Duromax xp4400e review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Duromax xp4400e reviewEditor Rating: 4.2/5

Build Quality

Review Summary Duromax xp4400e

A generator is a piece of equipment with endless use. It is great for a remote location, tailgating, camping, and lots. For many people, the generator is a great choice because of power backup. It saves from unexpected situations. Moreover, during a natural disaster, a generator really saves our day. Whatever the best generator is the right job, powerful and tough. It should not compromise the generator quality and power duration because of a great job.

Duromax XP4400e is great for that. It full-fill your desire and allows you to excellent power for your small, medium, large base device. Here are my Duromax XP4400e reviews, hopefully, a complete solution or guide for you.

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The Spaces of XP4400e

Wattage: 3500-watts
AC(Rated Voltage): 120V/240V
DC(Rated Voltage): 12V
Amperage: 8.3A
Phase: Single
Weight: 120 pounds
Fuel type: gasoline
Noise level: 69dB

DuroMax XP4400E 4400 Generator with Electric StartDuromax xp4400e – A Quick Look


  • It provides a great value of money
  • Affordable price with good quality
  • This is a highly portable unit
  • Unique and heavy-duty features
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Making this a great choice for RV


  • Running time is disappointing
  • Only 8-hours running 50% of loaded

Tank Capacity & Engine

Duromax XP4400e has a 7-HP powerful OHV single-cylinder engine with a forced cooling system. It provides plenty of power for your device. The gas tank holds on 4-gallons of fuel, enough to keep this generator running. Note, 50% loaded it works without a break around 12-hours with 1800W. The fuel-efficient engine is EPA & CARB compliant. You can use this unit with the California national park because of its eco-friendly and low-noise level.

Wheels Kit & Electric Key Start

It is a feature that truly makes this generator stand out is the electric key start. The majority of generators brand use a pull cable recoil starter, and this method comes with several challenges. However, starting the Duromax XP440e is easy to elect key start without hassles. Another convenient feature is that wheels kit with pull handle. The wheels kits are pretty much strong machine that helps you to easily portable this device. But you get it separately, so you must install it after receiving the generator.

Note, don’t think about it because it has an easy installation method.

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Types of Oil & Battery Replacement

To keep fit your generator, you should regularly check the oil and periodically replace the oil. The oil fills the tank is a slightly awkward position, that effects the underneath control panel. However, Duromax XP4400e has an automatic shut-off system when the oil becomes low. Moreover, the battery should last for a long-time. The battery is better than another generator because of its quality and produces pure power.

Noise Level

When this unit comes, it is not much quiet better. But when this unit comes with updated technology that provides low noise level. The noise level of this unit is below 69 dBA that is enough for low-noise levels. So, if you are a lover of silence, you should achieve this generator right now.

What’s included in the box?

  1. 2-years warranty card
  2. User manual guide
  3. All accessories
  4. Wheels

DuroMax XP4400E 4400 top viewWhat do customers say?

The name the users S Lee said to me that the product holder service is very disappointing; they reply to the customer very delay. Another one does not find the replacement battery, but it is rear. It is a major problem because the manufacturer updated this issue. Most of the users love its noise-free service and long-time run without a break. There are lots of advantages I found from this generator.

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Overall, it is the basic value of your money. However, this unit highly operates the power and produces clean and safe power for the device. Compared to the brand, this generator comes out with great features with a big exception. I think it is one of the best generators for large, small, and medium base devices. I must recommend choosing this unit asap.

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