7 Best Marine Diesel Generators To Buy In 2021

Best-Marine-Diesel-GeneratorI always prefer to use the diesel generators on my boat. It allows me to refill the fuel easily and use the generators for a long time. That is why, when looking for marine generators, it is a good idea to use marine diesel generators.

Today, I will highlight my list of best marine diesel generators. When you go through my list below, there will be no need to go through the numerous options available online.

You can pick from the best options. I have used these options and therefore am sure that their performance is up to the mark when you’re thinking of using them for marine applications.

The 7 Best Marine Diesel Generators in 2021

1. Generac 6864 Diesel Powered Portable Generator

Generac 6864 – Best off Grid Diesel Powered Portable GeneratorMarine boats require a reliable supply of power and from a quiet, dependable unit. At the time, the energy draw here is a tough job that not every generator can handle. Generac, reliable, and reputable brands understand that dependable power is everything, and that’s why they provide high-quality, dependable power units. The next model in my list, the XD5000E generator from them, will ensure you get more than enough power to run your boat and other marine needs. In the look of the eyes, the generator might seem small, but the performance of this generator is exceptional.

I’m not marketing for the generator, but after my research, I found that this model has received lots and lots of praise for its excellent reliability and performance. First of all, this generator is here to give you 5000 running watts and 5500 starting watts. And with its 12-gallon diesel tank, it’s capable of impressively giving you continuous power for around 32.4 hours at half load. That’s not all; it does feature True Power Technology designed to deliver clean, stable energy with less than 5-percent total harmonic distortion. That allows you to get smooth operation of your sensitive appliances, tools, and electronics in your marine boat.

When it comes to the construction, the praises were on the use of full-welded sturdy steel frame that guarantees durability and long service life. Another thing, there is an integrated lifting eye acting as a hook for easy transportation and on-site security. The generator runs on a heavy-duty, industrial-grade LW Series engine that will ensure you always get high lasting power. The full power panel has a convenient single-touch electric start that makes it super easy to start and run the generator. There is also an hour meter ideal for tracking the generator maintenance intervals.


  • Industrial-grade air-cooled engine
  • Durable fully welded steel frame
  • Single-touch electric start
  • True power technology
  • Integrated lifting eye
  • Idle control


  • No portability wheel kit

2. MegaPower Diesel Generator – Automatic Transfer Switch

MegaPower Diesel GeneratorIf you’re looking for a high powered diesel generator, the one which I am going to highlight now will meet your requirements. It can provide you with the peak power of 7500 W.

The consistent power which it can provide is 5500 W. It comes along with an automatic transfer switch which makes it easy for you to operate it. There is a proper panel on offer to control the functions of the generator. It offers AC ports as well as DC ports.

There is a display gauge which lets you know the status of the generator. The noise output is on the lower side which ensures that you can use it on your boat without any issues. When you’re looking for a high powered diesel generator, you can surely go with this one.


  • Peak power of 7500 W
  • Incorporates automatic transfer switch
  • Control panel included
  • Offers AC and DC ports
  • Low noise


  • Limited instructions

3. DuroStar DS7000Q Portable Diesel Generator

DuroStar DS7000Q – Portable Diesel GeneratorThe first generator in the list is the powerful DuroStar DS7000Q, an enclosed, portable generator here to give you quiet and movable power. As a dependable model, this power machine uses a robust, reliable DuroStar 4-stroke diesel engine with direct Injection for easier starting. It’s also fitted with a convenient remote electric start that eases the starting of the generator from a distance. Furthermore, there is the application of a dependable, maintenance-free alternator equipped with an automatic voltage regulator for unbeatable power performance.

The whole heavy-duty, full-enclosure construction employed here is soundproofing. Portability is also something to enjoy with this generator, and all the thanks go to the heavy-duty all-terrain wheels, and the hardened pull/push handles. Additionally, the use of coated, bulky steel casing ensures the generator is safe for use outdoors with no fears of corrosion or rust. Apart from having a noise-reducing enclosed body, this generator also uses an innovative super silent muffler to ensure you get quiet power.

What’s more, this model comes with a full-power panel fitted with all the necessary features that makes it super easy to operate the generator. It does have a keyed ignition that starts the engine seamlessly and an oil alert automatic shutdown as a safety measure for the driver. Apart from that, there’s a voltmeter put in place to give you runtime as well as voltage output. Another feature available on this generator is the low fuel indicator alerting you when the generator needs more juice.


  • Heavy-duty pre-installed wheels
  • Engine/Alternator base frame
  • Vibration isolation mounts
  • Fully GFI protected outlets
  • Super quiet muffler
  • Soundproofing


  • Two AC outlets only

4. Generac Power – 5000W Diesel Generator

Generac Power – 5000W Diesel GeneratorThe option which I’m going to highlight now is again a 5000 W diesel generator. It comes along with an electric start which means that you can use it right away.

The steel frame makes it sturdy in construction. You can use it for long duration consistently due to the use of air-cooled technology. It offers not just the AC outlets but DC outlets as well. There is a digital display to monitor the status of the generator. At 50% load, it can run for 32.4 hours.

The tank capacity is 12 gallons. With the help of the steel frame, you can easily lift and move it around. The longer run time coupled with air-cooled design helps it stand out among its peers.


  • Run time of 32.4 hours
  • Air cooled
  • Offers AC and DC outlets
  • The digital display on offer
  • Tank capacity of 12 gallons


  • A Bit Bulky

5. AMICO Power AHW6000LE Welder and Generator

AMICO Power AHW6000LE Diesel Welder and GeneratorAMICO Power AHW6000LE is another well-built power unit that works as a Diesel Welder and Generator combo. The generator part is designed to deliver 6000 running watts and 6500 starting watts. As a welder and a generator, it gives lots of options and flexibility in using this unit. Considering you’re searching for a marine generator, it will be a massive boost for you, especially while doing small metal works on your boat. And since it’s a portable model, you can decide to use it in your garage or workshop when you’re not sailing.

The high performance delivered by the AHW6000LE ensures you get continuous, reliable, and available power. According to customer reviews, the generator can run continuously for an extended time without getting hot. The fact that a heavy-duty air-cooled diesel engine runs it is an indication that it’s more than capable of delivering nothing short of heavy-duty, dependable energy. The Direct Injection Engine Technology employed here allows the engine to boost its fuel efficiency and delivery performance. The crankshaft is well-built and well-positioned to ensure it delivers as expected.

The power panel of this combo has an hour meter and a voltmeter, which keeps you on toes on the unit’s maintenance interval. Above that, the generator has an AVR digital Voltage regulator designed to help you regulate the amount of voltage delivered to specific appliances. Low oil shutdown is also available to ensure that your engine is protected when the lubrication oil goes below the recommended level. You can take the generator wherever you want, and whenever necessary, all thanks to the double, no-flat tires and twin handles that make a push or pull super easy.


  • Generator and welder combo
  • Convenient wheel kit included
  • Reliable electric/recoil start
  • Heavy-duty 4-stroke engine
  • Single-touch electric start
  • Direct fuel injection
  • Battery included


  • Noisy & Heavy

6. POWER PRODUCTS JDP7000 Sigma Generator

POWER PRODUCTS Sigma 7000W Silent Diesel Generator EPA ApprovedLast in the list is the New Silent mobile generator from Power Products, the JDP7000 Sigma Generator. It comes as a 7000-watt model here to transform your marine lifestyle. The overall design of this generator is an indication of flexibility and versatility; it can be used in lots of places for lots of applications. If you need a reliable, high-performance generator for your marine needs, this model can deliver and exceed your expectations. As a heavy-duty model, everything from its structure to its dependable power offers, it’s quite clear that this generator is an ideal small marine diesel generator.

It’s run by a heavy-duty air-cooled, 4-cycle diesel generator that delivers exceptional performance and for an extended period. The coupling of high-performance alternator and direct Injection ensures it provides you with better fuel efficiency and unparalleled performance. The make also gives this generator an effortless electric start fitted with a single-touch start switch for more convenient. As if that isn’t already great, for backup, the generator comes with an easy-to-pull recoil start.

Additionally, when it comes to its construction, some phenomenal work is evident. The generator has a fully-enclosed steel body that is paint-coated for better performance when exposed to rust and corrosion agents. What’s more, the enclosure design works great at blocking the noise produced by the engine while also acting as a protector to the engine interiors. The mobility and portability of this generator rely on the integrated lifting eye, four gliding wheels, and hardened push/pull handles.


  • Heavy-duty air-cooled 4-cycle engine
  • Controlled Constant Self-excitation
  • Electric Starter w/Recoil Backup
  • EPA Approved Silent Motor
  • Fuel Gauge and Voltmeter
  • Starting Shaft Coupling
  • Handle and Wheel kit


  • Quite heavy

7. Pulsar PG7000D – Best Diesel Powered Engine

Pulsar PG7000D – Closed Frame Diesel-Powered GeneratorIf you’re looking for a heavy duty enclosed frame generator for your boat, you can go with this option. It can produce 5000 W of power. The frame makes it highly durable. The air-cooled engine means that you can keep the generator running for a long time.

There is an electric start on offer which allows you to use the generator right away. It offers AC outlets as well as DC outlets. You can easily power a wide variety of different devices using this generator. It features the noise reduction technology as well which makes sure that there will be no disturbance on your boat.

With the help of an automatic voltage regulator, you can directly connect your appliances to this generator. It also has a fuel gauge which lets you know instantly how much fuel is left. The digital meter helps you monitor the working of the generator right away.

The various features are in such a way that it is effortless to operate the generator. The tank capacity is 4 gallon, and it can run for 9.5 hours consistently at 50% load. These features make it one of the best marine diesel generators.


  • Heavy duty enclosed construction
  • The power rating is 5000 W
  • Air cooled
  • Offers AC and DC outlets
  • Run time of 9.5 hours


  • Packaging could have been better

Best Marine Diesel Generators Reviews Buying Guide:

Once you go through my list above, there will be no need to compare multiple options available. You can directly choose between these best options. Before you go any further, I will share with you a simple buying guide which you can follow while buying the best marine diesel generator.

Power rating

Whether you’re buying the diesel generator for marine applications or any other application, the power rating is a factor which you should always consider. The higher the power rating, the more gadgets you can power through the generator.


Since you’re looking to use the generator for marine applications and on boats, it is essential to look at the portability of the generator. Either it should have wheels, or it should be easy to lift. Only when that is the case, you can use it for marine applications.

Tank capacity and run time

The tank capacity and the runtime give you an idea regarding the time for which it will last on a single tank full of fuel. It will help you understand whether it can serve your application or not.


When using it for marine applications, the construction quality matters a lot. You should opt for a sturdy generator which is not prone to corrosion.

I always consider these four factors. Instead of going into the jargon or the technical specifications, these simple factors will help you choose the right generator each time. I will now answer some of the FAQs about diesel generators.

Best Marine Diesel Generators (FAQs)

How does a diesel generator work?

The diesel combustion engine turns the motor to generate electricity. The combustion engine has direct connectivity with the electric motor, and therefore once the combustion engine runs, electricity gets generated.

How many hours will a diesel generator last?

A diesel generator can last anywhere from 6 hours to 35 hours at 50% load. The actual lasting time depends on the size of the tank.

What is the use of diesel generator?

The uses of diesel generators can be plenty. You can use it on your boat, RV’s, as well as for powering your homes. Since you can easily store diesel to refill the tank, it is one of the most versatile types of generators available.


So, like me, if you prefer to navigate the seas in your boat, these generators are perfect for you. They will help you power various gadgets and devices on your boat while you focus on sailing rather than the battery of your gadgets. I curated this list to include only the best marine diesel generators available.

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