How many watts does a 4 ton ac unit use

Different air conditioner needs different watts. It isn’t very easy to know the exact data on how many watts does a 4-ton ac unit use for your space. You may know that there are three different air conditioners available on the market, such as a window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, and a central air conditioner.

Today I am going to share with you central and window air conditioner power watts for different needs. But if you still a user of a 4-ton air conditioner or wanted to purchase it, surely this article helps you to know the watts for a 4-ton air conditioner. But first of all, you need to know some calculations for knowing the exact data.

Well, you may know that 1-ton air conditioner = 12000 BTU (British Thermal Unit). So, if you want to use a 4-ton air conditioner, that means you wanted to use 48,000 BTU. If you want to use 48,000 BTU, you need to choose 14016 watts for perfect power wattages. Let me explain deeply so that you can get the right solution.

How many watts an air conditioner uses are:

  • The only central air conditioner you need to choose minimum 3500-watts.
  • Central air conditioner fan only and compressor-off the need to choose 750-watts.
  • If you want to choose a large window air conditioner, you need to select 1440 watts of power.
  • For a 4-ton window and central air conditioner, you need to choose minimum 14016-watts.
  • To choose a medium window air conditioner, you can choose 900 watts of power.
  • Finally, if you want to choose a small window unit, you can select 500 watts of the power air conditioner.

How many watts an air conditioner uses and what affects

  • The watts depend on lots of things, and your electricity bill is one of them. Whatever if you choose the high watts, you need to pay more money for your electricity bill. But you can save the bill if you choose high EER ratings.
  • The second thing is that you need to choose an air conditioner which totally matches your size and easily cover. If you select an air conditioner high wattages than your coverage size, it just wastes your money, nothing else. So, coverage is an important issue when you think of a wattage generator.
  • Wattage also depends on the power of your air conditioner. However, if you choose the lower or higher wattages air conditioner, your air conditioner may harm or damages. So, you need to consider the right one.

Extra features

An air conditioner is shown by the SEER that means seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The higher SEER means the air conditioner able to save the money. According to my experience, the high wattages come with high SEER AC because of saving the electricity bill. So, when you think about the wattages, you need to consider this section.

Some experts also believe that the small watts (200 to 500) do not need to consider high SEER ratings because they take lower energy. But I still think that SEER is also essential for low-energy consumption and connected with wattages.


Everyone wants to choose the best air conditioner for their area. Air conditioners, especially window and the central air conditioner, come with costly. So, you may not want to pay extra money for providing the electricity bill. So, if you’re going to reduce the electricity bill, you need to consider the right watts of the air conditioner.

Suppose your air conditioner is 4-ton that means 48,000 BTU, then you need to choose 14016 watts of power for getting excellent power. But when you take a lower wattage, you may get the right temperature. Or if you select the higher wattages, then you need to pay the extra electricity bill. So, it would help if you considered the right watts of the air conditioner.

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