Dehumidifier vs Air conditioner

Dehumidifier and air conditioner are similar devices both reduce the humidity and keep the space comfy. But they still have differences and come with several functions. If you are still confused, which is better for you dehumidifier VS air conditioner, you are surely coming to the right space.

Whatever dehumidifier and the air conditioner comes with their own features, today, you will get all your of questions answer and compare both of them. Next, I also provide you some important tips and tricks to get a real-life example. So, without delay, let’s get started.

Difference between a dehumidifier and air conditioner

These two different comes with different features. Both are important for space. But you may know that they are working differently. But how can they work? Let me explain in their different functions.


An air conditioner and dehumidifier reduce humidity. High-level humidity keeps the space hot and changes the weather, which is not comfortable. But a dehumidifier can keep the space humidity-free instantly than an air conditioner.

Furthermore, all of the dehumidifiers able to prevent humidity but all of the air conditioners can not prevent the humidity. So, if you are looking for a device that keeps your space bacteria, humidity, and mole free, surely you need to choose a dehumidifier.

Cooling facility

This is a very important part that most people confuse. Lots of people asked, “will a dehumidifier cool a room?” Yes, a dehumidifier cools the space. But it would be best if you remembered that dehumidifier is not designed for cooling the room.

A dehumidifier cools a space but not much better. It is missing some cooling features such as temperature control and others. On the other hand, an air conditioner provides you instant cooling service whatever temperature you want.


You may know that a dehumidifier is less costly than an air conditioner. You will get three different air conditioners from the market, such as portable, central, and window. All come with costly.

Moreover, a dehumidifier only comes with portability, which is less costly than an air conditioner. I hope that this section allows you to compare with the air conditioner and dehumidifier.


As I mentioned before, when you are across water space, then humidity level comes with very high. Then you should use a dehumidifier to keep your space safe from humidity, mole, mildew, and bad smell.

On the other hand, an air conditioner you can also choose with watery space. But I think it can not be able to prevent harmful elements. However, both are working to prevent humidity from keeping the space comfy.

Changing temperature

The temperature always plays an important role to keep the perfect temperature of your room. However, an AC controls the overall temperature for keeping the space cool and comfy. AC blow out the hot weather and push in the cool temperature.

A dehumidifier can not use for operating temperature. The humidity always concerns that how to prevent the humidity effectively. I hope that you can understand. Considering temperature, the air conditioner is one of the best solutions.


Though I can not find any difference between an air conditioner and a dehumidifier for ventilation, on the other hand, both are able to provide comfortable ventilation. You can choose them with any kind of space. But an air conditioner is easy to operate than a dehumidifier. So many people don’t understand the functions of the dehumidifier.

Water storage

You may know that the dehumidifier and air conditioner both work for preventing humidity. When they are going to prevent humidity need expel water. So, you need to input the water regularly and also install the drain system with hose.


Both are portable, but it also depends on model, shape, weight, and portable materials. You may know that the window air conditioner and the central air conditioner are not portable. So, for a portable air conditioner, you need to consider lots of things.

On the other hand, most of the dehumidifier comes with portability service. So, you need not worry about the dehumidifier option.

Health issues

The air conditioner and dehumidifier both maintain strong health conditions. These two devices’ main aim is to provide their user with the best service to maintain the health condition. But when it comes to different, I always prefer dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier reduces the humidity, particles, bacteria, and another harmful element instantly. On the other hand, an air conditioner only keeps the space cool and control the temperature. Sometimes they fail to prevent mole, bacteria, and other harmful elements.

Pros & cons of an air conditioner

Reduce the heat from your room

Hassle-free to operate the temperature

Easy to schedule the temperature

Reduce the amount of humidity

You can also be used as a fan

Keep the space comfy


Need high energy

It would be best if you cost maintenance and installation

Don’t come with low-energy consumption (Central AC)

Pros & cons of a dehumidifier

Deeply reduce the humidity from your space

Keep away harmful element from your air

Splendidly reduce fungi and mold

Easy to portable any kinds of space

Of course, comes with low energy consumption


Provides the little cooling option

It also takes much energy

Don’t control the temperature


I hope that I will offer you valuable information on this topic. I think both have a difference, and both have similar. The comparison of the devices helps you to install anyone in your room. For example, if you live in a space where the weather always becomes hot, you need to go for an air conditioner without any issue.

On the other hand, when you suffer a lot with dust allergies, bacteria, and other air harmful elements, you need to collect a dehumidifier. Still unhappy? Let me know the comment box how can I help you with this matter. Without delay, choose your desire option.

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