the roof of your sailboat. That way you won’t jeopardize your boat’s roof structural integrity.

Power Output

You might be counting it as a backup, but you need to make sure that the power output is powerful enough to change the number of batteries you have in your sailboat. I recommend that you also ensure you buy a wind generator that features inbuilt MPPT power tracking. That shows that the wind generator system is quite efficient.

Quality Build

One thing that determines the durability of the best wind generators for sailboats is the construction. That’s why you need to make sure that the model you pick is made from high-end, durable materials like polypropylene and Glass Fiber for the blades. It’s also vital the wind turbine to have a UV protection layer to keep it from damage by harsh UV rays.

Best Wind Generators For Sailboats (FAQs)

Q: How long should I expect my wind generator to last?

A: The life expectancy of a wind generator for sailboats can take around 20 to 25 years depending on the usage. But the moving parts will need to be replaced before that.

Q: How much wind is needed to turn the wind turbine?

A: Wind speeds of as low can rotate small turbines as 8mpH, and on the other hand, the bigger turbine will need something like 13mpH.


I hope it is much easier now to find the best model now than it was before. I also hope the searching process is now much simpler and straightforward. With all this information, you should be able to find a perfect model out of the list of top best wind generators for sailboats.

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