6 Best Generators for Burning Man (Updated in 2021)

Best Generators for Burning Man ReviewsThe burning Man festival is always fun if you have the right necessities. The festival goes for eight days within which you party and have fun. The festivity is about art, community, self-reliance, and self-expression.

If you recall, after the venue changing from San Francisco beach, it now takes place in the Nevada desert, in the Black Rock City. The city is temporal and active during the festival only. With that said, due to the high temperatures in the area, it’s recommended you carry a small fridge and a furnace.

On top of that, you will still need to charge your phones, laptops, and run other appliances. That’s why many people use generators at the festival. That calls you to buy the best generator for burning man if you’re planning to attend, which can be quite tricky. How do you do it? Follow this article to the end as I have given you some top generators you can buy and also a buying guide to help you through the process.

Top 6 Best Generator for Burning Man in 2021

The following is a list of the top 6 best generators ideal for use during the burning man festival. Each model I’ve listed here has its ups and downs, but they are all worth your investment. However, you do need to use the buying guide beneath it to ensure it meets your needs.

1. Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen4500DF Dual Fuel Inverter GeneratorMy first recommendation is the powerful Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator. It’s a super-quiet portable generator that provides 3700 running watts and 4500 surge watts. The model comes with a lightweight and compact design, which also combines a built-in telescoping handle and two carrying handles.

The construction allows it to have ultimate hassle-free portability. Another thing, it operates quietly, making it ideal for recreational activities like burning man. I also noticed that it’s built for safe use with sensitive electronics.

The generator uses inverter technology to produce clean power ideal for your sensitive devices like laptops, TV, or even mobile phones. Fuel efficiency is also something lovable; with its 3.4 gas tank full, the generator can run for up to 18 hours in half load.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • CARB, USFS, and EPA Compliant
  • Led digital display data center
  • Extremely fuel-efficient
  • RV-ready


  • High Price
  • Not parallel capable

2. WEN 56200i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56200i – Super Quiet 2000 Watt Portable Inverter GeneratorNext up is another powerful and robust generator, but this time from WEN. The Wen 56200i comes as a super-quit portable inverter generator designed to give you enough and portable power.

It’s a generator you can rely on when it comes to the production of clean, safe, and efficient energy. It provides energy free of voltage drops and spikes all that to its pure sine wave mirroring design. With its robust and reliable 79.7cc OHV engine, the generator can give you a whopping 2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts.

On top of that, it does operate quietly, making it the ideal generator for the burning man festival. The best part is, it’s parallel capable, allowing you to connect another Wen 56200i when more power is required.


  • Minimal Harmonic Distortion
  • Lightweight, portable Design
  • Parallel Connection Capable
  • Reliable 79.7cc OHV engine
  • Operates extremely quiet
  • Versatile Panel
  • WEN Eco-Mode


  • Difficult to change the oil

3. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 – 1600 Running Watts generatorThe next best generator for burning man you can buy is this robust Yamaha EF2000iSv2. It’s a gas-powered portable inverter ideal for powering a wide range of applications, including sensitive electronics.

The best part I love about this generator is, it provides portable power packed in a very compact sized unit for secure storage and transport. Above that, there is an entirely new controller fitted with advanced programming giving the generator the ability to power a wide range of applications and at an extended period.

And since you’ll be needing a quiet generator, this Yamaha EF2000iSv2 operates silently thanks to its innovative muffler featuring USFS-approved spark arrestor. It’s a generator you’ll love having it as your burning man companion.


  • Efficient, reliable, powerful OHV Engine
  • Technologically sophisticated muffler
  • Rubber vibration isolation feet
  • USFS-approved spark arrestor
  • Oil Watch Warning system
  • Electrical overload breaker
  • Quiet Operation
  • Smart Throttle


  • No USB ports
  • Not RV-ready

4. Champion 100263 Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 3400W Inverter Dual Fuel GeneratorChampion Power Equipment isn’t a new brand in the generator industry. They have a long line of portable generators ideal for use in a burning man festival. After going through the many products they have, I picked this Champion 100263. Why?

One, the generator is quite powerful thanks to its 192cc Champion engine, which allows it to provide 3060 surge watts and 2790 running watts. Besides that, it’s a dual fuel and RV ready generator that gives you the versatility and flexibility to choose on either propane or gasoline, whichever that’s available.

That’s not all! You also get clean power to run your sensitive appliances and electronics that you might carry with you. I also love the fact that it’s super portable; it can even fit in a small car trunk.


  • EPA certified and CARB compliant
  • Convenient Smart economy mode
  • Quick clip-on parallel connection
  • Dual-Fuel generator technology
  • Cold start technology


  • High on price
  • Limited run time

5. Pulsar PG4000iSR Portable Quiet Inverter Generator

Pulsar PG4000iSR Quiet Inverter GeneratorIf you’re yet to be pleased with the models, here is another best generator ideal for use during the burning man, the robust Pulsar PG4000iSR. It’s yet another portable invert generator with super-quiet operation.

It’s a great versatile and rugged source of power that you can depend on during the festive. It provides 4000 surge watts and 3500 running watts, and its run-time is around 12-hours, which I would say is quite impressive.

Starting and running the generator is quite simple and straightforward, as it comes with both a convenient electric start and a remote start. On top of that, it has sufficient outlets for use outdoors, AC and DC outlets, and also USB ports. And you know what, apart from using the inverter technology, the generator is also parallel capable, which means you can connect another PG4000iSR if you ever need more power.


  • Convenient electric and wireless remote start
  • Extendable Handle and Never-Flat wheels
  • Stable sine WAVE Technology
  • Carb, EPA, & CSA approved
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Compact portable design
  • Parallel capability


  • A bit heavy

6. Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Honda 662230 EU2200i CompanionThe last product on the list is this famous Honda EU2200i, which is also a portable inverter generator. It’s a model that has been used by many campers and RVers, and it’s for a reason. One of the key reasons it’s preferred for burning man is the fact that it runs virtually silent and provides reliable power.

On top of that, this super quiet series runs on a robust Honda GXR120 engine, which allows it to provide a whopping 2200 surge watts and 1800 running watts. When it comes to fuel efficiency, this generator is also quite impressive. It’ll give around 8.1 hours with a gallon of fuel. The fact that it’s parallel capable gives the flexibility to connect another EU2200i if more power is needed.


  • Lightweight, portable design w/handle
  • Inverter power technology
  • Parallel Capability
  • CARB Compliant
  • Fuel efficient
  • Super Quiet


  • Expensive
  • Hard to change the oil

Best Generator for Burning Man Buying Guide:

With different options in the generator industry, picking the best generator for a burning man can be tricky. But as I said, this guide is here to help smoothen the process as possible. So here is a list of considerations you need to keep at your fingertips while making your selection. They will help you find the ideal unit for your needs.


A good generator should give you enough power to run any appliances you need during the festival. That means you have to list down all the electrical units you plan on carrying on these eight days and calculate their power needs. The total wattage will give you the amount of power you need, making it easier to size your generator. Remember, some appliances do not have the wattage but the amps and voltage. You need to use these values to calculate the wattage. To do that, you need to multiply the two, i.e.

Watts = volts x amps
Watts= 120v x 15amp
Watts = 1800

Do that for all the appliances with voltage and amperage only and add up the values. Remember, for devices like the furnace; you’ve to consider the starting and running watts. Typically, the starting watts is almost double the running watts.


Burning man festival will require you to carry your generator from your home and to the camp. That means you need something portable and which can fit in your RV or car trunk. Today, you can buy a powerful generator that comes in a small package, mostly the inverter generator. However, do not sacrifice the power for portability. Check on the lightweight-ness, and the compactness, small and lightweight, is the best. While at it, if you decide to go with something over 20 pounds, it needs to have wheel kits and handles for easy maneuverability.


For you to have the best time as you party, you might want to make sure the generator you’re buying will give you enough time to have fun before the next refill. Remember, you’re in a desert, and fuel might be a problem for you, so a fuel-efficient generator needs to be your best friend. Pick a model that gives you enough run time, an ideal time to enjoy, charge your devices, and also stay cold. Something between 8-14 hours can be perfect.

Quiet Operation

During the Burning Man festival, silence is golden. Remember, you’re not alone, and even though it’s party time, you do need to keep the machine noise minimal. That’s why they advocate that a low-noise generator is a must. That’s why I recommend you consider buying a silent inverter generator. They are designed to operate with low noise, and some even use Whisper Technology. Remember, the powerful the generator, the more noisily it becomes.

Best Generators for Burning Man (FAQs)

How far from my sleeping area should the generator be?

You need to place it at least 15-feet away from the tent or RV and ensure it’s away from the doors and window. Most importantly, keep the exhaust away from your camp.

How long will my gasoline last in the gas can?

If you store the gasoline with the proper storage guidelines, it can last for around six months. You need to follow the right storage guidelines and use the approved gas can, which needs to be tightly sealed.


Burning man is an event that brings people of all around the globe together and has fun. It won’t be festive if you do not have the right necessities for the eight-day festival. With the best generator for burning man, you have the chance to keep yourself comfortable and entertained. So, why don’t you make sure you have picked a great model to buy using this guide and thank me later? Good Luck!

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