Best Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator (Reviews) for 2020

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Best Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator ReviewsChampion 2000 watt inverter generators are becoming more and more in demand these days. People are searching for alternative ways of powering their favorite electrical appliances and gadgets.

Ideally, this champion inverter generators are designed to convert the DC generator power to AC power. Champion 2000 watt inverter generators come in different models and with various accessories, and it can be quite challenging to pick one that is ideal for you.

When you head to the market without the idea of what to meet, you will be faced by many choices which will make it super hard for you. However, that is a matter you’re about to bury.

I have prepared this Champion 2000 watt inverter generator reviews to help you identify an ideal model and also to make sure you’re investing in the perfect inverter generator. So read it through to have a better understanding of what Champion 2000 watt inverter generators bring to the table.

Top 5 Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews in 2020

1. Champion Stackable – Portable Inverter Generator

Champion-2000-Watt-Stackable-Portable-Inverter-GeneratorI start the champion 2000 watt inverter generator reviews with a quite impressive and powerful Champion portable inverter generator. I love the Champion Power Equipment 73536i for its new and improved design that brings a combines versatility and innovation to offer reliable 2000watt power.

The generator can be connected to another 2000-watt champion inverter generator to double the output power using the parallel compatibility port. With low 53dBA noise and its patented, space-saving stackable design, this model is perfect for tailgating, camping or a backup power supply.

With the integrated smart economy mode, my Champion Power Equipment 73536i can reduce the electrical load, extend engine life, better fuel economy, and provide quieter operation.


  • Powerful Champion OHV engine
  • Stackable, portable design
  • Smart Economy Mode
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Low oil shut-Off


  • Parallel cable sold separately

2. Champion 100148 – Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

Champion-100148-2000-Watt-Stackable-Portable-Inverter-GeneratorMy next best champion 2000 watt inverter is the Champion 100148. It’s very similar to the previous one. The inverter feature brings a lightweight power that you can carry with you anywhere you need it.

The innovative, portable design and the ultra-quiet 53dBA operation makes it an ideal unit to use when camping or tailgating. Its service relies on the powerful 80cc engine which allows it to run for around 9.5 hours at a quarter load.

Thanks to the parallel compatibility and the provided ParaLink kit, and now you can connect another powerful Champion 2000 watt inverter to double your power output while also saving space.


  • 4-Stroke air cooled engine
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Reliable recoil start
  • Parallel capability
  • Low oil shut-Off


  • Starting it in cold weather is a challenge

3. Champion Gasoline Power – Quiet Portable (2 Pack) Generator

Champion-2000-Watt-Quiet-Portable-Camping-Gasoline-Power-Inverter-Generator-(2-Pack)My third review is about a pack of the Champion Power Equipment 73536i Generator. If you can recall, this was my first model, but here I will be taking it as a double.

When sold as a double the price is discounted compared to buying two different models. One thing I love this model is the capability of working together in a parallel connection thus allowing you to double your power.

Another thing I love about the Champion Power Equipment 73536i Generator is the production of clean energy and the smart economy mode which allow the machine to run quieter and extend the engine life while bettering the fuel efficiency.


  • A single cylinder OHV engine
  • Overload protection
  • Parallel capability
  • Cast iron sleeve
  • CARB compliant


  • The parallel connection cable not provide

4. Champion 73536i – Portable Inverter and Cover Bundle

Champion-73536i-1700-Running-Watts2000-Starting-Watts-Gas-Powered-Portable-Inverter-and-Cover-BundleMy next review is on Champion 73536i and its cover bundle. Give yourself a perfect outdoor fun while camping, tailgating or something like that, by powering the event with the Champion 73536i.

Champion has built their name in this industry, and when I was reviewing this product, I could understand why. They sell their products in bundles depending on your needs. Like in this case, they sell this as a package of a generator and a cover.

The cover is what you need to keep your Champion inverter generator safe from weather elements like sun, UV damages, snow, rain, dirt and much more. With its elastic base, the cover provides a secure fit to your inverter.


  • Excellent champion technical support
  • Multiple VoltGuard Protected outlets
  • Overload protection
  • Parallel capability
  • Cast iron sleeve
  • Cover bundle


  • Parallel kit not included

5. Champion Power Equipment – 1600/2000 Watt Inverter

1600-or-2000-Watt-Inverter-Generator-If you need a portable Champion 2000 watt inverter generator that you can use directly to charge your gadgets, this Champion Power Equipment inverter is your ideal choice.

It produces clean power ideal for your sensitive electronics and appliances. The generator features two 120V 20A household outlets with less than 3% THD, a 12V DC outlets, and a USB port.

The smart economy mode allows it to ease the electrical load, deliver quieter operation, better the fuel economy, and extend the engine life. I love the fact that Champion provides this generator with a lifetime free technical support and a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Parallel capability
  • Low oil shut-Off
  • Starts easily


  • Difficult to start in cold weather

6. Champion Power Equipment – 2000W Inverter

Champion-Power-Equipment-2000W-Inverter-The 1600/2000 Champion Power Equipment 73531i finalizes my champion 2000 watt inverter generator reviews. It’s a unit that many people loves for its powerfulness and elegance look as it uses a powerful 80cc 2.4HP 4-stroke OHV engine which operates with the low 53dBA noise level.

The engine is air cooled and features a small oil shut which turns it off when the oil level gets too little. It’s a model you can take in your next outdoor event like camping. For strong durability, the sleeve of this generator is made from cast iron and the frame from tubular steel for an added protection and durability.

It’s CARB compliant so feel free to buy it if you live in California. One thing I didn’t like about the model is the fact that you will need to assemble it after arrival.


  • Use with electronics safely
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Parallel capability
  • Cast iron sleeve


  • Recoil starting isn’t that great

Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews: Buyers Guide

With the above champion 2000 watt inverter generator reviews, one thing is prominent; every model in this list is unique in its way. That can make it much harder for you to decide on the model to buy. Also, I believe your expectation is finding a perfect model to take home. The guide below will help you find that one model that will meet your needs and be convenient for you.

Power requirement

The first thing I urge you to do before you even start making your selection is to get the amount of power you need and in watts. Each of your appliances got some electrical rating which will give everything you need. If the wattage isn’t indicated, you need to multiply the amps with voltage and get the wattage. Add all the watts to get the final rating. Make sure it’s around 2000 watts. If it exceeds, you might be forced to buy two Champion 2000W inverter generator.

If you wish to use multiple items, add all the watts together then multiply it with 20%. Example: 200W TV + 1000W Fridge = 1200W; 1200W x 20% = 1440Watts. Therefore, the power inverter that you need to use is a 1800W inverter.


Even though the Champion 2000W inverter generators produce very low noise, it’s vital to note that when you connect two of the noise level will increase. You need to make sure that the place of use this noise level isn’t a problem.


Durability is everything when it comes to investment. You don’t want a model that will crash in the first year of its use. You have to make sure that the inverter generator you buy high-quality feature construction. That is the same place where you should notice a fake product from a real one. Rubberized legs protect the generator while also reducing the noise produced when vibrating. All I can tell you here is be keen on the general design and make sure it’s of high-class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use the generator to heat my camping tent?

Yes, but it will depend on the power the heater requires. If you intend to use the Champion 2000 watt inverter generator, then you have to make sure that your heater power doesn’t go beyond the 17000 watts. Also, you need to ensure that you don’t drain much energy from the generator as connecting other appliances like a microwave as it will increase fuel consumption.


When you read champion 2000 watt inverter generator reviews above it is evident that all the Champion inverter generators are of high quality. I firmly believe that the model you select will perform and last for long. However, you need to make sure you pick your perfect model. Invest in a model that you believe will be ideal for all your needs.

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