5 Best Wind Generators for Boats (Reviewed) For 2020

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Best Wind Generator for BoatsWhen you’re on your boat, it is better to use renewable sources of power. Instead of using solar panels which can take up a lot of space, a much better idea is to use a wind generator. There are a few options available these days.

While looking for the best wind generator for boats, it is essential to go into the details to pick the right one. If you do not want to spend hours going over the specifications and details of the best wind generator for boats, I can help you out.

I will compile below a list of top 5 wind generators which you can use. Once you choose from this list, you can pick an optimum generator that can help you generate power on your boat.

Top 5 Best Wind Generators for Boats For 2020

1. Dyna-Living Wind Turbine for Marine RV Homes

Dyna Living Wind Turbine GeneratorThe next generator on my list consists of a wind turbine generator which can produce up to 400 W of power. It is available in 4 variants depending on the power rating which you need. You can operate it between -40°C to 80°C.

The excellent heat resistance comes in pretty handy when installing it on your boat. One of the main advantages of this wind turbine generator is that it consists of 3 phase AC permanent magnet generator.

It means that the noise is on the lower side, and it requires little maintenance. You can not only use it on your boat but also on your cabins, mobile homes and a variety of other applications.

It comes with a controller and some fixtures to install it. That is why; you will face no problems when using this wind turbine generator. The ease of use and aerodynamic design makes it a good option.


  • Available in 4 different power variants
  • High operating temperature range
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise


  • Controller quality could have been better

2. SHZOND Wind Generator with Kit

SHZOND Wind Generator 400W Hybrid Wind TurbineThe generator on my list now is again a 400 W wind turbine generator. It consists of 3 blades and requires a start-up speed of just 2.5 m/s. It can tackle winds up to 12 m/s easily. It has a low-vibration design, which means that you will have no problems at all when using it on your boat.

Also, the blades use reinforced glass fiber. It not only provides with aerodynamic shape but also increases the durability. With the help of high wind power utilization, the efficiency of this generator is higher.

It is lightweight and easy to install. You can use it not just on boats but also on mobile homes, gazebos and a variety of other places. These features make it a perfect choice.


  • Requires low wind speed
  • Lightweight and easy to install design
  • Reinforced glass fiber blades
  • Highly versatile


  • Requires sustained winds of 12 mph to generate power consistently

3. Happybuy Wind Turbine Low Wind Speed

Happybuy Wind Turbine GeneratorIf you’re looking for a wind turbine generator that can generate higher power, this one with a rating of 500 W is the perfect option for you. It consists of five nylon fiber blades. The start-up speed which it requires is just 6.6 ft/s.

It can handle up to 160 ft/s winds in any weather. With the help of diecast aluminum casing, you can be sure that the durability is on the higher side.It uses three-phase AC permanent magnets in the motor to ensure that the vibration is on the lower side, and the efficiency is on the higher side.

Due to this very reason, it can utilize wind power efficiently. With the help of auto wind direction adjustment, you will not have to worry about adjusting it again and again. The vibration and low noise design make it easy to use it consistently. It is a great option when you’re looking for a wind turbine generator with a higher power rating.


  • Power rating is 500 W
  • Highly efficient
  • Auto wind direction adjustment
  • Can handle winds up to 160 ft./s


  • User manual not included

4. Happybuy Wind Turbine with Generator Kit

Happybuy Wind Turbine 400W DC 12V Wind Turbine GeneratorWith five vertical blades, this wind turbine generator is highly efficient. It has a power rating of 400 W. The speed which it requires is 6.6 ft/s. It can handle winds up to 147.6 ft./s. The nylon fiber blades are highly durable.

The auto-adjustment mechanism means that it can work according to the direction of the wind. With the help of 3 phase AC permanent magnets, the motor is highly efficient as well. It is available in 4 color options, which mean that you can choose it according to the aesthetics of the boat. It is a great choice when looking for aesthetically pleasing wind turbine generator.


  • Auto adjustment mechanism
  • Nylon fiber blades
  • Power rating is 400 W
  • Available in 4 color options


  • The packaging is not satisfactory

5. Pacific Sky Power Starter small Generator

Pacific Sky Power Starter Wind Turbine GeneratorThe wind generator that I am speaking about now requires just a starting speed of 8 mph. It can work up to 50 mph, which means that you can use it in any weather conditions on your boat. The diameter of the rotor horizontally is 15 inches.

It consists of a brushed 30V DC motor to power various applications. Additionally, you can use it not just on your boat but for DIY projects as well, which makes it highly versatile. The installation is easy and comes with the instruction manual.

The charging RPM is between 500 RPM to 2000 RPM, which makes it even easy to use. If you’re looking for a versatile, simple and easy to use wind turbine generator, you should consider this one.


  • Easy to install
  • Requires minimum wind speed of 8 miles per hour
  • Can survive the wind speed of 50 miles per hour
  • Highly versatile
  • Consists of brushed motor


  • Limited Installation Instructions

In my opinion, if you’re looking for the best wind generator for boats, these are the five best options. I will share with you a buying guide that can help you pick the right one among these 5.

Buying Guide:

Power rating:

You have to always look at the power rating of the motor rating on offer. It will help you understand how much power it can generate.

Construction quality:

The quality and the materials of the turbine will help you understand how long it will last. The more the durability, the better it will be for you.

The number of blades:

Generally speaking, the more the number of turbine blades, the higher will be the efficiency of the turbine. However, they should be lightweight so that little wind can move them.

Wind requirements:

Lastly, you have to choose the turbine generator which can work with low wind speeds. When that is the case, a consistent generation of electricity is possible.

These are the four factors to consider when choosing the wind generator for boats. I will now highlight some FAQs which can provide you with a better idea regarding these generators.


Which is the best wind generator for boats?

The Pacific Sky Power Starter Wind Turbine Generator is the best generator for boats as it can work at low wind speeds and is easy to install.

How much power can wind generator for boats generate?

The wind generator for boats can generate up to 600 W of power. It all depends on the turbine size. You can get smaller generators which can generate anywhere between 100 W to 200 W. You have to choose according to the applications on your boat.


So, the next time around you’re looking for the best wind generator for boats, my list above will certainly help you. It will make the entire task of choosing such a generator quite easy for you. I have done all the hard work and compiled a list of only the best generators to make the task of choosing one easy.

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