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Best Portable Air Conditioners Under $200 Dollars 2021 (Reviews)

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Best Portable Air Conditioners Under 200 Dollars ReviewsI was in the process of looking for the best portable air conditioner under 200 when my cousin introduced me to some of the amazing online devices. I was having problems with those that are not portable especially when I moved to my office. I had to take several health breaks because the condition of the office was not bearable compared to my living room.

I had to take some time and look for air-con for my office and this time round I preferred a portable one to move with it when necessary. After getting the right device, I had to come up with this review to guide other potential buyers to make an informed decision.

Best Portable Air Conditioners Under $200 Dollars for 2021

1. Mini Multifunctional Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner Fan Air Cooler ReviewIt is has a cordless air-con fan which makes it portable and can’t take a lot of space. It is very convenient especially in summer as you can carry it with ease and get the best out of it. Its small design should not make you think that it cannot give the required results. It is one of the best aircon. Furthermore, it comes in a three-in-one functionality such that you can use it as air-con, air humidifier and air purifier.

This not only saves on the cost of buying all other equipment but also saves on space. Another key feature of the device is the ability to save energy. It has three speeds and you can choose a suitable speed depending on the prevailing conditions. It also comes with 7 LED night displays that are warm to ensure that you have a comfortable night sleep. Finally, it is rechargeable and portable such that it can sustain power for up to 5 hours.


  • Portable
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Energy efficient
  • 7 LED warm night display lights
  • Rechargeable


  • If not properly maintained, some parts may malfunction

2. SUEPERGOD Portable Evaporative Conditioner

SUEPERGOD Portable Evaporative ConditionerThe first feature I was impressed about this air con is fast cooling. All I was required was to add the required fluid into the tank and plug-in power bank/USB port and it could cool within seconds. The 3- speed fan ensured that I could choose the speed I want depending on need. Furthermore, it is characterized by 4-in-1 cooler and LED mood light that brings a personal temperature environment that combines a fan, air circulator, evaporative cooler and atomizing humidifier.

Besides, the LED light of 7 colours can be used as a night light to create a perfect niche. The multiple power options enabled me to charge it with various powering options. Finally, it saves energy and has a portable design.


  • Fast cooling effect
  • 3-Speed fan
  • 4-in-1 cooler and LED mood light
  • Has LED light of 7 colours
  • Multiple power options
  • Energy saver
  • Portable design


  • Requires regular cleaning

3. Personal Ultra-Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

Personal Ultra Quiet Air Conditioner for Portable HumidifierThe first feature that makes it the best portable air conditioner under 200 is the fact that it comes in a mini portable design. I could easily carry from one point to the other and could be stored easily. Besides, it is super quiet while delivering its roles efficiently and hence suitable for office and rooms that require silence. It is also economical and efficient because it does not contain ozone refrigerant.

This saves cost and ensures that the health of your family is protected. It also features a 3 level speed air cooler which enables the user to choose appropriately the speed based on prevailing needs. Finally, it has 7 LED night light colours to bring a good mood at nights.


  • Portable design
  • Quiet operation
  • Economical and efficient
  • 3 level speed air cooler
  • 7 LED night lights


  • Requires regular maintenance

4. Ontel Arctic Ultra Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner

Ontel Arctic Ultra Evaporative Portable Air ConditionerUltra is a portable air conditioner that cools, humidifies and purifies and features three fan speeds together with a multi-directional air vent. It is also quiet and portable in the sense that it is very light in weight. This feature makes it conducive for an office or indoor conference.

Furthermore, it is energy efficient and characterized by an efficient cooling system. Finally, it is very simple to install as it comes with a clear and precise installation manual.


  • Portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Three fan speeds
  • Energy efficient
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Easy installation


  • If not properly maintained, some parts will wear off easily

5. Quiet Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner Review

Quiet Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner ReviewThis is another amazing product that falls under the best portable air conditioner under 200. This is because it keeps away dryness by circulating air and cooling it down. This results in a powerful and cool breeze which is good for hot and dry climates. Furthermore, its working power is just 65 watts which makes it very efficient compared to other electric fans.

The operation of the device is very simple since it allows remote-controlled operation and has a clear display of buttons for easier and accurate operation. Finally, it has three modes selections of wind type thus enabling the user to choose required speed based on need.


  • Efficient cooling
  • Energy efficient
  • Simple Remote operation
  • Three selection modes
  • Advanced safety features


  • Requires regular cleaning of parts

6. COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner with Humidifier

COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner with HumidifierThe first feature of this device is 5-in-1 air cooler and heater. It can be used as an air cooler, heater, humidifier, fan, and air purifier. This makes it economical as it can be used to serve several roles at the same time. The removable washable air filter ensures that the user can reuse it and always get a fresh air free from specks of dust and allergens.

It also eliminates the cost of replacing the air filter. The user can also customize the cooling because it has an 8-hour timer, swing feature, 3 fan modes and speeds giving the user a chance to choose accordingly. Finally, it has a remote operation that makes it easier to operate and it is also very light in weight and portable.


  • 5-in-1 air cooler and heater
  • Economical
  • Reusable washable air filter
  • Customized cooling due to several options available
  • Remote and easier operation
  • Light and portable


  • Some parts require regular maintenance

7. Toolsempire Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Toolsempire Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner FanThis is the final product we reviewed while I was looking for the best portable air conditioner under 200. First, it is very light and portable making it easily carried from one place to the other. On the other hand, the user has more choices because of its 3 wind, 3 speed, 8 Hour timer. The user chooses the best options based on prevailing conditions.

Besides, it has a multifunction operation such that it has Powerful Floor Fan, Air Circulator, Portable Evaporative Air Cooler and Mist Humidifier in one. This makes it a multipurpose device thus saving on money and space.


  • Multifunction
  • Light and Portable
  • Customized operation
  • Energy efficient


  • Some parts require regular maintenance

Best Portable Air Conditioners Under $200 Dollars (FAQs)

Q: Can air conditioner perform more than one function?

A: Yes, those with 5-in-1 functionality can be used as an air cooler, heater, humidifier, fan, and air purifier

Q: Should I install it or hire an expert to install it for me?

A: The installation is quite simple. Just follow the installation manual and in case you have any problem, you can always consult an expert to assist you.

Q: What should I check before buying an air-con online?

A: First, check the reputation of the online store by reading comments of other buyers.

The other thing is the terms and conditions of the site and finally, checks the hidden charges associated with online buying from that site such as shipping costs, taxes and other relevant costs.

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