5 Best Honda Generators for RV in (2021 with Guide)

Best-Honda-Generators-for-RVDo you know the best Honda generator for RV? Most generators from the company are of high quality. The company has been in operation for an extended period, and it has been producing quality products.

The different models of generators from the company meet different needs. If you need a reliable generator, you can easily find it at the company. If you would like to save money, you can as well get a cheap model from the company.

Different features in the generators make them among popular brands which many people prefer. I have researched widely to list for you top brands from Honda. You can trust my list to quickly locate the best generator which will serve you very well.

Best Honda Generator for RV in 2021

1. Honda EU3000IH1A – Vehicle Air Conditioning

Honda-EU3000IH1A-HandiThe generator has an excellent design which makes it stand out in several ways. Since I bought the generator, it has served me very well. Even when powering air conditioner in my recreational vehicle, the generator works very well.

Low noise production makes it ideal for my daily application. It is a powerful generator which can power any service in my collection. For instance, with the ability to produce more than 3000 watts, it is a capable generator I can recommend to anybody looking to realize the best results.

Portable design makes it very easy for me to transport. For instance, it has wheels and hands for easy transportation. The eco throttle system saves on fuel. If you are after a generator which can assure you the best performance, then the generator offers excellent results.

I have up to 7.7 hours run time making it ideal for my daily applications. It delivers power when it is needed due to the use of Honda energy efficient technology.


  • Powerful
  • Portable
  • Eco throttle technology
  • 7.7 hours run time


  • Noisy

2. Honda 662230 EU2200i – for RV Applications

Honda-662230-EU2200i-CompanionSeveral features in the generator make it among my preferred products. With the parallel ready design, I can connect several generators to realize more power. Lightweight and compact design make it easy for me to move it around.

When I’m supposed to store it, it is straightforward due to the compact design of the generator. Fuel efficient design allows me to save on fuel as I power different appliances in my home. Honda is among top companies which manufacture generators.

After checking on the various features available on the generator, I can recommend it to anybody looking to realize the best performance at all times. Big oil filter makes the engine work efficiently. I had to assess the different safety features in the generator before buying. With fuel shut off, it works very well to perform various tools.

I can recommend to the generator to anybody looking realizing the best operation. After assessing different features on the generator, I can recommend it to you. It works very well in assuring me the best performance at all times. You can trust the generator to serve you very well.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel shut off
  • Reliable


  • Not CARB compliant

3. Honda 662250 EB2200i – Portable Inverter Generator

Honda-662250-EB2200i-2,200-Watt-Portable-Inverter-GeneratorIt is among my top generators. With up to 2,200 watts, it is highly reliable. Great design assures me the best performance. I can power different industrial tools making it among my reliable generators.

The generator can be applied to power my home even during a prolonged power outage. I can recommend it to anybody looking to realize the best performance. CARB compliant design makes it fuel efficient.

I can apply the generator in any location without fear of environmental pollution issues. With super quiet operation, it makes me proud even when at home with family members where we need some form of a peaceful environment. I can quickly move the generator around making it a great addition to my house.


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Safe energy


  • Only 2200 watts

4. Honda 662220 EU2200i – Portable Inverter Generator

Honda-662220-EU2200i-2,200-Watt-Portable-Inverter-GeneratorIt is a favorite model which operates very well in powering different appliances. I can use it at home or even in my recreational vehicle. I had to check various features on the generator before listing it in my list of the best Honda generator for RV.

It operates quietly making it very comfortable for my recreational vehicle use. We can even maintain regular operation when the generator is running. My recreational vehicle environment has improved dramatically after buying the generator.

Eco throttle technology in the generator makes it very reliable. High fuel efficiency saves me money in the process. I had to check on several factors before having the generator on my list. Stable energy production makes it very reliable when working on different appliances precision technology assure me the best operations it produces power when it is needed to run the devices.


  • Portable
  • Quiet
  • Eco throttle technology
  • Reliable


  • Not CARB compliant

5. Honda Gasoline Portable – Industrial Inverter Generator

Honda Gasoline Powered Portable Industrial Inverter GeneratorIt is a gasoline-powered generator which ashes excellent design. I can count it to deliver the necessary energy I need to realize the best performance at all times. Eco throttle and low oil alert make it very reliable.

I was looking for the best Honda generator for RV which works very well in operating different appliances at home. Rugged Honda engine in the generator delivers excellent performance to assure me the best performance at all times.

Lightweight design makes it easy for me to transport it around so that I can apply it on my RV. The compact design makes it even easy during storage. There is a different factor I had to check out before listing the generator in my top picks.

The generator has an excellent design which makes it among my top picks. You will always realize the best performance upon buying the generator.


  • Rugged engine
  • 12.1 hours run time
  • Compact size
  • Durable


  • None

Honda generator for RV Buying Guide:

There are several things you can check out to ensure you are about to buy the best generator. For example, you need to check on the reliability of the generator before you proceed to buy a given generator.

A generator which has excellent design will assure you the best performance. The durability of the generator is also another issue you need to note down. Ensure you go for a generator which has a rugged engine which assures you the best performance. Here are other features to check out:

Compact Size

The best Honda generator for RV should be compact so that you can easily carry it in the recreational vehicle. Most generators I have listed here are compact to allow you to transport it around easily. You can buy one of my top picks, and you will always enjoy the best performance.

Safe energy

You will not like to have a generator which will spoil your sensitive devices. Ensure you go for a generator which has been designed to work well in your recreational vehicle. Check on the description of the generator before you proceed to order.

Quiet operation

You should ensure you buy a generator which will not expose you to noise pollution. The generators I have listed operate under minimal noise.

Best Honda Generators for RV (FAQs)

Q: What should you consider when buying a Honda generator for RV?

A: Check on energy capability, noise production, and safe energy design. Most Honda generators are highly reliable in making your recreational vehicle achieve excellent performance.

Q: How can I know the best Honda generator for RV?

A: You need to go over online reviews. After researching on the different generators available in the market, I have listed for you the best generators you can buy to realize the best performance.

Q: Is it advisable to buy Honda generator for RV?

A: Yes, the generators made by the company are among the best. You can buy a generator from the company to realize the best performance.

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