Top 6 Best Wind Generator for Yachts (Reviewed) in 2021

Best Wind Generator for YachtsAs we well know, wind generator features a natural appeal to those sailors in need of some extra power. While having fun or relaxing on your yacht, getting some extra power makes a difference, a vast difference. A wind generator help in maintaining better battery life, power other onboard devices and, importantly provide you with peace of mind.

Wind generators harness the wind energy to provide electricity, and the technology used here is well proven and reliable. Regardless of the growing acceptance of efficient hydro-generators and solar panels, wind turbines are still a famous sight on bluewater cruising routes, and I love them too.

The big question rises while buying the ideal model: how do I buy the best model? But today the question gets answered. My guide will give you all the info you need to buy the best wind generator for yachts. I start with a list of the top best wind turbine generator available today.

6 Best Wind Generator for Yachts in 2021

1. Happybuy 1500W Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator Blades Light and PowerfulHappybuy Wind Turbine Generator Kit starts my list. It’s a unique kit featuring high power output and top performance. With it featuring a 3-phase AC permanent magnet generator with toque allows it to offer reliable performance even at the low-speed wind.

Alongside that, it comes with high-power tracking intelligent microprocessor, which ensures top performance delivery. With the wind leaf made from reinforced glass steel and the blades from synthetically injection-molded plastic, it ensures you get a high-strength wind turbine ideal for your yacht.

Additionally, the design of the turbine blades ensures they rotate adequately and with minimal vibration and noise. The turbine also uses high tech integrated and automatic braking system protecting it from sudden or extreme wind speed.


  • Effective power control regulation
  • Superior Performance
  • High-Quality Material
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Wide Application


  • Pricey
  • No pole

2. Missouri General Freedom II Wind Turbine

Missouri Wind and Solar – 11 Blade Wind TurbineMy next best wind generator for yachts is an 11-blade 2000-watt wind turbine from Missouri Wind and Solar. The General Freedom II wind turbine is what I’m talking about. It’s a uniquely designed model featuring metal components.

They are fully hot-dipped and galvanized, and the hub is zinc coated, ensuring they last longer and stay free of rust. With these properties, you don’t need to paint it or even coat it. The fact that it uses raptor carbon fiber blades that are high-strength allowing it to handle 125 MPH wind speed.

On top of that, with zero cogging, this wind generator feature cut-in wind speed for up to 6 MPH. Another key feature of this model is the PMG rotor with more copper, which means more power.


  • Superior quality and performance
  • Newest power generation innovation
  • Hot-dipped galvanized Turbines
  • Simple and effective turbine
  • Zinc-plated hubs
  • Easy installation


  • High on price

3. Tumo-Int Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Tumo Int 1000W 3Blades – Wind Turbine GeneratorTumo-Int 1000Watt 3-blade wind generator is the next model. It comes as a kit with a wind boosting controller designed to promote the generator power when the wind speed is low. It comes with patented turbines with a true symmetrical which also feature an aerodynamic designed.

It ensures its rotor capture maximum power and operates in an unusual low noise with minimal vibrations. Additionally, this model requires low energy to start up and generate high power with no noise.

The kit packaging comes with the generator, controllers, blades, bolts, screws, and a nose cone. It does also come with all the necessary installation accessories. Bringing these parts together is a natural process that you can do yourself.


  • Greater energy production yield
  • Wind Boosting Controller
  • Low startup wind speed
  • Little vibration
  • Noiseless


  • None

4. Ista Breeze Set Wind Generator

Ista Breeze Set Windgenerator Hybrid Charge ControllerIsta Breeze Set Wind Generator is yet another high-performance model ideal for yachts. It’s a unique model that features a hybrid charge controller. With it made from fiberglass and reinforced plastic, the casing and rotor blades are durable, unusually lightweight, and stable for reliable performance.

It is rated capacity is 400-watt maximum and generator running performance is 500 watt, which I would say is ideal for recharging your yacht batteries. With it coming with a maintenance-free grinding contact with no carbon, it’s able to deliver good current flow.

When the wind speed is minimal or unreliable, the system’s wind/solar hybrid charge controller provides a parallel connection for use with 3-phase generators. It also provides a way to connect 2-phase photo-voltaic modules. It’s for sure an excellent wind generator for your yacht.


  • Very durable and stable design
  • High-strength fiber blades
  • Hybrid Charge Controller
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Aluminum housing
  • Easy Installation


  • None

5. MAKEMU Energy Darrieus Savonius Wind Generator

MAKEMU Energy Mini Micro Home Vertical axis Wind Turbine Power GeneratorImagine getting clean and free energy all day and night, winter, and summer. That is what you get when you mount this Makemu Energy Mini Micro Wind Generator. It comes as a versatile vertical axis power generator.

So, as a home 1KW wind generator, what makes it ideal for use with yachts? It features peculiar durability characteristics and captures the wind from all directions; requires no orientation.

Additionally, it does feature a compact and lightweight construction which provides ideal stability and easy mounting. Above this, the model is also beautiful and elegant, not forgetting super quiet; it’s packed with everything you need in the best wind generator for yachts. It comes with six synthetically molded blades which double the power it produces.


  • Single transmission cord
  • Shaft and hub stabilizer
  • Unbeatable durability
  • Self-regulated speed
  • Maintenance-free


  • NO pole

6. ECO-WORTHY Wind Solar Panel System

ECO WORTHY Wind Solar Power with MC4 ConnectorThe high-performance Wind Solar Panel System ends my list. The system comes with a 400W wind turbine, 100W monocrystalline solar panels, and Y-branch MC4 connectors. It’s ideal for 24-volt systems and can be placed on a yacht, boat, or even home.

The wind leaf is made from carbon fiber composite material, which makes it high-strength and durable. The blades are constructed from reinforced fiberglass and plastic covered with a UV-protector. The construction makes this model high-performance, durable, and ideal for marine use.

The best part is, its solar panels feature a lightweight yet high-strength aluminum frame which protects the high transparency tempered glass. Additionally, the kit features an automatic fan dedicated control system, pure sinewave inverter, and a permanent-magneto-phase A.C Generator. That’s an indication it’s ideal for use with marine yachts.


  • Straightforward controller connection
  • Automatic fan dedicated controller
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Low Noise Fan blade Design
  • Heavy-Duty Marine Design
  • Pure Sinewave Inverter


  • No pole
  • Complicated to install

Best Wind Generator for Yachts Reviews Buying Guide:

When I was researching for the best wind generator for yachts, I realized that many wind generator and turbine buyers suffer a lot while buying these products. The main thing that gives them a hard time is buying without a list of factors and features to look for. And since I don’t want you to go through the same road, here are the top considerations to keep in mind while choosing the best wind generator for your yacht.

Power Output

Above all, you need to check on the amount of power you need. You can do this by checking on the size of batteries you want to charge and appliances/electronics that will be using the power directly from the windmill, mostly the lights. Check the voltage system you’re using, for instance, the 24-volt system and buy a model that is ideal for such operation.

Material Quality and Durability

Since you’ll be using the wind generator on marine environments, you must ensure you buy a model made from high-quality materials. You need a model that can handle the water elements. That means they need to be rustproof, corrosion-resistant, and salt-water safe.

Else you will be wasting your investment in a model that wears out soon. Additionally, for low noise and less vibration operation, you need a wind generator with well-designed blades. The blades should feature high-strength synthetic molded materials.


Apart from being made from high-strength materials, you do need to consider the number of blades used by your wind generator turbine. The many the better, but they will be noisier and more vibrations. If you need less power for recharging the batteries, there is no need for installing a wind generator with many blades. Three blades are enough for you. However, if some appliances will need to run with direct power from the wind turbine, then you do need a more powerful wind generator. You need a model with more than three turbines.


Remember you might want to remove the wind turbine at a time when you do not need the extra power. That call for a lightweight model easier to mount and un-mount. Also, you might want to remove it for storage while the yacht docks and you take rest.


How easy is it to install the wind generator?
Does it come with the necessary installation accessories?
Do I need more tools for the installation?
Will I need some help during the installation?
Do they include an installation manual in the package?

Get answers to all these questions before you buy. The wind generator you decide to invest on should be easy to install and comes with the necessary accessories. It should also require no extra hard-to-find installation tools, and comes with a clear installation manual.

Best Wind Generator for Yachts (FAQs)

How long should I expect my wind generator for a yacht to last?

On average, the wind generator motors produce electricity for around 20-25 years. However, depending on the usage, the blades might require changing after 5-years of use.

Where should I install my wind generator on my yacht?

You need a place/area where there little traffic and interference. That’s mostly the deck as it features a strong, stable, and firm walking surface which can handle the mounting. While installing, remember to consider the safety standards and the height required by maritime authorities.


I don’t think there should be anything to stop you now from investing in an ideal wind generator for your yacht. With the information I have given you, you should be able to find and install a wind generator and enjoy your marine time. Remember to provide your wind generator the required care, and you might extend the years it serves you. Good Luck!

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