8 Best Solar Generators for RV (Reviewed) for 2021

Best Solar Generator for RVCamping is a great approach to enjoy the outdoors in your leisure time. Apart from being adventurous, spending time in the wild allows you to expand your mind by interacting along with nature. If you desire to take a break from a monotonous routine, then camping is a great option. While packing for the outdoors, you must include all the gear. This comprises a power supply, like a camping generator. This is important, particularly during winter.

A camping generator can offer you electrical energy outdoors. You have to know detailed information before getting the solar generator for RV for your needs since the many options on the market can be confusing. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best solar generator for RV for you to consider.

Top 8 Best Solar Generators for RV in 2021

1. Jackery Power Station Portable Generator Explorer 240

Jackery Portable Power Station ExplorerThe first best solar generator for RV I’m going to show you is the Jackery Power Station Portable Generator. It is a 240-watts hour power station that does have a couple of features that I love. The Jackery Power Station Portable Generator includes an LCD screen that will tell you the battery percentage along with input and output watts. So the LCD does many things at once.

Another thing you also like as good as me is that it has a built-in handle. This handle makes your portability straightforward. And you know it’s small enough to bring in and out of a tent while camping, so having a handle on top of this generator makes it very convenient.

There are AC outputs rated for up to 200W, a 12V cigarette plug output, two USB-A ports rated at 5V/2.4A, and a DC input in front of the Jackery Power Station Portable Generator. Every output comes with its little button to turn it on and off. In the box, you will have a 9.5-feet AC adapter along with a 3.3-feet car charger.


  • AC outlet
  • Two USB
  • Lightweight
  • Big handle
  • LCD screen


  • Low input rating (40W)

2. Suaoki 400Wh/120,000mAh Portable Solar Generator

SUAOKI 400Wh or 120000mAh Portable Generator Power StationThe next generator on our list is the Suaoki 400Wh/120,000mAh Portable Solar Generator. It comes with a power output of about 300Wh. And you don’t need to worry about noise. The Suaoki Portable Solar Generator is relatively quiet.

You have the option to connect your sensitive devices to the kit. The generator can deliver power along with reduced alterations. It does have an LCD tray, which gives you information about the battery and the AC/DC status. Even it comprises various ports visible on the sides; AC and DC ports comprehensive. Some of them are for charging the unit, meaning that you’re allowed to charge your appliances.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have any solar panel. So, you have to have this after buying separately. This generator is not so weighty, making it so portable to carry around with ease. And you will have a lithium-ion battery that can store power in this Suaoki 400Wh/120,000mAh Portable Solar Generator.


  • Power out is commendable
  • Lightweight and not cumbersome
  • Almost noiseless operation
  • Affordable


  • Has no solar panel

3. Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Kit

Renogy Phoenix 246If you’re interested in a portable solar generator, then you can go with the Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Kit. You know the Renogy brand is one of the best well-renowned brands in the industry. This generator comes with a weight of 12.8 lbs. So it’s very convenient to carry around wherever you go.

The Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Kit is equipped with a 150-watts inverter. Plus, it can deliver stable power perfect sensitive appliances. You will have to increase the number of solar panels to maximize the prospective of the inverter. It is made of the plastic case along with a 16 AH lithium-ion battery for storage of power. However, the charging time of various appliances sometimes varies.

This model is remarkable for its compact nature. You can move it around quickly without stress. To monitor, there is an informative LCD on the side. Just press either the AC or DC buttons to the power supply through the achieved respective ports. All these things make it the best solar generator for RV you can buy.


  • Replaceable battery
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Clean & energy
  • Three different power sources
  • Designed for off-grid applications


  • Power output isn’t spectacular
  • Sensitive to extreme temperatures

4. Rockpals 250-Watts Portable Generator

Rockpals 250 Watt Portable Generator Rechargeable Lithium BatteryIf you desire to get a more powerful model, then you can buy the Rockpals 250-Watts Portable Generator. This generator stands out for its relatively compact design. It has the ability to power 250-watt devices like electric drills, toasters, hairdryers, and induction cookers. In a nutshell, it does have a capacity of 64,800mAh, which is a tremendous amount of power that can charge most smart devices repeatedly.

In order to charge it, you ought to buy an additional external solar collector separately, and you can have the expectation of a full battery charge cycle to get all but 10 hours. Through this generator, you can power lights, laptops, computers, and other large devices, so taking slightly long charge time isn’t so much of an inconvenience.

The weight of the generator is slightly about 6 pounds. So, it’s relatively portable wherever, whenever you can carry with you. It also consists of a universal socket assembly that’ll allow you to plug in international plugs. All these things make it the best solar generator for RV you can buy.


  • Have two USB ports
  • The outlet for universal plug orientations
  • Whisper-silent of the cooling fan


  • Won’t charge devices when gathering energy

5. Rockpals 300-Watt Portable Power Station Generator

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator Lithium Portable Power StationThe next best solar general for RV on our list is the Rockpals 300-Watt Portable Power Station General. The Rockpals 300-Watt Generator is one of the ultra-portable power stations of its types out there. Thanks to the compact design, lightweight, and handy, you can carry it along with you.
The Rockpals 300-Watt Portable Generator is a decently powerful model. It does have a capacity of 280Wh with an excellent lithium-ion battery inside.

Amazingly you have the opportunity to power a 32-inch TV even for four hours, a mini-fridge for 5 hours, and a CPAP machine for 4-hour. Thanks a million to the integrated pure sine wave inverter, it makes sure the flow of clean energy to power most of your AC appliances.

There is a unit of 120V US-standard outlet, the DC ports with four 12V regular units, and a 24V socket. You will have above all things as four USB ports with the two features for fast charging. This Rockpals 300-Watt Generator is not a heavy-duty machine, yet a basic 300W one.


  • Lightweight & ultra-portable
  • A decently powerful solar power station
  • Variety of powering options
  • A comprehensive safety system & BMS
  • Solar charging


  • Poor customer service

6. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable & Rechargeable Generator

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station KitAre you searching for a portable and rechargeable solar generator while power cut or at any emergency? So, you’re in the right way. This is the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Rechargeable Generator. It comes with a new lithium battery and additional advanced features. Besides being outfitted along with a replaceable battery, it is equipped with a very convenient LCD that lets you check essential things you have to comprehend, like its input and output levels and battery levels.

The battery capacity of this generator is 428Wh, which is able to charge up to seven devices at once. Moreover, it’s the ability to produce 1200-watts of surge energy along with 300-watts of clean energy. To get the full support from the generator, it includes three different outputs- two AC, two 12V, and two USB ports. Having a very safe operation, it is one of the most convenient lightweight options, which is only 16-pounds. All these things make it a very versatile choice and the best solar generator for RV you can buy.


  • Can be recharged with multiple options
  • Produces clean power
  • Has an LCD
  • Discreet operation
  • Well-engineered for portability


  • A bit heavy

7. Renogy KIT-RV200D Solar Panel kit

Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel Compact DesignThe next best solar generator for RV on our list is the Renogy KIT-RV200D Solar Panel kit. This solar generator can provide a solution that that is helpful to make your camping trips as convenient as possible. It comprises the two solar panel arrays, mounting brackets, a flush mount charge controller, cables, and connectors.

The Renogy KIT-RV200D Solar Panel Kit comes with high module conversion efficiency. That means it’s the ability to output around 1000Wh every day, relying on sunlight conditions. An additional thing, along with this generator, is the customer service offered. Moreover, it’s an unbelievably durable and long-lasting solar panel kit that can provide you with years of service. And even it can withstand high winds and snow loads.


  • Produces clean energy
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Many charging options
  • MPPP charging technology


  • Vulnerable to heat

8. Renogy KIT-RV400D 400W 12V RV Solar Kit Generator

Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Solar Starter KitMy last recommendation for you is the Renogy KIT-RV400D 400W 12V RV Solar Kit. If you’re searching for high efficient energy output, then you can go with this item. This Renogy generator includes four 100W monocrystalline panels to deliver power for your appliances or to charge a battery.

You have the expectation of an average output of 1,600 watt-hours or 80 MHA hour every day relying on conditions. The high-grade solar cells’ efficiency’s rate is 18.4%. Their performance is apparent even in sub-optimal conditions and low-light.


  • Complete kit comes with everything you need
  • Sturdy panels produce 400W of power
  • Built specifically for RVs and campers
  • Uses high quality and durable materials


  • None

Best Solar Generator for RV -Buyer’s Guide:

If you’re planning on spending time outdoors, then you need a proper source of backup power. The only camping generator makes everything easier and manageable when you’re away from electricity. Since they fill the market with plenty of options, it becomes quite challenging to get the right generator outdoors. This buying guide below explains the features and characteristics you need to buy a generator that’s right for you.

Power Performance

Before purchasing a generator for camping, first, determine what you need to power. To do so, list out all the camping vitals that may require electricity, then you can add together the total wattage they’ll need. If you plan on powering lighting, then minimal energy is needed. However, if you need power for kitchen and entertainment appliances, you’ll need maximum electricity for sure.

Second, check the starting wattage for larger devices as they often needed more power to begin than to run. When you know how much power the tools need, then you have to choose a generator that meets your demands. If you discover that the generator you require is too expensive, then you will be able to reduce your camping devices. It’s more economical to utilize a natural campfire, for example, than to carry your electric grill.

Noise Level

Since their introduction in 1873, from that time, we have regarded their generators as noisy machines. This conception must discourage you from buying one. A noisy generator for indoor use can affect you and your family. So, if you use a noisy unit outdoors, it must disturb your surroundings. Traditional generators come at a lower cost, sacrificing the need for silence. Fortunately, some affordable generators available on the market today provide efficiency and quietness for a peaceful outdoor adventure.

Fuel Type and Consumption

The type of fuel a generator what you use determines how long it runs based upon consumption. Gasoline is the most common fuel, likely since it is readily available at gas stations. In terms of a power outage, gasoline becomes unavailable, though, since it depends on electricity at the pump. This kind of fuel is not the most efficient as well. Gas is also highly flammable.

A propane generator can deliver clean power for all your sensitive electronics. A unit with 2000watts has the ability to run on 1.18 gallons of fuel on a 50% load for a decent 6 hours. Propane fuel is very easy to store and enjoys a long shelf life. Since it produces clean power, you need not clean the engine as much.

Tank size

The size of the fuel tank can determine consumption. The larger, the more extended tank, it will last on a single refueling. Frequently, you will able to find out camping generators along with a fuel tank that has the capability of delivering 7-9 hours runtime at half load. If you reduce the percentage of energy availability, the generator can have a longer run time. It is worth noting that generators, along with larger fuel tanks, are more substantial types of camping generators, along with their pros and cons.


I hope you have read the entire article. So, now you are able to select the best solar generator for RV. I have tried to mention all the information and came up with the above list. This list contains all the best particular products for you; you’ve ever found. So, it’s high time to buy the selected one and grasp the services. Good Luck!

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