Westinghouse igen2500 vs honda eu2200i

A generator is an important element for the power outage. There are different brands that offer their product to its user. But only some of the brands bring the name and fame. Westinghouse and Honda are one of them. However, today I will discuss with you Westinghouse iGen2500 VS Honda eu2200i, which are top-rated in the market.

Well, if you are still confused to choose a generator between Westinghouse or Honda, surely this content is helpful for you. Whatever choosing the right generator, you need to research and provides enough time properly. Within mind, I already do awesome research, which helps you best compare with both products.

After comparing all of the major features, I think the content allows you to choose your appliance’s best one. For further information, down the page and enjoy the content.

Power of generators

If you want to use more appliance or tools, surely you need to go for Westinghouse iGen2500. Westinghouse comes with 2200 running watts and 2500 starting watts, which is much better than Honda. On the other hand, Honda only comes with 1800 running watts and 2200 starting watts, which do not allow you to use more appliances.

So, when you compare both of power surely, Westinghouse iGen2500 becomes more powerful and allows you to use more appliance than Honda.

Running time

Well, both are powerful and provides long-time running facilities. But when you need to compare, Westinghouse provides a long-time running capacity than Honda. Furthermore, when you full the tank, Westinghouse iGen2500 offers you a 10-hour running service when Honda provides you only 8.1-hours. For maximum running capacity, you can choose Westinghouse iGen2500 without any doubt.

Low-energy consumption

What next, every generator owners desire that the generator takes less energy, is it occurs? I think not so. However, Westinghouse is more energy-efficient than Honda. Westinghouse takes 0.1 GPH (gallons per hour). On the other hand, Honda eu2200i takes 0.12 GPH, which is too much than Westinghouse. For choosing low-energy consumption, you can choose the Westinghouse product.

Noise level

This is another critical section. If you look out deeply, you can see that both are portable. That means you need to use the generators closely. What happens when the generator become loud. When I compare both, I can see that the Honda eu2200i is awesome and produce low-noise less than 48 dBA. On the other hand, Westinghouse also comes with a low-noise level, such as 52 dBA, which is more than Honda.

Electric outlet

You will get both AC and DC modes facilities. With DC mode, you can use the product with battery and some other hands. But I can not find a GFCI facility. Despite this issue, both electric outlets are the same. So, you need not worry about the electric outlet of the products.


If you think you choose a generator that helps you back energy, you can surely go for both. But according to my experience, Westinghouse iGen2500 is much better than Honda eu2200i. I hope that you can already understand why I recommend you to choose Westinghouse igen2500 than Honda.


Generators are an essential element for an apartment, home, camping, hiking, and so many places. If you are confused about which one is the best for you, “Westinghouse iGen2500 VS Honda eu2200i.” you should deeply read the above features. I used both products and found Westinghouse is more potent than Honda. I hope that the information helps you a lot to choose your desire one.

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