Do I Need an Inverter Generator for My RV?

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Do I Need an Inverter Generator for My RVRVing is a perfect outdoor activity which people pursue to leave behind all the worries of their life. It’s also a good time for families to get together and spend time in a different environment.

The activity must be well prepared and well maintained. People who go RVing must think about the things they must carry, and one of the most important is the generator.

Do I Need an Inverter Generator for My RV?

Do I need an inverter generator for my RV? My answer to you is YES! There are hundreds of generators available on the market today. For you to buy the ideal model, you must be keen in observing the details on what to buy.

But since you have to choose the best generator that makes your RV as comfortable as possible, an inverter generator is a fit for you. So, why is the inverter generator better for my RV?

Benefits of Using an Inverter Generator in RV:

1) Reliable Energy

Inverter generators use a three-phase power generation process to produce their electrical output. In the first phase, it provides AC energy which is then converted into DC in the second phase. The inverter technology then turns it back into AC for the third and last phase. The transformation process produces a good, clean, and stable electric current. That makes the machine reliable and environmentally friendly.

2) Clean energy

Most of the appliances and electronics you will be using in your RV are sensitive when it comes to the current passing through their system. That is why you are warned of them getting fried when connected to an auxiliary power source. Inverter generators use the inverter technology to deliver real sine wave energy output identical to AC power supplied by the home utility. By using an inverter generator, you’re sure your appliances are getting clean energy thus guaranteeing their safety. It’s, therefore, the safest way to run your RV TV, audio system, and other electronics/appliances.

3) Fuel efficiency

The inverter technology and the three-phase process gives the inverter generator the power to save more fuel. It allows the engine to vary its speed depending on the load on the generator, thus reducing the amount of fuel consumed. Additionally, since inverter generators produce only the power required, it consumes less fuel to produce stable electricity. It means less fuel used, reduced expenses, and minimal greenhouse gas emissions. In this case, you can save around 40% of fuel by using an inverter generator, depending on the use.

4) Portability

Portable Inverter GeneratorWhile going for your tour with the RV, the size of the generator you carry with you is also critical. Since you will also bring a lot of things, having a portable generator is the best option. Inverter generators are perfect for RVs because of their size. Its new compact design packs parts of the engine generators in a smaller housing and provides enough energy as if you were only connected to your home.

5) Parallel connection

Another surprising benefit of some inverter generator is the ability to operate in parallel. That means that you can join your inverter generator with another machine of the same size to double the power if needed. Therefore, you don’t have to spend energy and portability at the expense of more power.

6) Minimal Noise

Unlike traditional generators that produce monstrous sounds, the inverter generators are silent. It is good that you rest well at the end of each RVing day after performing challenging activities. It is quiet because it produces only the results needed during this period. It is also made up of a high-tech microprocessor. Inverter generators are also manufactured with damping materials to minimize noise, even if they operate at full speed.


RVing can give you the best getaway ride you needed after months of long working days. It can also provide you with time to bond with your family and friends. But without a reliable power source, it can turn to be a nightmare. That’s why I suggest you use an inverter generator for your next RV trip.

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