How to Install an Electric Tankless Water Heater

There are several steps you should follow to install the water heather perfectly. First, start by removing the old water heater, then prepare the new one for preparation. Turn off the circuit breakers and take necessary precautions to ensure you get the process the right way. The connection to the main water supply should be cut off before installing the new water heater. There are several water heaters out there, but you should ensure you choose the perfect heater for the water heating to run perfectly.

How to Install an Electric Tankless Water Heater step by step

  1. Turn off all circuit breakers involved

Before you start the installation work, you should ensure you turn off all the circuit breakers. It is necessary to avoid cases where it can lead to electrocution. Remember, the tankless water heater will work on electricity. Ensure you check out all the electric breakers so that you can get the process running smoothly.

  1. Shut the primary water supply

You will not work on the water heater if you have the main supply running. The water heater is connected to the water supply. You will end up with a flooded basement if you do not take the necessary measures and shut off the main water supply. It is a simple process you can easily accomplish by turning off the switch. You can ask the homeowner where the main water supply is located if you are doing the job for someone else.

  1. Drain and cut the connection to the old water heater

You may have an old water heater that you would like to replace with a new model. Ensure you cut the connection to the old model, then drain it before you can replace it. The old model should be unscrewed from the wall then handled with care to avoid damage. The first step you should take to avoid an accident is to ensure you disconnect the old water heater’s electrical connection. It is good to replace the old model if you would like to get a new model in the same space.

  1. Screw the front cover

The tankless water heater comes with a front cover that should be a screw to the wall first. Remove the front cover, then screw it. Handle the front cover with care to avoid incidences where it can end up breaking. The front cover should be placed on a flat surface with care. Always ensure you handle the cover with care to avoid cases where it can end failing.

  1. Set the hold and cold water connection

The hot and cold water connections should be secure well. After you have screwed the cover to the walls, you will then proceed to screw the water heater unit into place. The screws that hold the unit to the wall are screwed on the front cover. Start by securing the front cover to the wall, then proceed to install the back unit. Always handle the assembly with care to avoid cases where you will end up with a broken unit. After fixing the hot and cold units, you should ensure the water connection is tight to eliminate cases where you can end up with leaks.

  1. Set the electrical connections

After you have set the water connections, you will then proceed to set the electrical connections. The water heater has ports where you will plug in the live and neutral wires from your electrical connections and then secure the connections before you can start the water heater’s operation. Check out the user manual so that you can get all the details about the water heater. Following the water heater installation direction makes it easy to get the right results in your water heater installation process.

  1. Recheck the electrical connections

For the water heater to work perfectly, you should ensure you have all the electrical connections in the right order. Go over the electrical connection and countercheck with the instruction manual to know whether it will serve you well. Having a water heater with faulty connections can destroy the fuse, making it fail. There is also a high risk of accidents in case you do not connect the unit well.

  1. Put the front cover back

After you have checked the electric connections, then it is time to put the cover back and test the unit. Ensure you secure it well to avoid accidents. Be careful when putting the front cover back. It should sit in place well to avoid damage to the unit.

  1. Turn on the electric circuit breakers

The electrical connections should work well. Turn on the electric circuit breaker and test the unit to ensure the circuit breakers are working. A water heater with working circuit breakers will assure your family members’ safety when taking showers. Remember, you turned off the circuit breakers; ensure you return them into position carefully to avoid any damage to the unit. The electric circuit breaker connection is an easy process you can easily accomplish within a few minutes.

  1. Turn on the water heater

You would like to know whether the water heater is working. Ensure you test the water heater after turning on the water heater. Set the desired temperature for the water so that you can enjoy taking showers. You should set the temperature at a level where you will get the best shower experience. The water heater should work as you had intended; if there are issues, you can recheck the connections and try to adjust them so that it can work perfectly.

  1. Open the hot water outlet and enjoy the shower

You would like to test whether the water heater is working. After you set the right temperature, ensure you wait for the temperature to stabilize before proceeding to do other chores in your home. If the water heater is not working, ensure you check on the water temperature and then adjust it when necessary. Taking the bold step to install a new water heater will go a long way in helping you save on energy bills. The latest water heaters are energy efficient and highly reliable. You can get one and start enjoying your showers.

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