Best Air Purifiers for Nursery (Updated in 2021)

Best Air Purifiers for Nursery reviewsThis is the only good available guide in which you find the best air purifier for nursery. Now in 2021, the weather is so complicated and bad enough for the baby or nursery. The air becomes more polluted and it is time to use quality air purifiers so that we can safely be far.

Learning from the web you may know that the importance of the air purifier. That’s why you are coming to this place to find out the right one. However, I assure you that you are coming to the right place. After completing this awesome content you able to choose the right one.

You need not waste more time to research this matter. I already have done it for you. So, let’s get started about this content…

Best Air Purifiers for Nursery in 2021

1. RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air PurifierRabbbitAir MinusA2 air purifier for your nursery is available right now, still. It is one of the most advance flagship air purifiers manufactured by RabbitAir. The available top 6-stage air cleaning system driven by a top-notch. However, the pre-filter is the first stage which used for incoming polluted the air. Here, it captures large particles. This model fought against this model easily and you get a refreshing air.

An excellent feature also included in this model. It has advance BioGS HEPA filter, which helps you remove the bacteria, mole, mildew, and other harmful germs. This model is certified by CARB(California Air Resources Board), which assures your kids and nursery safety. Usually, an air purifier has a 2 to 4 filtration system, While I can find 6 different air purifier filters through this model.

It has modern facilities too. Connect wifi with an updated version and work continuously with the advance sensor. Most importantly this model sensor helps you to set up auto mode which is really amazing thing. Note, you get 24/7 hours support from this model.


  • CARB certified
  • 24/7 hours supported facilities
  • Have 6 filtration system
  • Auto-mode system
  • Work so quietly, ultra-quiet


  • Low fan power the whole room coverage

2. Airthereal Air Nursery Purifier

Airthereal Air Nursery PurifierAirthereal makes its affordable budget smart air purifier without any ionizer or UV-C filter which completely ozone free. It is also certified by CARB which meets the ozone concentration limit less than 0.05 parts per million. With smart sensors inside the Airthereal air purifier has few filters with an affordable budget. You can proactively watch the air quality measurement for your nursery.

The 7-stage filter refreshes your air deeply so that you may always stay safe. Another interesting thing is that it is a portable car purifier. You can easily carry this model in your car. This model cares about your safety. It has a safety lock system in which children, child-young do not change easily. So, it is safe from them and you can easily use this model without any hassles.

Overall, it made with high-quality material and advanced technology. Used quality material for ensuring your long time user-experience. So, if your budget under $100, then you will choose this model. Note, it only works up to 160 sq ft long or 200 sq ft.


  • Have a strong safety
  • Certified by CARB
  • 7-stage air purifier
  • Have 12 V DC car adapter
  • Have 22 decibels silent option


  • The fan power is weak

3. Fellowes AeraMax Baby DB5 HEPA Air Purifier

Fellowes AeraMax Baby DB5 HEPA Air PurifierThe Fellowes AeraMax DB air purifier is safe to use because it is not only certified by the CARB but also it is certified by AAFA(Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) which is extremely safe for babies nursery and any ages of people. It is an affordable budget but very powerful to work. It has a 4-stage air purifier filtration system. DB5 also has the core true HEPA filter that captures 99.97% airborne which is dangerous for human beings.

Users are very satisfied with this model, in fact, I do not find a single problem from the users. So, you can say it one of the best air purifiers for nursery so far. Included smart sensors, named AreaSmart is highly recommended for the nursery. It is so easy to use just press the Area+ mode and forget it.

The digital display is another essential part of this model. You can focus on this measurement with this display. So, for a long time user-experience, you should be ready for going it.


  • Capture 99.97 percent airborne and remove so fast
  • Have 4 stage air filtration
  • It has core true HEPA
  • AAFA certified
  • Easy to maintain it


  • Noisey when you are going to use to your bedroom (Not so much)

4. LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier

LEVOIT Smart DehumidifierLEVOIT is another good option to get your nursery or baby room that certified by CARB. This brand makes their product 100% ozone free. It is 100 percent ozone free because they used only a True HEPA air filtration system.

Not only you can control it with wifi connectivity with the smart sensor but also you can control it with smart apps. The smart app easy to set up and helps you use it instantly without any hassles. Are you looking for the quiet operation air purifier of your nursery? You will go for it. However, for low noise level, it used a 27 dB noise level which is truly good enough. So, you can easily use this model without any noise.

Ideal for up to 330 sq ft space. But if you want then you may also use it 400 sq ft easily and comfortably. Another interesting thing is that it installed google assistant facilities. You can control it with a voice so that you need not move or touch. So, I think it is a great choice for your nursery.


  • The idea for a large room
  • Voice control facilities
  • Smart app facilities
  • Used true HEPA filtration
  • 100% ozone free


  • Sometimes motor becomes hot

5. Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

Coway AP 1512HH Mighty Air PurifierCoway AP-1512HH is made by Korea number 1 company Coway so that you can safe in advance. This model is completely certified by CARB like other above brands. Meeting with 100 percent ozone concertation limited 0.05 parts per million. If you belong under 300 sq ft then you will choose this model. Give this product just 1 hour and it captures your whole room within this time.

It has 4-stage air cleaning or filtration system such as pre-filter, Deodorization, true HEPA filter, Vital lon). These 4 stages keep you safe from air mole, mildew, particles, allergy, bacteria, any kind of the harmful element of air. It has LED light facilities which helps you to know the clean level of your home. So, you can take the proper action through this model.

The timer features allow in the machine to run it 1/4/8 hours before automatically power-off. It occurs because of your safety. So, if you have enough money for it, then you should win this model asap.


  • Have LED light facilities
  • Used 4-stage air cleaning filtration
  • Automatic shut-off system
  • So popular in the market
  • Used quality and advanced features


  • The top light is not turned off

6. BONECO H300 – Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier

BONECO H300 Hybrid Humidifier Air PurifierIf anyone asked me which air purifier strictly maintains the CARB rules, then I will recommend them to win this best air purifier for nursery right now. But why? Let me explain. It has both facilities, you can control humidity and air purifier. Provide you high performance, adjustable hybrid optimal humidity and it cleans the air deeply.

Honestly, you can trust this Swiss air purifier. It uses natural air filtration process which has not any side-effect. This model naturally washes the impurities. Especially, keep the strong safety of your nursery or the baby. BONECO H300 has a smart sensor, but you can not find air quality levels. Besides, it shows the humidity level. Ideal for 540 sq ft room and it works easily on this space.

Overall, it made with updated technology in 2021. This model also used rich material and mixed with a white finish which is truly attractive. Note, for the warranty you may need to contact the product holder.


  • Have a smart sensor
  • Used high-quality material
  • Ideal for large or extra-large room
  • Meets all of the CARB rules
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not easy to transfer one place to another

7. AIRMEGA The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier

AIRMEGA The Smarter App Enabled Air PurifierAre you looking for a large area cover air purifier? Then you won this model right now. Because it easily captures 1256 sq ft. Being it is a CARB certified brand that assures your safety perfectly. This model also used bipolar ionizer, for completely no ozone. This why it is the safest air purifier ever so far.

Active carbon and true HEPA capture and reduce up to 99.97 percent of 0.3-micron particles from the air. It also removes allergy, mole, and mildew from the air so fast. The color LED light ring helps you to know the air purity level so that you can take proper action to stay safe at your home.

Please don’t forget about the quiet operation of this model. It works quietly so that you may feel not a disturbance. However, the maximum noise at height setting is 43.2 dB which is really impressive. Note, It provides you a long time warranty and technical support so that you can use it for a long time.


  • LED light monitor
  • Have CRBA certification
  • The very low noise level
  • Provide top-notched performance
  • Have high fan power


  • Costly

8. Alen BreatheSmart 75i Large Room Air Purifier

Alen BreatheSmart 75i Large Room Air PurifierIt is a device that provides you world-class professional service. Quietly powerful and easily capture a large space around 1400 sq ft and work very fast. The laser air sensor highly accurate, and it is able to provide you the air quality level so that you can take proper action with this model. There are lots of USA people who already use this model.

It is recommended for allergy, dust, germs, bacteria, mole, particles, and so many harmful elements. You can get 6 air quality color lights which help you to know the air quality level also. The red color alert you poor level and the blue alerts you its excellent level.

It’s true HEPA filter capture 99.97% airborne particles down 0.3 microns which are also very helpful in any quality air purifier. If you see this model deeply, then you may find the quality features. So, I think it is one of the biggest choices for you.


  • Ideal for 1400 sq ft room
  • The used HEPA filter system
  • Have 6 different LED light
  • Capture 99.97 percent airborne particles
  • Long time supportable


  • You can not connect wifi

9. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Hot Cool Air PurifierNeedless to say, this model is the safest air purifier so far so ever. However, it meets all of the rules of CRBA which is truly good enough for the nursery and for the kids. For reporting your everyday air quality it is used an LCD display which helps you to know the air level and tell you the action of this device.

This air purifier like a fan and adjustment up to 350 degrees which is truly good enough. And with this temperature this model able to remove the mole, mildew, particles, and so many harmful elements from the air. Plus, it made with high-quality material and advance technology which assures you to use this model for a long time. You can operate this model by connecting wifi.

Overall, You can see the real-time data and also control it with the remote. However, it is safe for kids, nursery and any age of people. I think it is a good decision to choose this model.


  • Have an LCD display
  • Meets all of the function of CRBA
  • Affordable price
  • Wifi connect system
  • Easy to install this model


  • The user manual is not clear

10. IQAir HealthPro Plus best air purifier for nursery

IQAir HealthPro Plus best air purifier for nurseryThis is my final selection for you. If you are looking for an expensive air purifier, then you will choose this IQAir the best air purifier for nursery. For your kind information, you can get all of the quality features. It is a swiss quality air purifier that is certified by CARB which helps your air 99.99% clean and provides you fresh air. This model ideal for the kids, or nursery.

Used hyper HEPA true filter which helps you to control the air for getting fresh air. The powerful filtration covers a room size up to 1,125 sq ft. However, if you want to avoid from allergy, asthma, and another harmful element of your air then you should choose this model.

Overall, it’s a built-in quality so modern and made with strong safety. So, you can use this model for a strong safety. Note, don’t worry you can get a long time warranty which helps you use this model fearlessly.


  • Have strong safety
  • Ideal for 1,125 sq ft
  • Remove allergy and particles
  • Very quietly work
  • Used world-class filter


  • Too expensive

Best Air Purifiers for Nursery Buying Guide:

After completing the product section you need to follow some steps. Let’s know about some tips and tricks which help you to choose the right product.


Most of the case the best air purifier for the nursery I found 6 to 7 stage air purifiers. One of the air filters is HEPA true filter which helps you to clean the air accurately. However, other filter helps to remove the mole, mildew, particles, bacteria, allergy, and another harmful element.

But you may also choose a 4-stage filtration system which good enough for the air filter.

Choose your own size of purifier

This is one of the major tips and tricks for you. You should know your home or basement size first. Then you compare the best air purifier for nursery is a match to your room or not. Most of the cases, an air purifier size around 1000 sq ft up space. But you should not depend on this size.

Note, you never skip this section because of the air purifier’s excellent work. So, consider this matter before you purchase any air purifier.


Let’s introduce another one. You should not compromise about this section. If the model meets with all of the CARB that means California Air resources board. I recommend you to choose an air purifier which meets all of the function of CARB.

This section strictly assures your safety so that you can use the product safely.

Noise Free

No one likes a noisy air purifier. Under 50 to 60 dB noise level is good enough. Most of the air purifiers become noisy and people feel much disturbed about this problem. So, to value your money and choose a complete air purifier you should choose the noise-free air purifier.

For your kind information, the average noise level is 40 dB. So, before you purchase please consider this section.

Power of fan

This is my final tips and tricks for you. The different models used different power fans. Some of the brands used 3 to 4 fans for cooling the model. You may know that fans are very important and help the air purifier working well. So, you should also focus on this section so that your air purifier works as well.

Best Air Purifiers for Nursery (FAQs)

Q: Are air purifiers safe for babies?

A: Yes, most of them certified by CARB. You should follow the CARB product so that the air purifier assure your baby’s safety.

Q: How can I improve the air of my baby’s room?

A: You can control with an air purifier. So, before you purchase any please check the air purifier is able to protect your baby or not.


The best air purifier for the nursery is definitely important. It is able to reduce the mole, mildew, and other harmful things so that you and your baby, or nursery safe. Regular clean the air you should choose an air purifier. So, without thinking any more you should choose the above air purifier.

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