What Size Generator to Run 5 Ton AC Unit? (Answered)

The air conditioner is an important element for a hot summer day. There are three types of the air conditioner such as window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, and central air conditioner. All operate with electricity with different voltage. But what can you do when the electricity was gone for sometimes?

It is really painful, right? Well, if you think yes, you need to avoid this issue and solve it as soon as possible. However, if you already have an air conditioner with 5-ton capacity, surely you need to choose a powerful generator for backup power. So, what size generator to run a 5-ton ac unit?

Whatever in this content, I will provide you with all of the information about this topic so that you can easily find out the best solution for you. So, without delay, let’s get started.

What to consider for the new backup generator?

A perfect generator is able to produce much power a day or week allowing a household backup power so that your appliance such as air conditioner running without a break and you can enjoy the power. Buying a power generator is depended on your room size. If you want to choose a generator only for your air conditioner (portable, window, and central) you need to consider some important things.

However, I used a generator for my 5-ton air conditioner. 5-ton air conditioner = 17500 watts. So, I bought a generator which allows me 17500 watts or you also consider. 17500-watts generator also comes with different fuel system so; you need to consider your desire one.

On the other hand, if you want to choose the 5-ton air conditioner generator, surely you can go for 50-amp power for getting perfect power without any hassles. It is important to choose the right amp because of a hassle-free installation. So, before you purchase any, you need to consider this thing.

Generator cost and size

Well, you already know how much wattage generator need for your 5-ton air conditioner backup. I think you also need to know how much cost you should pay for a 5-ton air conditioner’s generator. Whatever 5-ton air conditioner means you need to choose 20 kW (17500-watts).

However, if you want to choose a generator which comes with 17500 watts, you need to consider 3000 USD to 8000 USD for getting long-time power. There are lots of brands that come with the power of the generator. I hope that this section is helpful for you to choose the perfect power generator for your 5-ton air conditioner.

Extra things

5-ton air conditioner means 60000 BTU cooling power capacity which is too high. So, you need to choose a product which is able to cover the air conditioner for a long-time. I think you will get your question answer from this content with updated information. So, without delay purchase the generator 17500 watts for your 5-ton air conditioner whatever portable, window, and central don’t matter.


Overall, I hope that you are satisfied with this information and already know what size generator you should apply for your 5-ton air conditioner. You may know that 5-ton air conditioner is an oversized air conditioner. So, for easily cover the power for your generator you need to choose above the 17500-watt generator.

However, if you think you the information is not enough for your question, you will let me know the comment box or contact me so that I can solve your issue as soon as possible. So, why are you delay choose a powerful generator and apply your 5-ton air conditioner for getting the best performance?

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