How to Install a Whole House Generator Transfer Switch (ACTION PLAN)

Best Generator Transfer SwitchThe whole house generating transfer switch is one of the best thing for your lovely home. Though you may need some accessories and go through the right process, the installing process is very easy so that you can try it yourself or get someone (plumber or manpower) to help you out. Choosing a whole house transfer switch means that you can keep yourself and your family safe and protective.

The switch incoming power comes from major power panel to any portable and compact generator. However, if you have not any knowledge about how to install a whole house generator transfer switch? May the process is tricky for you.

Moreover, if you have not any knowledge about it, don’t worry I am going to break down 7 simple process which helps you to install it comfortably and hassle-free.

Transfer switch parts you need

Firstly, you need to some important parts for installing the product correctly. Well, they come with affordable price and I assure you they are not much a long list. Besides, you can collect them from online shop or your nearest shop. Whatever I recommend to collect the accessories from online because they provide original and excellent product.

On the other hand, you will go for the local shop which may some accessory you can not achieve.  So, let’s check out the list below and ready for an excellent whole house transferring switch system.

      A powerful generator

This is very essential part but I still want to tell something about the main point. You may know that sometimes the generator is not working transfer switch that is really suck. The generator are very little but you need to concern about it. So, you need to choose a powerful generator which support transfer switch.

There are quiet a few on the market you will get that can give excellent power supply servicing. Take your time and compare about the product models so that you can choose the best one for your whole house transfer switch generator.

      Transfer switch (separately)

There are two types of transfer switch service available such as manual configuration and another is automatic system setup. If you already select the generator you should also consider the best transfer switch which meets with generator version. Here you can check out the transfer switch which is completely meet with generators.

      Power Intel Box

Most of the case, the power intel box included with the generator. But if you don’t get one, you will need to purchase the box separately. This is a simply-box shaped tool that is used to wrap on the outside of your house. The box extremely protects your transfer switch and allows you to use the box hassle-free.

Well, there are two types of power box such as interior and exterior. I always recommend you to choose the best power box as exterior for getting the best service. However, I already collect some box which provides you extreme support. Let’s check out them.

      Power Cord

To connect with transfer switch with generator, you may need to choose the best power cord, right? This is known to be a power cord and most of the time the cord length standard size is 20 foot. The length is pretty ideal for easily connected but it is beneficial for you if you find out extra long-cord with maximum sturdy. Have a looked at the power cord below.


If you have a small amount of knowledge of electricity work it is easy for you to setup or installation. Otherwise, you need to hire a plumber or electrician for this work. Well, if you have some knowledge you may keep reading.

It may need few hours for complete the installation process. On the other hand, it may harder even you though, but it is not impossible. Here are some workable and actionable steps that you can use for wiring a transfer switch to your house. So, without delay let’s check out the process.

  • First of all you need to choose place where you want to install the power box. Remember, the place must be had a good place and out of the kids zone.
  • Second, you need to switch off the main electric switch. Make sure your all appliance are shut-off and can not take any kids of power.
  • Third, you need to connect the wire box with the cords which are coming from the transfer switch.
  • Fourth, you need mount outdoor electrical box on top of the hole on outside the walls.
  • You should connect to the receptacle cables in exterior box. Make sure you properly screw or mount the box.
  • When you done all of them proper check the generator is working properly or not.
  • After that it is time to check out the whole thing such as generator and transfer switch and also check out house electricity.
  • To avoid the kinds of bug, dirt, and moisture problem you should always check out the drill you can seal perfectly.
  • Finally, enjoy yourself the excellent transfer switch.


The electric things are always sensitive issue. This is a matter where you are going to be dealing with your homes the main electric supply. So, I highly recommend you to review and check out the law and the code. You may not break down the code for taking an installation method. If you unaware about the installation process you may need to hire a plumber who is expert on this thing.


Koo! It is not actually hard enough to complete the installation process. The most important and expensive part here generator that can supply your whole house power. On the other hand, the other parts are also very sensitive and depends on your protect or your house. I think this information is enough for your question how to install a whole house generator transfer switch? So, without hassles let’s do the work. Best of luck.

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