How to clean air conditioner condenser coils

The air conditioner is an expensive and essential element with our day to day life. But sometimes we need to clean our air conditioner to get the best performance. But most people don’t know how to clean air conditioner coils? And hire a pro. But if you follow some simple process, you can easily clean your air conditioner’s coil and save your money.

But how can you do this proper way? Within in mind, I practically clean my portable air conditioner, and I found it very impressive. Today, I am going to share my journey with you; how can I complete the process? So, without delay, let’s follow the steps and clean your air conditioner perfectly.

Step 1: Check out the AC and Thermostat Turn Off

This is very important, which you need to follow strictly. Before we start, you need to turn off your AC and thermostat. You need to just pull the handle which sees you, and the terminal should come out. If you don’t turn off your AC and thermostat, it may occur the issue of your circuit breaker.

Step 2: Remove the Top of Your Air Conditioner

You need to remove the air conditioner top gently. You need to prevent the bolts which attach with the top lid but not of fans and other bolts. You can use a drill or driver to prevent the bolts. You can also remove the bolts with your hand because the power is off, and you need to worry about shock.

Step 3: Preventing the caging

This is one of the major works you need to do regularly. When you remove the top and turn off your air conditioner and thermostat, you can easily do this. If your AC comes with metal casing or cabinet around your consider, you may feel the same thing. So, you can easily clean or remove the caging of your air conditioner.

Step 4: Clean the Debris

You will find lots of debris near your compressor. You can find leave and other things on your air conditioner. The debris is harmful to your air conditioner. For this reason, the air conditioner coil becomes poor and does not provide you much power. So, it would help if you prevented the debris deeply.

Step 5: Presoak the AC

Now you already separate the air conditioner coil. To get well experience, you need to spray the coil perfectly. But it would help if you sprayed gradually. Push the button of your spray turn on slowly so that it can not hamper the coil of your air conditioner. This method is actionable and workable. So, without worry, you can easily apply the unit.

Step 6: Spray the Coil with Cleaner Mix

You need to cover the coil front and back, bottom to top each of the sections. It would help if you covered each of your air conditioner sections so that it can clean without any issues. You will get plenty of advantages when you spray the coil perfectly in each of the sections. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you.


I hope that you will find your question, answer whatever I say to you about this section. It is not easy when you want to clean the coil. But the upper six steps are truly actionable and workable. So, if you want to clean your air conditioner coil, I think you can apply each of the steps proper way so that you can easily clean the coil of your air conditioner. If you think the methods are a hassle and wanted to know more information, let me know the below comment box.

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