Top 8 Best 50 Amp Generators in 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

Best 50 Amp Generators ReviewsIf you need a heavy machine, tools, and large appliance for your home of a power outage, surely you need to consider a powerful generator. In this review, I will show you the 8 best 50 Amp generators which are suitable for your large and high power appliance. They are top-rated, of course, for the best reasons. Now you are here, that means you are looking for high power (50 Amp) generator.

This article is for review and a complete buying guide, pros, and cons, and updated information, which helps you use the generator for a long time—knowing the right section breaks down the list below.

The 8 Best 50 Amp Generators Review for 2021

1. Westinghouse WGen9500DF 50 AMP Generator

81WO1jafMpL. AC SL1500Westinghouse WGen9500DF is an awesome 50 amp portable generator that offers enough power to run nearly your home’s critical appliance. You can use this generator for your freeze, air conditioner, lighting circuits, and several other appliances without any issues. It is a dual fuel generator that comes with gas and propane. You just need to input the fuel and press the start button for working.

On the other hand, it is one of the best options for long-time run the device.  The generator can work up to 17-hours on a lower load. You can get the running capacity continuously 12-hours without any breaks. However, the tank capacity of this component is 6.6 gallons, which is enough for long-time use.

Another splendid feature is that you can start the unit via remote without any issues from long-distance. It is a weather-resistant product that means it can work in bad weather, which does not come so many powerful generators. Next, the control panel of this component is user-friendly; that’s why you need not hire any man power to operate the device. If you are looking for a home appliance generator, you can surely go for this generator.


  • Comes with dual fuel options
  • Long-time running facility around 17-hours
  • Easy to start via a remote knob
  • It is a reliable product
  • Easy to install any kinds of space and use


  • When the load is high, it produces noise

2. DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel 50 AMP Generator

71Gjk ppp0L. AC SL1200When you don’t have power, but you must need it, what can you do? You can shut-down your job and start work later. But you can continue working with this DuroMax XP12000EH dual fuel portable generator. However, it comes with an 18 HP (Horse Power) gas or propane generator, which you need to operate. It has all of the solutions which you need for your appliance, such as small, large, and medium devices.

On the other hand, you can use this generator for your residential and commercial area to get your appliance’s excellent power ability. It can give up to 12000 watts of power, yet the device still operates quietly. This unit was also featured with low oil indicator, volt meter, circuit meter, and 5 power outlets, which made this component awesome than other portable generators.

The maximum AC outlet power is 12000 watts, and the rated AC output is 9500 watts, which is suitable for your home all of the appliance. When you load half of the tank, it helps you to get an 8-hours running facility with gas. On the other hand, when you full the tank with propane, you can also get an 8-hours running facility. The fuel tank capacity is 8.3 gallons, which is enough for a long-time running facility.


  • Comes with high power ability
  • Suitable for any sizes of appliance
  • Made with advance technology and features
  • Included 5-power outlets
  • Huge 8.3 gallons fuel tank capacity


  • It is a noisy product 72 dBA

3. WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 50 AMP Generator

WEN DF1100T 11000When the electricity is gone, we feel the power outage issues. WEN DF1100T 11000-watts 50 AMP generator is an awesome user-satisfaction choice. However, WEN provides its service to its customer with a peach of mind since 1951. With WEN, DF1100T is a dual fuel electric generator, and you will be able to create power from two different sources. Simply, you need to input gas or propane and start the generator.

The propane fuel allows the generator to produce a 9500 surge and 7500 running watts while gasoline provides you an 11000 surge and 8300 running watts. I used this generator still 7-years, and I always use gasoline to get the best performance. This packed panel features come with a 120V GFCI 120V 30A twist lock outlet and 12V DC mode, which you can hassle-free apply your home or other appliance without creating a special circuit.

The wheels and handle kit makes it suitable for transferable. You can use easily portable the device one place to another place with its full of portability version. It is also EPA and CARB certified, which means you can use this component hassle-free in California parks. There is plenty of option for getting excellent users experience. I think it is one of the best options for you.


  • Comes with both AC and DC outlets
  • Able to create power from a different source
  • Included handle kit and wheels
  • Of course, it is a durable option
  • EPA and CARB certified


  • The customer service is not much better

4. Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty 50 AMP Generator

Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty 50 AMP GeneratorThe Pulsar G12KBN is a high power portable generator which comes with plenty of quality features. First of all, this component comes with dual-fuel technology (gasoline and propane). The generator has a built-in voltage meter, which allows you to the hour of the meter. You can also monitor the voltage that your generator is working fine or not. The meter also ensures your safety as well as your kids and family.

You can avoid the engine wear because the generator automatically shut-off when the fuel level comes with very low. It has an engine started switch that allows you to start the generator just a nano-second. Overall, you need not worry when you are using this component. All of the safety measurement allows you to hassle-free use with any kinds of space. But remember it comes with noise, and this why you need to use the generator from a distance.

The generator has great 10-inches wheels. The wheels assure you that it never flat with any condition or place. So, you can easily transfer the generator of your required space without any issues. It comes with an 8-gallons fuel capacity and a running time 12-hours at 50% load and 6-hours at full load. If you are looking for a quality generator, surely you can try this unit without any issues.


  • Used dual-fuel technology
  • Have a versatile power cluster
  • Comes with a low oil shut-off feature
  • Used voltage and hour meter
  • Used portable and stable wheels


  • It is not designed in compact size

5. Generac 5734 GP15000E 50 AMP Generator

Generac 5734 GP15000E 50 AMP GeneratorAre you looking for a portable generator that comes with high power able to provide the energy of your whole house? Surely you can try this component. However, this unit’s running watts are 15000, and the starting watts of this component is 22500, which is enough for large devices such as full-size freeze, portable air conditioner, circuit, and another place. So, you can easily use this component for your appliance.

What next, it is able to run 10 hours of 50% load. The 16-gallon fuel tank capacity is huge, which allows you to save your time regularly to load the fuel. But you can not get a propane facility; it only comes for gasoline. Most experts recommend using a gasoline generator for long-time run service and saving the engine. I hope that energy and run time is suitable for your home appliance.

On the other hand, hour meter, low oil level shut-down, and some other features made this component awesome to use. The wheels and handlebar shape also made this unit portable in any kind of space. So, it would help if you did not worry about portable the device. You just need to push the unit. With its quality features, it provides high performance.


  • Suitable for large appliance
  • Huge 16-gallons fuel tank
  • Included plug-in battery charger jack
  • Electric start with battery
  • Provides premium service


  • So heavy around 373 pounds

6. Champion Power Equipment 100161 9375 Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100161 9375 GeneratorYou may know that Champion is one of the most popular names and fame in the generator industry. However, this portable 1001619375 generator comes from Champion, which allows you professional service. It has 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts, which provides you up to 8-hours running time on full tank gasoline. Note, the device does not use any dual-fuel technology.

Starting with the key knob and button, this model allows you to start from long-distance when you are busy with your family and friends. It is powered by a reliable 439 cc engine, which is durable and provides crystal and clear power. If you think about your sensitive device to charge from the generator, surely you can choose this component. It is also peach of mind product thanks to Champion for this great gadget.

What next, Champion comes with excellent safety features. However, the USB port and other control panel options used rubber cover so that you can safely use this generator. Note, it is CARB, CSA, and other labs certified, which means you can use this generator without any governmental issue.


  • Used powerful and reliable engine
  • Included 3-years warranty and technical support
  • Perfect measurement for installing
  • CSA and CARB compliant
  • All of the operating functions cover with rubber
  • Comes with low-noise level


  • It is a heavy product

7. Pulsar G10KBN Space Gray 50 AMP Generator

Pulsar G10KBN Space Gray 50 AMP GeneratorFor large appliances, you need to choose a high power generator. Pulsar G10KBN is a high power portable generator which provides 10000 peak watts and 8000 rate watts with gasoline fuel. It comes with dual-fuel technology such as gasoline and LPG. The fuel tank capacity of this unit is 6.6 gallons, which offer you 12-hours work after fully loading the device without any issues.

It includes a single-cylinder and used a 4-stroke OHV engine that is very powerful and durable. The engine does not produce much noise, which is harmful to your neighbor of mind: both 12V DC outlet and 4 120V 20A outlet. You can use this component for your full-size freeze, air conditioner, oven, and other appliance. You can also use this unit for your whole house circuit system when the power outage occurs.

Let’s discuss its portability. Pulsar has two strong wheels and a compact design that means it portable. On the other hand, you can choose this residential and commercial area component to get high performance. Overall, it has a voltmeter, low oil shut-off feature, and some other things which provide you to use the component without any issues.


  • Comes with 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Comes with both AC and DC outlets
  • Used fuel energy consumption
  • Sturdy and powerful wheels for portability
  • Both gasoline and LPG fuel facility


  • Expected at least 3-years warranty and technical support

8. Champion 100110- 9200 50 AMP Generator

Champion 100110 9200 50 AMP GeneratorThis is my final selection for you. This Champion portable generator comes with plenty of quality features that provide you excellent service. In a nutshell, it has a 459cc Champion 4-stroke OHV engine which operates via only gasoline capacity. The generator provides 9200 running watts and 11500 peak watts that very powerful to use any appliances. Overall, you can use this portable generator with your whole house power outage.

It has a digital display that allows you to know the fuel level of the device. On the other hand, you will charge your sensitive devices such as laptops, mobile, and some other appliances. The generator also comes with low fuel consumption, which means it takes less gas and provides you long-time service. Whatever, it is able to run 10 hours with 50% loaded. So, what do you want else from this portable generator?

Let’s check out the emission of this component. It is CARB and EPA certified, which means you can use the device in the whole USA. Whatever it comes with 2 GFCI that provides you awesome power supply. The device is more than enough for a whole-house power supply. If you want to choose a generator that comes with powerful features and cover your whole house appliance against power outage, you can surely try this component.


  • Used powerful 4-stroke engine
  • Hassle-free to operate the device
  • Included 2 GFCI for more flexibility
  • CARB and EPA certified
  • Of course, it is a fuel consumption device


  • The user manual is not clear enough

Best 50 Amp Generators Buying Guides:

Amps VS watts

You may quickly notice that the generators come with watts power calculation. Some of the generators only use Amp, which is rear. Well, more power watts mean the generator capable of providing more power for your appliance. When you think about a high power generator, of course, you need to go for a minimum of 9000 watts. You can also consider the generator for your home appliance.


A high power generator generally comes with much weight, around 100 to 300 pounds or lbs. When the product comes with weight, of course, it is harder for a user to portable the device. Additionally, most of the high-power generator used two wheels and a handlebar so that people can easily portable the device. So, before you consider a portable device consider the wheels first (sturdy wheels).

Running time

Whatever a high power portable generator, of course, come with long-time running capacity. But some of the generators take much fuel and provides 2 or 4 hours less running facility. So, it would help if you considered a generator which has below 1.00 GPH fuel consumption. Most of the high power generators such as Westinghouse, DuroMax, and others come with 0.3 to 0.5 very low GPH.

Devices to use

The appliances are divided into two parts, such as general devices such as freeze, air conditioner, and other is a sensitive device such as mobile, laptop, tab, and others. Whatever you need to consider, a generator with less than <5% THD helps your device to use without any issue. If you collect a portable generator that has less than <5% THD, you can use both types of appliances.

Best 50 Amp Generators Reviews (FAQs)

Q: What size generator do I need for 50 Amps?

A: For 50 Amp generators, I must recommend you to choose at least 4000 watts of power. But it would be better if you choose the generator to match with your appliances.

Q: How many watts is a 50 Amp?
A: A 50 Amp generator means 12000 watts of the generator. Sometimes it becomes 12500 watts of power depends on brands.

Q: What is 50 Amps volt?
A: For knowing this, we need to calculate. Let’s do this. 50 Amp x 120V = 6000 watts of power. I think you will find your answer.


After reading the buying guide, reviews, pros, and cons, I hope that now you are able to compare the model with other devices. The high power generator comes with an expensive price; that’s why you need to check out each of the products’ sections. So, before you purchase a portable high power generator, surely, you need to consider the upper all of the sections.

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