Duromax XP8500EH Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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DuroMax XP8500EH

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

Build Quality

Review Summary Duromax XP8500EH

Not once or twice have I come across many customers online expressing their frustration with their generators. Most of them complain about how the generator failed to meet their minimal power requirement. Others are frustrated with the generator not being portable enough or being quite noisy. Luckily for you, DuroMax XP8500EH, you don’t have to ever think of these frustrations.

The Duromax XP8500EH is built to deliver exceptional reliability at times of need. It’s here to give you enough power to run your whole house. The unit has a unique build that allows it to deliver portable and quiet strength that you can take. And since it’s an EPA and CARB approved power unit, you can use it in virtually all states and countries.

The Duromax XP8500EH construction is heavy-duty to allow it to handle extreme usage and withstand the roughest work sites. It can be used for domestic and commercial applications. The employment of Dual-Fuel Technology delivers convenience in selecting the best and most available fuel between propane and gasoline. Starting the generator has been made easy using electric start, a choke, and a recoil backup. Enough with the praises, what does the generator has to offer?

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Brand: DuroMax

Model: XP8500EH

Start Type: Electric/Recoil

Fuel Type: Gasoline/Propane

Type: Dual-Fuel Portable Generator

Running watts: Gas 7000, Propane 6650

Starting watts: Gas 8500, Propane 8075

Runtime (Propane) at 1/2 Load: 8-hours

Runtime (Gasoline) at 1/2 Load: 11.5-hours

Fuel Tank Capacity (GASOLINE): 7.9-gallons

Suggested Tank Size (PROPANE): 40lbs


Duromax XP8500EH – A Quick Look


  • Easy to start
  • High-power delivery
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Highly mobile and portable
  • Reliable, high-power OHV engine
  • Durable, rust-resistant construction


  • Leaks oil
  • Heavy for a single-person lift
  • A relatively high noise level

DuroMax XP8500EH Blue overviewMain Features

One of the reasons this XP8500EH dual-fuel generator among its users is the reliability, efficiency, and plenty of power it delivers. And to ensure it operates and performs as required, DuroMax has fitted it with a couple of high-end features. I will discuss some of them to give you an idea of what you’ll be investing in.

Plenty of Power

For the XP8500EH to deliver whooping 8,500 peak watts and 7,000 running watts, it comes equipped with a high-power 16HP 420cc DuroMax OHV engine. The performance of this motor plus the utilization of all-copper winding ensures the generator can both light and handle heavy loads.

Dual Fuel Technology

When you think of power outages and natural disasters, you also need to keep in mind that the gas stations might also be shut in times like this or roads blocked with trees and logs. And considering the short shelf-life of gasoline, a dual-fuel generator offers you a better convenience. The XP8500EH can use either propane or gas. That gives you the option to use a fuel-type that has a long shelf life and is environmentally friendly.

MX2 Technology

Unlike other generators of its size form other brands, the DuroMax XP8500EH comes with MX2 Technology. What is that? This is an innovation put in place to allow you to draw maximum power from each generator’s 120 Volt Receptacles. You can decide to operate the unit at both 120V and 240V simultaneously or use the 120 only with full power.

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Portability and mobility

Portability is also something I cannot miss to mention. Apart from the generator having a heavy-duty all-metal construction, the compactness and lightweight-ness are maintained. On top of this, there is a wheelset and a handle kit provided with the package. The combination of the two designs gives you a highly mobile unit.

Safety and ease of use

Operating the XP8500EH generator has been made highly safe and comfortable by equipping the generator with a couple of safety features. One of them is idle Control designed to low the generator’s RPM when it’s not in use. It’s a great way of saving fuel and reducing noise.

There is also the Low Oil Shutoff perfect for protecting your investment. The feature shuts down the engine automatically when it senses low oil level. On top of this, there is the SURGE ARREST. This feature is designed to protect your appliances and the generator itself from power surges and overvoltage.

The centralized control panel that comes with multiple outlets for versatility and other controls for ease of access has circuit breakers. They protect the generator and connected appliances from overvoltage and short circuit.

What’s included in the box?

  1. Tool Set
  2. Spark Plug Wrench
  3. Wheel & Handle Kit
  4. Owner’s Manual
  5. Oil Funnel

Customer questions answers DuroMax XP8500EHFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I load the generator by myself in a pickup?

Probably not! The generator might be lightweight but not for a single person to lift. The engine itself is quite heavy, leave alone the oil, fuel, and the framing. So, you might need some help to load it.

Does the generator come ready for use with oil?

No! The generator needs some assembly upon arrival. You have to put together the wheel kit and the handles. It would be best if you also charged the generator to boost it. Another thing, you need to add oil and fuel before you can use it.

What do customers say?

There isn’t much talked about this generator. Other than its reliability, portability, and mobility, the generator is said to be quite efficient and heavy-duty. A client who said to have used the generator to run a garden pump, sump pump, and clean his pool. On the negative side, the generator is said to be noisy and also leaks oil.

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Final verdict!

In my opinion, this is a generator to buy if you need a small residential power unit, an RV power supply or reliable outdoor power, both camping and tailgating. Its generator construction is heavy-duty to handle even the roughest job sites. Another thing, if you take a closer look at its performance, the generator is heavy-duty, reliable, easy to use, and also fuel-efficient. What else might you be looking for?

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