Top 10 Best Water Ionizers (Updated in 2021)

Drinking water has been linked to a lot of health benefits. However, tap water doesn’t seem to be enough. It’s for that reason that water ionizers have been introduced to the market.


They are appliances that are attached to the kitchen faucets and are used to treat tap water with minerals and electrical current to give you ionized water.

The water ionizer allows you to adjust the acidity or alkalinity of the water you drink depending on your needs. So, which is the best water ionizer? Choosing the best water ionizer isn’t an easy task.

All the water ionizer manufacturing and selling companies claim to have produced or sell the best one. And since you will be investing a good amount on this machine, you will need to ensure that you buy the best of the best.

So, I recommend you go read and understand the information I have prepared for you below, and in the end, you should have a model that will deliver excellent performance and accomplishes your needs adequately. Let us get to it.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best water ionizers, the best place to begin your search would be here. I’ve discussed the best water ionizers in the market today highlighting the unique features. Read through and get to know the best product out there.

The 10 Best Water Ionizers Reviews for 2021

Are you searching for the best water ionizers in 2019 for your home? Are you looking for a way to enjoy alkaline water at home? If the answer is yes, then it is the right place to be. Choosing good ionizer can be difficult.

That is mainly because many manufacturers have capitalized on the growing concerns of consumers about the quality and safety of their water to produce many different brands.

Before choosing this expensive water purifier, make sure your life value money is being spent on the product. See this comparison table to have a better idea of what is the good one for you.
Brand & Item NamePH RangeWattsPrice
Bawell - Platinum Alkaline2 to 12.0 500Check Price
Bawell - Alkaline Ionized3.2 to 10160Check Price
Tyent USA - Tyent UCE-112 to 12750Check Price
Life Ionizer - MXL-92 to 11500 Check Price
Life Ionizer - Next Generation M111.7 to 12800Check Price
Air Water Life - Deluxe 7.0 4.5 to 11750Check Price
Air Water Life - Deluxe 9.0 3 to 11.5 860Check Price
Pure Hydration - Alkaline Antioxidant9 to 9.5220Check Price
Life MXL-13 - Counter Top1.7 to 12800 Check Price
Air Water Life - Aqua Ionizer Deluxe5 to 11.0 600Check Price

1. Bawell Platinum – Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Bawell is a well-known brand in this industry. They have designed this platinum alkaline ionizer to be reliable over the counter unit. The model uses a seven plate system to create a pH between 2 and 12, and give +600 to -800 ORP. The system uses a 180W SMPS power to give alkaline water with a rate of 2 liters/minute. It offers enough energy to cook in homes in general.Bawell Platinum

The Bawell ionizer uses a reliable color touch LCD screen controls with excellent performance. The screen provides information on the current water pH, the redox potential, the electrolysis parameters, and the filter life used. The unit uses three color code to make it easy to use it.

The modes are identified with the neutral level, the three levels of acidic water and the four basic levels it offers and that provides a sum of eight water configurations, ranging from strong acid to an ultra-strong alkaline. Its color code means that you’re always attentive of the kind of water produced (acidic/neutral/alkaline), and also the water intensity (acidic or alkaline).

It also comes with five pre-programmed energy usage configurations providing you with a sum of 35 acidic and alkaline water settings (five power settings by seven alkaline/acid arrangements). This model offers a large measure of instantaneous alternatives which make it among the most natural systems to operate.

Bawell Platinum unit is equipped with an in-built 0.01micron water filter. The filtration level is impressive and has been overcome with techniques such as reverse osmosis. It also comes with an efficient carbon filter to remove contaminants such as chlorine and other byproducts. The system has excellent characteristics, and the greatest of it all is its lifetime guarantee.

Accompanying this guarantee offers heavenly peace of mind. Main concern: this system provides a lot of alternatives, but its use is straightforward. It is a very effective ionizer which allows access to a lot of alkaline water possible.


  • Seven Titanium Plates (Platinum Coated)
  • Touch Screen multi-color screen
  • 2 gallons/Minute Flow Rate
  • The Components are FDA Approved
  • 0.1Micron In-Built Water Filter
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 35 Preset Options
  • Self-Cleaning
  • 100% BPA Free
  • PH 2 to 12
  • -800 to +600 ORP


  • Tiny dials and buttons
  • The filter needs to be changed more often

2. Alkaline Ionized – Water Ionizer Machine by Bawell

Bawell has yet produced another great water ionizer model, so expect this model to have excellent performance. That’s the situation regarding the possession of this model at present. With its affordable price, many people should go there. It probably will be cheaper than other models on the list, but it is the reliable and well-built model available today.

The model uses a 5-plate system which also features 6pH water settings. It’s cool about overall performance. You’ll get three alkaline configuration, one neutral pH settings, and two acid water configurations. As should be obvious, you will be insured in the same way you want it. You’ll furthermore find that you’ve got the opportunity to finish with a 3.2 to 10 pH. That is a lot of selections for any home. PH adjustments are also accessible at various levels of ORP.

The unit has an automatic cleaning function that delays the life filter. It is cleaned at the beginning and the final of each use. Its filters are still used for about 4000 liters, about a year and a half. It also comes with an inbuilt carbon water filter. A Carbon filter is excellent for eliminating chlorine and its side effects, but also for expelling a variety of other dangerous poisons. The system’s carbon filter goes for approximately 4000liters or one year of use.

This Deluxe 5.0 ionizer is registered under ETL, which guarantees good construction and compliance with the FDA. The FDA affirms your segment materials. You will also like the way it accompanies a large color screen. Therefore, you will surely have a simple time to see the particular system you’re utilizing in real-time. Because it uses a color code, you are more familiar with the configuration.

The colors change depending on the water type strength. The LCD screen will also display the life filter and extra critical tasks. The model’s water filter can last up for about 6000 gallons. So, you can see that it’s feasible to use it anyway for one year or more. It works very well to make sure that it can deliver great filtering abilities. The filter is also useful in getting rid of chlorine and other water contaminants.


  • 3 Gallons/Minute Flow Rate
  • Comes with an Inbuilt Carbon Water Filter
  • Five Platinum Coated Plates
  • +600 to -420 ORP
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • PH 3.2 to 10
  • 6pH settings


  • Made of lightweight plastic
  • Not very good drinking water contaminants filtration

3. The Tyent UCE-11 – Alkaline Water Generator

Tyent UCE-11 ionizer comes with incredible performances that make it among the best which is worth the money you pay. The model comes with 11 platinum-coated plates and an enormous 750 watts power to give a wide variety of pH and contamination removal potential. As should be obvious, it stands out among the other models concerning providing an expansive pH extension.The Tyent UCE-11

The Tyent UCE-11 model is also compelling. You can comfortably place the unit under your counter to keep it running incredibly the way you need to work. It should fit under your kitchen sink to feed the water using a special tap that will supplant your typical kitchen faucet.

When it is fully configured, the hardware that will remain visible is the dispenser. The most significant part of this dispenser is its full touchscreen. That makes it extraordinary regarding exploitation. Many people feel like a typical simple smartphone that they utilize today.

By having installed the unit, your kitchen can look stunning. The touchscreen is color-coded to help you get out of there effortlessly. Another critical element needs to be the way you have, in addition to an audio output. That makes it extraordinary once it comes to having one at this time.

There is a certainty that you’ll have an excellent time to buy it right now. Use the simple interactive touch screen on the tap to show PH levels and alert you when it requires to replace the filters. The voice assistance service presents the reward of being multi-dialect.

Therefore, it is also useful for users who do not speak English locally. The Tyent UCE-11 under-the-counter water ionizer is ultra-elegant for people who do not worry about damage to their countertops with all hardware hidden in a cabinet with just the touchscreen shown.


  • Built-in 0.01 Micron Dual Water Filter
  • Multiple Automatic Features
  • Amazing Touch Screen Interface
  • 11 Platinum Plates
  • FDA Approved
  • 99 Preset Options
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • -1050 ORP
  • PH 1.7 to 12
  • Self-Cleaning
  • UL Listed


  • Very expensive

4. Life Ionizer MXL-9 – Alkaline Water Ionizer

Life Ionizer MXL-9 Alkaline Water Ionizer is a fantastic home appliance that comes with the great ability to make alkaline water. The product has a sleek countertop design to complement your kitchen interior. This ionizer can boast the highest anti-aging antioxidant potential of the water. It can help to get the highest acidity fighting pH ever.Life Ionizer MXL-9

MXL-9 uses up to 504 watts of SMS power and includes the Ultraviolet XL sterilization system to become one of the best water ionizers. If you are looking for a healthy and fit life, you can go with this water ionizer as it can help to deal with many health issues. Ionized water can help to fight weight gain, acid reflux, as well as to manage your cholesterol level. In addition, it will strengthen your immunity and your bones.

Ionized water is also considered useful to improve your stamina, clarity, energy, mental focus, and endurance. The product is equipped with advanced technologies such as the XL Matrix GRID Plates to ensure better purity and strength. It can reach up to 2.0- 11.5 pH range and -800 ORP. You will also love the sleek, stylish design. As the filters will be located at the top of the machine, you can easily access it.

No tools are required. Some other features are customized pre-filters, ultraviolet XL, XL chambers, molecular hydrogen XL, and XL matrix grid. The installation is easy. It is designed for self-installation. You need to follow six steps for installation. Therefore, you will not face any difficulty to install this product even without taking the help of technicians. You will get step-by-step instruction for installation.

Once you receive the product, you can start using it within an hour. In addition to the above, the product is supported by a lifetime warranty. You will get a complete worry-free warranty on parts and labor.


  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Uses advanced technologies to purify water
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Hassle-free and easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Customized pre-filters
  • Molecular Hydrogen XL


  • Filters are expensive
  • Needs to replace filters frequently

5. Next Generation M11 – Life Water Ionizer

Next Generation M11 Life Water Ionizer is one of the best water ionizers available in the current market. The best thing about this water ionizer is that it was first introduced to the healthcare industry before producing for the use of ordinary people. The product can produce powerful alkaline water with the most negative ORP and positive pH spectrum.Next Generation M11

After using it for medical purposes, it became available to ordinary people. With this ionizer, you can expect clinical-grade alkaline water at your home. This ionizer comes with many improved features to be the first choice for both the medical industry and ordinary people.

The product is equipped with MESH technology to make the water to spend enough surface time, and that will increase electrical charge within the water. As a result, there will be Oxidation-Reduction Potential and increased water PH level. All these things will make your water clean and more purified. Besides, it comes with UV light technology.

This technology will kill bacteria and virus through the ultraviolet disinfection. It will not kill the microorganisms. Instead, it will rely on the electromagnetic to keep an additional layer of protection. This protection will kill all those bacteria and even parasites that cannot be destroyed by the chemicals. The product boasts a Vitamin C Ceramic Ball Filter technology.

This technology will purify your water from chlorine. This toxin is typically found in tap water. When it comes to taste, you will find it surprising. It is crystal clear and tastes great. Most of the customers love the taste. They have recommended this product for easy maintenance and taste.

Some users find that this water can cure food cravings, soreness from workouts, stress, and hangovers. The design is also impressive. It can boost the look of any kitchen interior.


  • Sleek countertop design
  • One-touch control for easy accessibility
  • 800 Watts of Efficient XL Power
  • Platinum Coated XL Matrix GRID Plates
  • More Hydrogen in Every Glass
  • Molecular Hydrogen XL
  • 1.7 – 12.0 pH Range


  • A bit expensive
  • Not friendly customer care service
  • Some modes are not indicated

6. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 – Advanced 7-Electroplate Technology

The improved features of Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 make one of the best selling water ionizers. The machine deserves to serve you and to hold a specific place in your kitchen. You will love everything about this water ionizer that might be look or functionality.Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

It comes with seven healthy water options. These are four ionized options, two acidic presets, and 1 non-ionized option. You can get the water fully variable 4.5 to 11.0 pH and low ORP value up to -800mV. Also, it has advanced 7-Electroplate Technology with platinum-coated titanium plates. The water filter is durable and replaceable. It can purify over 1585 gallons of water. The design is super impressive.

It can add to the décor of your kitchen with an intuitive and stylish design. The touch panel feature has also received much appreciation. Some other features are energy-efficient plates, hi-tech filter, and auto-plate washing. It will also have a back-lit LCD.

With this water ionizer, you will get vitalized, clean, and antioxidant-rich drinking water. You will find the installation easy and less time-consuming. You can use the drinking water soon after getting the product. You can also adjust your water pH level. This water will promote a healthy life. It will keep you hydrated and will energize your body as well.

Besides, it will fight free radicals and will lower body acidity. The alkaline water will also strengthen your immunity. You will love the taste. The water ionizer is supported by five years warranty.


  • Seven healthy water options
  • Built-in Active Carbon Water Filter
  • Self-cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Advanced 7-Electroplate Technology
  • Durable and energy-efficient plates
  • Easy to install
  • Fully variable 4.5 to 11 pH


  • Single filter design
  • Hard to understand instruction
  • Beginners find difficult to operate

7. Deluxe 9.0 – 4000 Liters Per Filter

The benefits of alkaline water are plenty. You will be able to keep your body hydrated for a more extended period as well as detoxify your body with the help of alkaline water. The best way to turn tap water into alkaline water is to use a water ionizer.Deluxe 9.0

The 1st option which we are discussing now can produce water in the pH range of 3.0 to 11.5. Thus, you can easily select the settings which you want. It has an easy to understand Control Panel along with the display to verify the settings which you have chosen. Thus, it is effortless to use. When you look at the water settings, there are seven different water settings to choose from.

If you would like to add antioxidants to the water, that option is available as well. It significantly improves the taste of the water as well. As a result, you are likely to consume more water throughout the day. This will help you to keep your body hydrated for a more extended period.

A single filter can convert up to 4000 L of water into alkaline water. This ensures that you will not have to replace the filter again and again. As a result, it is not only easy to use but also economical as well. You can select the different modes depending on the type of water which you need. These include modes like cooking, daily drinking, initial drinking, purified water, cosmetic as well as household cleaning.

Thus, you can use the water which you get at the output for multiple applications without any problem at all. If you’re looking for a versatile water ionizer, then this is one of the best water ionizers which you can opt for.


  • It offers you seven different water settings to choose from
  • It has an easy to understand Control Panel
  • It has a display to verify the settings which you have selected
  • The filter will need replacement only after filtering 4000 L of water
  • It can set the pH level between 3.0 and 11.5
  • It improves the taste of water
  • It can also convert tap water into acidic water depending on your requirement


  • The filter quality can be improved

8. Alkaline Antioxidant – Superior Hydrogen Production

If you’re looking for a compact ionizer, this is the one that you should opt for. It can set the pH level between 9 and 9.5. It ensures that you can get an alkaline solution quickly. It can add antioxidants to water as well. As a result, you can get the water output precisely as per your requirement.Alkaline Antioxidant

It can not only add antioxidants to water but also hydrogen. On the other hand, when you look at the purification capability of this water ionizer, you will realize that it is capable of removing 220 water contaminants. It ensures that you are able to get pure water at the output. Thus, it can not only work as a water ionizer, but it can also work as a water purifier which is a definite advantage.

You can install it in 2 different ways which ensure that you can do so as per your convenience without any problem at all. With the help of cartridge 1, you will be able to eliminate the heavy metals and smaller impurities from the water. The round 2 ensures that any impurities above 0.3 microns are eliminated. The cartridge 3 adds magnesium to the water as well as molecular hydrogen.

The cartridge 4 adds the mineral to the water. All of these cartridges can be easily replaced as well. Thus, it can provide you with better water quality as compared to tap water.


  • It can set the pH level between 9 and 9.5
  • It can add antioxidants to water
  • It can add minerals to the water
  • It can eliminate 220 water contaminants
  • It can eliminate contaminants above 0.3 microns
  • It consists of 4 patented cartridges to improve the quality of water


  • The water ionizer requires frequent cleaning

9. Life MXL-13 – Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer

The next water ionizer on our list not only is compact but has easy to use controls as well. It also has a display for verifying the pH level which you have set. As a result, it will become more comfortable for you to use it without any problem at all.Life MXL-13

When you look at the inner construction of the water ionizer, you will realize that it consists of titanium/platinum plates. These can quickly help you in getting the water at the output level which you want. Additionally, they can remove the impurities as well. There is a dual filter system.

It means that most of the impurities will be easily dismissed as well. With the help of a large electrolysis chamber, you can be sure that the water output which you need and the quantity of water which you need can be provided quite easily.

With the help of sleek design, you will be able to place it in your kitchen without any problem at all. The chambers inside the water ionizer are triple reinforced. This means that you will be able to carry the water ionizer with you without any problem at all.

At the same point in time, this significantly increases the durability of the water ionizer. You can select the filter which you want to use with the help of the buttons provided on top. Thus, you can customize the water output as per your requirement. This feature makes it one of the best water ionizers.


  • It is compact in size
  • It has a display to check the pH level
  • It has easy to use controls
  • All the chambers are triple reinforced
  • It has a dual filter system
  • It is highly durable


  • The packaging can be improved

10. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe – 7 Water Settings

If you’re looking for greater customization of the water output, this water ionizer is a good option. You can select from 7 different water settings. The large display ensures that you can verify the water setting which you have opted for. The 7 different settings are divided between the wellness options as well as the cosmetic options.Aqua Ionizer Deluxe

Thus, it will be more and more comfortable for you to understand the settings as well as choose the right one. At the same point in time, in spite of the 7 buttons as well as a large display, the size is pretty compact. It ensures that you will be able to place it in your kitchen without any problem at all. The pH level can be set between 5.0 and 11.0.

The filters which are included in the ionizer can filter up to 4000 L of water without any problem at all. If required, you can get non-ionized purified water as well. It ensures that you can quickly get the water output that you prefer. The unit can easily clean itself by reversing the polarity.

The water output which you get with most of the settings can help you with detoxification as well which is an added advantage. Also, it includes all the hardware which you will need for the installation of the water ionizer which is a definite advantage.

With the help of a carbon water filter, you can be sure that purification which is provided by the water ionizer is up to the mark. As a result, it is entirely up to you to decide the water output which you need. It is what makes it not just a versatile but good water ionizer to buy.


  • It can set pH levels between 5.0 and 11.0
  • It has seven different output options
  • It can purify water in a non-ionized way
  • The filter can handle 4000 L of water before replacement
  • It has a large display to verify the settings


  • It is not that easy to attach it to the faucet


The alternative name of water is the life I think-alkaline water machines is a piece of powerful home equipment which gives you to have pure water. You know there are many harmful components in the water which allows you to have the vulnerability to diseases. Water Ionizers can help you lose extra weight and even get rid of a very dangerous term such as cancer.

You might notice in the table a big price distance and a huge variation in prices. If you carefully look down the product reviews then you will find the reasons what make too much price range from one to another.

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