Will a 2000 Watt Generator Run a Air Conditioner?

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Will a 2000 Watt Generator Run an Air ConditionerA 2000 watt generators are becoming more popular with time due to their compact sizes, exceptional portability, ample power, and convenient outlets.

Additionally, inverter generators providing 2000 watts power are lighter, quieter, and energy-efficient compared to the traditional counterparts. The 2000 watt power might not sound like much of energy, especially if you compare with the massive 10,000-watt generators.

What to Know about Generator Wattage

The rated power will give you the amount of energy the generator can provide steadily for the entire runtime. The wattage of the appliances you want to connect to the generator needs to sum up to a lesser value of its rated power.

The surge, on the other hand, is the highest wattage rating the generator can sustain for some seconds. It’s specifically designed to run the motor-driven appliances and devices that require high startup power like an air conditioner. The sum of the wattage of all motor-driven startup power needs to be lesser than the generator surge wattage. Unless you will be using a soft starter kit (will discuss this later in the article).

Will a 2000 watt generator run an air conditioner?

Will a 2000 Watt Generator Run a Air Conditioner answer is hereAre you wondering if this, hugely praised 2000 watt generator, can power your conditioner? The answer depends on the BTU rating of your AC. The BTU (British thermal unit) shows the measure of heat or thermal energy of that particular AC. Since an air conditioner has two wattage rating, the starting watts, and the running watts, you need to be careful while calculating its power needs.

The starting watts are always higher than the running watts. Why is that? The starting power needs to run through all the essential electrical parts of the AC. It then ensures everything is started before keeping it steady. So, the 2000 watt rating on the generator can be either the surge watts or the running watts. As I mentioned before, you can use a soft starter kit to slowly start your AC and have it run with no time.

But, what is a soft starter kit?

A soft starter kit is a device which is designed to reduce the current needed to start up the air conditioner by 65-75%. The power reduction allows you to start and run your air conditioner with a less powerful generator like a 2000 watt or 2200 watt where you need something bigger like a 3000-watt generator. Note: Gas engines lose around 3% power for every 1000ft of elevation gained. So there is a point where the generator won’t operate your air conditioner.

How do you run an AC with a 2000 watt generator?

Connect the AC to your generator and turn off the Economy mode. That allows the generator to run at full mode providing all the power needed to start the AC. Start the AC with fan only and let it come to its speed. Next, engage the AC compressor. If you’re running a 10,000 BTU AC, it should run with barely a grunt out of your 2000 watt generator.


A 2000 watt generator is a versatile source of power ideal for multiple applications including RVing and Camping. A 2000 watt generator can be ideal for most camping trips.

However, you might find yourself running short of power while trying to run a large home AC or an RV air conditioner. The best option to remedy the shortage is using a 2000 watt inverter generator. That allows you to connect another inverter generator of similar output in parallel doubling the power.

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