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Jackery explorer 440 reviewEditor Rating: 3.8/5

Build Quality

Review Summary of Jackery explorer 440

Jackery is a familiar brand and already getting positive reviews for their portable generator. Unlike, other users, their generator is very lightweight. But Jackery’s many of them weight less than 15 pounds for easy carry and handle. For great choice, I am going to through you jackery explorer 440 generators because of its smallest and reachable lithium battery even though it is compliant some medium base device.

Whatever for this review, I will only focus on Jackery explorer 440 reviews. As a new user or expertise, you will discover a splendid generator of this unit. So, go for it.

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Top Jackery explorer Portable GeneratorJackery explorer 440 – A Quick Look


  • Provide very low noise level
  • Included a sturdy handle and lightweight for easily portable
  • Have a BMS, short-circuit safety system
  • Everywhere you will charge it
  • Included an LCD display
  • Used powerful lithium battery


  • Have not remote control system
  • Taking much time for charging

Zoom users like about it

For easily portable or lightweight
CPAP during a power outage
Solar charge system
Long-time power supply

Jackery Explorer 440 Power Station

This component is perfect for powering smaller appliances under 200 to 300 -watts. It has a new BMS(Battery Management System). For your attention, BMS is a safety feature that use to prevent catastrophic issues such as:

Temperature controlling
Influx voltage
Over-load controlling
Power outage or short-circuiting

These functions supply or provide you with backup emergency energy. This portable generator is AC pure sine wave inverter or 110V 60Hz 300W that is enough for safe and clear powering.
In the below section, I will show you the ability of this unit powering many types of device.


Smartphones31+ times
Tablet25+ times
Laptop7+ times
Camera50 + times
Mini Fridge6+ hours

Furthermore, the buyers also loved it for camping, fieldwork, tailgating, fishing, and road trips. Though it didn’t find it a large portable generator for long-time charging, it is more than enough for charging the most of the equipment for a meaningful duration.

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Charging Appliances

The outdoor and campers enthusiasts love jackery Explorer 440 power station because of its portability. The device weighs only 12.5-pounds which is less than other branded generator. This component I invent a strong handle with very soft because of its comfortable carrying. It used perfect measurement is 11.84 x 7.59 x 9.5-inches to save space. However, the lightest in its class, the explorer 440 generator is for versatility.

Car charger: 8-hours recharge
Wall outlet: 8-hours recharge
Solar panel: 10-hours recharge
2nd generation: 8-hours recharge
The 80 to 120W solar panel is not included

Whatever the consumers recommended using the Explorer 440 generator as a backup power solution for CPAP sleep apnea engine or other medical devices. Remember, it should be not the primary source of power. When the device is getting its charge, it only takes clear and safe power so that it can provide you with a safe power for your sensitive device.

Features of Jackery Explorer 440

No doubt jaggery is one of the best choices for outdoor, and camper lover. But before you consider this device like a boss, you should remember the combination of its features. The features are:
The weight only 12.5-pounds that very lightweight

Included 3-USB A port
The solar generator you can charge everywhere
Included LCD display for charge and discharge indicator
Have a switch for on and off the device
Incredible safety BMS features
Included 24-months warranty

Despite the above features, I found some other awesome features that love you a lot. Expert and generator specialist believe that it is a complete features generator for indoor and outdoor home. So, you can choose it because of your small and medium base device.

Noise level

It is sucking enough when the noise comes to enjoyment. When I am going outside with this generator, I found it noise-level very low under 40 dBA(like rainfall sound). I never found it loud. For low-noise level this component used advance low noise technology. So, I think it is capable of providing you with a noise-free journey.

Safety and Warranty

I must tell you about this section, step by step. Explorer 440 generator is an incredible safety and security. It is included surge protection, Short-circuit protection, temperature control(32 to 104-degrees F, or 0 to 40-degrees C), Battery management system, and some other function. You will invent from this unit 24/7 hours customer service with 2-years warranty. Not only me but also expert believes that this component has strong safety and enough warranty for long-time support.

Indicator of generator

This section is an ideal base for the generator. Whatever I found some generator which has not any indicator that is sucking thing for the customer. But this portable Explorer 440 generator has an LCD display indicator, and it is much powerful than another generator. Moreover, the indicator only provides you with battery life condition. It is just saying you the low and charge system. I think it is compulsory for each of the consumers.

Easy to operate

The different generator has a different operating system. But it is a wiser thing that chooses an easy operating system generator. Easy operate means easy control panel, easy to plug, easy to switch, and AC breaker. Explorer 440 generator has all of the quality function that easy to operate and control.

Jackery explorer Portable Generator 440 overviewWhat’s included the box

  1. AC adapter
  2. Jackery 440 explorer
  3. User manual guide
  4. Wall charger
  5. 8mm car charger
  6. Warranty card

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you charge the 440 with an inverter plugged in the cigarette lighter?

A: There are only two ways of charging this device. 1. Charge via solar panel, 2. Charge via the main power supply. So, you can not charge this way.

Q: Can the 440 charges simultaneously by solar and the car?

A: The 440 has only one port that you can charge it via a solar panel that means you can not charge via car.

Q: Can I use jackery while it is charging?

A: Yes, of course, you can use it when it is charging. So, you can not fall a single problem with it.

What people say about it

Though it is one of the best portable generators for a small device, it also has some bad effect which users don’t be liked. One of them, William S, told me that solar panel technology is outdated and one of the common things is that they found car charging. This device can not provide you with car charging facilities. Despite this issue, I will get awesome features as well as the users. So, the users thought that the problem is not a major issue that’s why they loved this unit as I.

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So, what can I say on my conclusions? It is not complicated but simple. I honestly believe that Explorer 440 reviews generator is one of the best generators which satisfied their users. It is highly reliable and provides your device much time support. Though it sometimes takes for charging, you will get the output with enough clean power. I think I cover all of the major things with these reviews and helpful for your real life. So, don’t complicated for it to choose it as fast as possible.

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