Duromax xp5500eh review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Duromax xp5500eh reviewEditor Rating: 4.2/5

Build Quality

Review Summary of Duromax xp5500eh

Size doesn’t mean everything. Not even much for a portable generator. It is standing only 17-inch size, Duromax xp5500eh look bit small. You may fail when you are going to underestimate the ability of this generator. Undoubtedly, it is a powerful generator with rich qualifications. With surge wattage of 5500W, it’s the power of capable of most of your device at home, campsite, and work site. You will be relying on the Duromax xp5500eh for complicated tasks, especially when you are an emergency.

So, let’s started this responsive and user-friendly info in detail.

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This summery, the generator is especially used for:

  • Professionally work with safely lighting equipment
  • Ideal for RV travel wishing to enhance for their freedom
  • For home owner’s who need emergency energy backup
  • For the occasion where the people participate and need much electricity
  • It is mostly used because of its portability

Duromax xp5500e – A Quick Look


  • Inexpensive price
  • Have GFCI included
  • Included several accessories
  • Duel fuel
  • Very lightweight 124-Lbs
  • Low energy consumption


  • No remote start
  • Relatively its low run time

DuroMax XP5500EH Hybrid Electric Start GeneratorZoom on this Duromax xp5500EH

Power & Run Time

With dual-fuel technology, the versatile and powerful Duromax xp5500eh provides up to the output of 120V/240V. While coming gasoline power, it gives generator a running wattage of 4500W, and along with package 5500W. On the other hand, while inputting propane, it allows 4275-rated watts & starting 5225 watts.

This generator qualification is a conventional pull-start machine, and simple or elegant electric starter(Included Battery). The generator rated for the noise of 69 dBA (low noise than a normal conversation).

With a fuel capacity of this compressor 4-gallons, and it operates around 9-hours continuously, with half of the couple loaded using gasoline. The fuel consumption of this unit around 0.44 GPH(Gallons per Hour). Using propane, the consumption around 0.59 GPH.


Included this compact is 3 AC outlets such as:
The sports outlet of this unit is 1 DC outlet that means there is a 12V 8A output that you may charge your battery. It can power your house during a power outage. So, this unit easily connected with your breaker box to the power of the household. It is not much complicated at the outlet it is easier for your home or abort.

Portability of XP5500eh

With this generator measurement of 25L x 22 W x H22, conventional, with the open-frame design of the Duromax xp5500eh, it allows stability and comes to the generator to be raised above level. The generator is designed for using outdoors and rough environments, especially below 33-degrees F.
Meanwhile, the generator weighs 124-lbs; that’s the way this generator is incredible to lift it and transport the generator manually. Even, it is technically considered to be portable and compact.

Nevertheless, it can still be mobile quiet conveniently that helps its kits, wheels, handle to easily placed in the ground.

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This xp5500eh included center features with a handy voltmeter, which allows you to monitor power output easily. It is superbly easy to operate with its activity. In addition to its info, you invent a light indicator that allows you instantly watch if the low oil level is too low. The generator allows you for a quick and easy, convenient assessment of its gas level.

On the other hand of security view it is equipped with overload protection. Besides, it is included an automatic shut-off when it comes to low oil. It is giving you peace of mind during the use of this unit.
Whatever the classical documentation and an owner’s manual to get and you can promptly be started. Duromax xp5500eh comes with some splendid accessories such as a toolkit, hose, and funnel of propane that included.

Emissions of Duromax xp5500eh

Duromax xp5500EH is approved by CARB-compliant and EPA certified. Next, it is also tested by real users and lab so that this unit is easier and more powerful to use.

Reliable & safe operation

Designed with safe and easy to operate, Duromax xp5500EH is a user-friendly generator. It is easy to an electric start, and recoil starts in the case of battery. Most of the generator death because of leaving safe operation. But this compact included USA technology and electric-proof materials for safe and easily operated.

Low oil & auto shut-off

Most of the generator is dead because of low-oil consumption. It is extremely needed to know the low-oil level. On the other hand, experts believe that having an indicator of low-oil is much needed. Duromax xp5500EH has a light indicator and automatic shut-off system. Suppose to forget about the low oil level; the automatic shut-off function helps to save your generator from the drying section.

Best DuroMax Dual Fuel Hybrid generatorEasy to operate

You should not avoid this section because of some major steps. Whatever for easily operate, Duromax xp5500EH has a powerful operating system. It is electric proof and working so fast so professionally. Included an easy operation to its board, keyed easy start(not remote control), Powerful and durable switch, and more, all are included on Duromax xp5500EH.

Price comparison

Many watts need a lot of money. When I compare to other 4000 to 5000 watts generator, I sock because Duromax xp5500EH is more than cheaper than other generators. It can be a great generator if you are looking for an acquire budget generator. The price is not much updated, so you can purchase it anytime.

What users say about it

While many users are satisfied with its fuel-efficiency and power of Duromax XP5500EH, some users do not have well experienced with it, specially noise-level. Moreover, I found some users who do not satisfy their wheels. Some of them also find the shipment problems that are rear. Despite the mixed problem, the generator has lots of quality features that satisfied you a lot.

What is in the box

  1. Oil funnel
  2. AC & DC charging cable
  3. Handle kids and wheels
  4. Included owner’s manual
  5. Toolsets
  6. Plug wrench

Duromax xp5500eh review FAQs

Q: Can Duromax XP5500eh work with natural gas metano?

A: Duromax XP5500eh runs with propane and gasoline. Certainly, this unit does not work on natural gas. This method is processing as much as I know about it.

Q: What is the measurement of the Duromax XP5500 generator?

A: I already mention it in the above section. But for your aid, I repeat it again. The measurement of this unit is 25L x 22 W x H22.

Q: What is the decibel level of this generator?

A: The decibel level of this generator 69. Shortly it means 69-dBA. But when you have not commercial electricity, it may be the sweetest sound ever.

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Well, It is pretty simple to guess that Duromax XP5500EH is durable, low energy consumption, low fuel consumption, and has a crystal and clear owner’s manual. The best thing is that it is easy to portable and inexpensive models with powerful features. So, what are you looking for else from this Duromax XP5500 reviews? I think it is a complete generator for your travel, RV, home, and basement. I think I included all of the data that is extremely helpful for you, and now you can select the best one.

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