5 Best Portable Generators for 50 AMP RV Reviews in 2021

Best Portable Generators for 50 AMP RV ReviewsThe 50 amp RV can provide you a lot of creature comforts. However, to power those comforts, it is better to choose the best portable generator. A 50 amp RV can draw 12000W of maximum power. However; it is not always necessary to select such a big generator.

Today, I will share the best portable generator for 50 amp RV. It will help you power all the gadgets quite easily. Once you go through my list, it will become easy for you to choose the right generator for your RV. I will follow it up with a buying guide to help you make the right decision.

Top 5 Best Portable Generator for 50 Amp RV in 2021

1. Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator

Champion 3500 Watt RV Ready Portable GeneratorThe first generator on my list can provide you with consistent power of 3500 W. It is an RV ready generator, which means that connecting it with your RV is not a problem. It runs on gasoline and provides a run time of 12 hours on a single tank of gasoline.

Additionally, it offers 2 x 120V 30A outlet, 1 x 120 V 20A outlet. That is why; powering your gadgets is not a problem. With the noise output of just 68 DB, you can be sure that it will not disturb you inside the RV as well. It has safety features like a low oil shut-off sensor.

In that case, you can protect the engine inside the generator easily. It comes with a voltmeter to monitor the voltage with ease. There is also a volt guard that can prevent any voltage surge and keep all the equipment safe as well. The safety features on offer along with consistent power of 3500 W, makes it the right choice.


  • Includes a low oil shut-off sensor
  • Longer runtime
  • Offers multiple AC output ports
  • Incorporates various safety features
  • Low noise


  • Occasional fluctuations are on the lower side

2. Honda Power Equipment EB2800IA Inverter Portable Gas Generator

Honda Power Equipment EB2800IAIf you’re looking for a heavy-duty gas generator, this one with a power rating of 2800 W is the right choice. It is portable and lightweight, which means that you can carry it around with ease.

With this inverter generator, you can power sensitive gadgets as well. It offers output ports at 120 V. That is why; connecting various devices is not a problem.

With the low noise output, you can use it consistently for powering the gadgets in your RV. It consists of an output indicator, overload alarm, and oil alert indicator. As a result, you can know the status of the inverter generator right away.

With the help of an eco- throttle mode, you can increase the fuel efficiency, which means that the runtime will be on the higher side. These features make it the right choice when looking for the best portable generator for 50 amp RV.


  • Offers AC output ports
  • Low noise
  • Consist of various safety indicators
  • Eco throttle mode on offer


  • Limited after-sales support

3. DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000S – Gas Powered Portable GeneratorWith the power rating of 3300 W, you can be sure that it is suitable to power a variety of gadgets. It includes a power panel as well which provides you multiple types of output ports on offer. That is why; powering various devices is not a problem.

It has two 120V outlets and one 120V twist-lock outlet. That is why; connecting the gadgets isn’t a problem. The gasoline tank capacity which comes along with it is of 3.96 gallons. At 50% load, it can power the generator for up to 12.3 hours. The construction has an air-cooled design.

As a result, you can run the generator consistently for a long time. It also has an engine with a low oil shut-off mechanism. It will protect it in case the oil level tips below the threshold. With the help of a voltmeter, you can monitor the output easily. The noise output is just 69 DB which is a definite advantage. The runtime of 12.3 hours at 50% load makes it a perfect buy.


  • Long runtime
  • Low noise
  • Multiple output ports on offer
  • Easy to monitor the output


  • The packaging requires improvement

4. WEN 56352 Gas Powered Portable Generator

WEN 56352 3500 watts GeneratorThe WEN generator on my list now is a portable gas generator. It can generate 3000 W of power consistently. Additionally, the wheels on two corners mean that you can move it around quite quickly.

The digital readout ensures that you can monitor the output level of the generator. At 50% load, it can run for 11 hours on a single tank of gas. The tank capacity is of 4 gallons. It offers AC as well as DC ports. With the help of low oil shutdown and overload protection, you can be sure that your gadgets are entirely safe.

It comes with the folding handle, which means that you can move around the generator with handle and wheels. The safety features, along with the longer runtime, makes it hard to ignore.


  • AC and DC output ports on offer
  • Offers various safety features
  • Highly portable
  • Long runtime


  • A bit louder

5. Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Gas and PropaneThe main advantage of this generator is that it has dual fuel structure. It can run on gas and propane. That is why; when it comes to fuel, you will have no problems at all. It comes along with a 4-gallon fuel tank and a fuel gauge. So, refueling it is not a problem.

On gasoline, it can provide 3600 W of consistent power. On propane, it can give the 240W of constant output power. With the help of electric start, you will not have to worry about pulling the cord. Also, it features a remote start mechanism as well. It offers RV ready AC outlets which mean that powering any gadget is possible.

With features like low oil automatic shutdown, it is entirely safe for use. Also, it includes accessories like oil funnel, tool kit, oil, and a user’s manual. It requires little to no assembly, which makes it easy for you to use it. With the help of wheels on one end, you can move it around with ease as well. The dual-fuel nature of this generator makes it perfect for RVs.


  • Dual fuel design
  • RV ready AC outlets
  • Safety features on offer
  • Minimal assembling required


  • Limited after-sales support

When looking around for the best portable generator for 50 amp RV, these are the five options to consider. I have compiled this list with immense care to include only the best options that are RV ready. I will now share a buying guide to make it easy for you to decide.

Best Portable Generators for 50 AMP RV Reviews Buying Guide:

Power rating

The first thing which you have to keep in mind is the power rating of the generator. It will help you understand whether it can power a variety of gadgets or not.

Output ports

You have to also look at the output ports to better understand the type of gadgets it can power. Ideally, you are looking for a generator that comes along with AC output ports.

Fuel type

You have to look at the fuel type to understand whether you can power it smartly or not. The fuel should be such that you can power the generator with ease.


Since you want to use it in the RV, it is essential to look at the portability factor as well. Only when it is portable, it will be easy to power your RV with it.

These are the four factors to consider when choosing the best portable generator for 50 amp RV. Before you make that buying decision, you can look at the FAQs to understand more about such generators.

Best Portable Generators for 50 AMP RV (FAQs)

How many watts does a 50 amp RV use?

The maximum power which such an RV can draw is 12000 W. However; it is not necessary to choose such a high powered generator for this RV.

Can you run a 50 amp RV on 30 amp generator?

Yes, but the power output of that generator will also be limited only to 6000 W. You have to keep this factor in mind while choosing the generator.

Thus, when it comes to buying the right generator, it is essential to choose between the five options I have listed above. If you’re confused between these five options, you can refer to my buying guide above pick the right one.

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