Best Inverter Generators for Food Truck (Updated in 2021)

Best Inverter Generators for Food Truck reviewsFood trucks are emerging to be offering the best business opportunity in recent. It requires effort and passion for doing it, but it has the ultimate reward and profits. For you to succeed, there are a few essential elements you need to have and observe.

The first one has reliable and sufficient power. With the best inverter generator, you are assured of adequate power for your truck foods. Here are the best inverter generator for food truck.

Best Inverter Generators for Food Truck in  2021

1. Honda EU7000iAT1 7000 Watt Portable Electric Generator

Honda EU7000iAT1Having received 4.5 stars from customers, Honda EU000iAT1 is one of the best generators, exceptionally quiet and fuel-efficient. The machine is ideal for food trucks, and it can work in any environment. It has no noise or fuss. The power that it delivers is dependable and can go for many years while correctly working.
Honda delivers 7000-watt at its peak performance and 5500 watts that can provide power to various appliances and devices for a long time due to the fuel engine technology.

The 5.1-gallon fuel tank enables it to run for 18 hours at an ½ load. The Eco-Throttle innovation that is applied makes it to use fuel efficiently. Honda has less noise, which is one of the reasons it is suitable for food trucks.
With the automatic decompressor, you use less force to start it at any time. Its ‘Fuel Off’ position allows the generator to continue running up to when most of the fuel within the carburetor has been used before it goes off.


  • Has less noise when working
  • Easy to start because it is automatic
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Runs for an extended period
  • Electronic circuit break


  • Lacks the USB or 12V charging device
  • Somehow heavy

2. Westinghouse iGen4500DF Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen4500DF Dual Fuel Inverter GeneratorWestinghouse iGen4500DF Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator is the powerful, efficient fuel use and convenient option for all portable tasks. Due to the dual-fuel ability, the generator can operate on either propane or gasoline.
With the electronic remote start is easy to start with just a single push on the button.

The remote can be used from anywhere within a distance of 109 yards. The strong, easily accessible TT-30R RV outlet ensures that the iGen4500DF is portable and provided enough power in every RVs.
iGen4500DF operates quietly with a quieter volume that is low as 52 Dba. This makes it possible to be used anywhere for all recreational activities.

The 224cc iGen4500DF OVH engine delivers 3700 watts and a peak out of 4500 watts. The power is clean that can be used in phones, laptops, etc. The 3.4-gallon fuel tank makes it to run for 18 hours. The generator features 2 USB outlets, a Tt-30 30 Amp, to enable it to work perfectly.


  • Its fuel-efficient
  • Has low noise
  • Has LED display and USB outlets
  • Easy to start due to the use of the remote start
  • It is light and compact


  • Has a warranty of 1 year
  • The power is relatively lower

3. Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Inverter Generator

Briggs Stratton 30675 Q6500 Inverter Generator 6500 Starting WattsBriggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Inverter Generator is one of the trusted generators for its power reliability. The light, the compact generator has impressive power, and it does not make a lot of noise. Its power is enough for food trucks.
Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Inverter Generator has a robust variety of electronics for home essentials.  The 120V-20A GFCI – protected outlets and two USB outlets that help to connect the home electrical system through a switch.

At the peak, it delivers an output of 6500 watts and 5000 watts operation power.  The run time is low compared to others because, with it, the power can run for 14 hours at 25 percent load. Its noise level is 66-dBa, as per 7 m far from the control panel. This is typically the kind of noise that is expected from a small generator. There is a quiet power technology that helps in the reduction of noise and improves fuel efficiency.


  • Has multiple outlet options
  • The operation is relatively quiet
  • Has a lightweight compared to others
  • Easy to move


  • Lacks electric start
  • The plastic cover isn’t durable.

4. WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56380i Super Quiet Portable Inverter GeneratorWEN 56380i 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine produces 3800 watts and 3400 watts for surge and rated respectively. With a half-load, it can comfortably work for 8.5 hours. The fuel shutoff helps minimize the lifespan of the generator by using the remaining fuel in the carburetor before it goes off. The generator produces power that is clean to prevent the damage of sensitive electronics like laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

With the keyless electric start allows you to turn on WEN 56380i by pressing the button. The operation is super quiet, with 57 dBa. The TT-30R outlet gives up to 28 amps of quiet power, and the spark arrestor enables it to be used anywhere.

WEN 56380i has a lightweight design with inbuilt wheels and a collapsible handle for easy transportation. The eco-mode switch enables the engine to automatically adjust the fuel that is used. It unplugs the items plugged into the panel, which prevents the unnecessary use of fuel or gasoline.
WEN 56380i has two three-prong of 12V receptacles one AC 120 NEMA TT-30R RV Receptacles and 5V USB port plus a digital load and fuel display. The features make the generator ideal for food trucks.


  • Clean power
  • Has a durable design
  • The fuel shutoff helps in prevention of breakages
  • Easy to start
  • Has less noise


  • The power is not great compared to others.

5. Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Champion 7500 Watt – Dual Fuel with Electric StartChampion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator features a dual electric fuel that enables the 439cc engine that can produce 8400 watts for starts and 6750 watts to run both propane or gasoline. There is a fuel selector to enable you to switch to LPG or gasoline easily.

You can start the system by either using an electric or a recoil start system. The 6.1-gallon fuel tank ensures that the generator runs for 8 hours at 50 percent load. But with the use of propane, it can run for 5.5 hours on a 50 percent load.

There is four power of 120V GFCI outlets, ONE 120V 30A locking outlet, and 120/240V 30A outlet. This helps to break the circuit when there is an imbalance of out and incoming currents. There is also engine switch, battery switch, and intelliguage displays that show the run-time hours of the generators.
The dual-fuel operates the with 7500 watts right on the gasoline or propane, and a unity holds of 1.2 quarts of oil. The 59 dBa thought this makes it noisy and doesn’t have a noise reduction option.


  • Has a high general performance that is quite satisfactory
  • It is reliable
  • Comes with a wheel kit
  • It is durable due to the steel material that it is made from


  • Has more noise compared to another generator
  • It is a bit heavy

6. DuroMax XP12000EH 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorDuroMax XP12000EH is made for food trucks to provide enough power that is required. The all-metal made and copper windings make it durable and reliable in power provision. It can be run on both propane and gasoline.
It is powered by 457 ccs, DuroMax OHV engine, which is powerful and robust. With gasoline at the peak, produce 12000 wats and 9500 watts for rated. With propane, it has 11400 peak watts and 9025 rated watts.

The power tank is 8.3 gallons that can run for 8.8 hours at 50 percent load. For propane, it can run for 7.2 hours at 50 percent. For protection, the spark arrestor, low-oil shutoff, and overload protection features are installed in the machine. The overload protection ensures that the engine is safe from damages due to high power currents.

The generator lowers the RPMs when it is not in use, and this helps in fuel save and reduce the noise. DuroMax XP12000EH has two 120V 20A household outlets, one 120V 30A lock outlet. There is also a 120/240V 50A outlet. There is a free control switch that tries to reduce the engine’s speed and adjust it automatically to the normal speed when loads are applied.


  • It is powerful in the food truck
  • Has a dual fuel capacity


  • It is heavy
  • Has a loud noise of 74dBa

Final verdict

Deciding on your truck generators requires several decisions with the availability of many food truck generators in the market, its good to look at the best one that can enable you to achieve your goals. With our top six, you are assured of the best-experienced generators. Before you buy, you need to look at the features and power production. Honda EU7000is, Westinghouse, and DuroMax are the best and ideal for those that need massive watts.

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