6 Best Generators for Apartments (Updated in 2021)

Best-Generators-For-Apartment-Reviewed-By-Globo-ToolsWhen people hear of generators, most of them think they do not need them. But as soon as the fridge goes off, the TV screen flashes to darkness and the room becomes dark; many start thinking of where they can find a generator.

Yes, blackouts are occasional to some, but they do happen, and the best way to keep your self-covered is by getting the best generator. Your apartment needs a power supply to light the lights, run the fridge and keep you connected to the world during a power outage.

Today, I will be showing you the top best models available in the market. I’ll also give you a buyer’s guide that will help you make the best buy. So, I recommend you read this article to the end, and you’ll thank me later. So, let’s jump to it.

Top 6 Best Generators for Apartments in 2021

1. Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS – Air-Cooled Standby (20,000-Watt)

Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS – Air-Cooled Standby (20,000-Watt)The next up in this best generators for apartments list is the Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS Standby Generator which can help you keep your family comfortable, your groceries cold and your basement dry.

When a power outage hits your apartment, this Kohler Generator will help you connected to what you adore doing. The generator is installed outside the apartment similar to an AC.

The best part is, it’s wired to the fuel system and electrical panel allowing it to come on automatically where there is a power outage without the need for your attention.

Additionally, in less than 10 seconds the Kohler standby generator will automatically power your heater, AC and major appliances like the fridge and oven at the same time. Impressive right?


  • Whole apartment Transfer Switch
  • Backed with Long Warranty
  • Build to Outlast the Outage
  • Corrosion-proof enclosure
  • Premium Power Quality
  • heavy – duty engine
  • Fast Response


  • Needs a heating kit for oil
  • Massive and heavy

2. Generac 7043 Home Standby – with Air Cooled (22kW/19.5kW)

Generac 7043 Home StandbyMy next best generator for apartments is the Generac 7043 Standby generator. The generator is a Generac Home Guardian Generator that will help you protect your home and family by providing you with necessary automatic backup power.

It connects to the apartments existing LP or natural gas fuel supply and kicks-in in seconds of sensing power loss. It’s the industry largest air-cooled standby generator available today. Additionally, its powerful performance provides apartment owners with the best value per Kilowatt.

I was impressed to hear that it comes with a Generac G-Force engine which provides an added peace of mind and reliability when needed most. When the power goes off, this Generac generator starts automatically and keeps running until the power gets back on.


  • Rust-resistant aluminum enclosures
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Whole House Transfer Switch
  • True power technology
  • Status LED indicators


  • Battery not included
  • Transfer switch runs ten circuits only

3. Champion 100111 – for Small Apartments

The next up is the Champion Power Equipment 100111 generator which is designed with user’s safety and convenience in mind. It packs standby generator’s features in a small portable unit allowing you to have enough power wherever and whenever you need it.Champion 100111Best Generators For small Apartments

The best part about that is the fact that comes with a wheel kit that has two No-flat tires and a U-shaped padded folding handle allowing easy maneuverability.

When I was doing my research, I also learned that its electric start adds convenient to use this generator. With a one-touch button, the generator will be running in seconds. The utilization of the Cold Start Technology ensures the generator starts easily even in the cold weather, no struggles.

The Champion 100111 runs through a powerful 717cc V-twin engine which is air cooled and equipped with a low-oil shut-off protecting it when the oil gets too little.


  • GFCI protected household outlets
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Low oil shut-off sensor
  • Cold Start Technology
  • Handy electric start


  • Expensive and Heavy

4. Generac 7033 Air Cooled – Guardian Series (11kW/10kW)

Generac 7033 Air Cooled – Guardian Series (11kW10kW)Generac Company never disappoints, and that is why I have another of their well-performing generator for you. The Generac 7033 Guardian Series comes as a unique standby generator that will power your whole apartment without you needing to move out of the house to have it started.

So, what impressed me to features it in this best generators for apartments review? The generator provides best-in-class power quality with lower than 5% harmonic thus delivering you clean, smooth operation. The use of smart, user-friendly controls is another feature that caught my attention.

The Evolution controller on this unit comes with a multilingual LCD which gives an easy way to monitor battery status and also track maintenance intervals.


  • Purpose-built, pressure-lubricated engine
  • Tough, Durable All-Aluminum Enclosure
  • RhinoCoat powder-coated finish
  • Mobile Link Remote Monitoring
  • Quiet-Test Self-Test Mode
  • True Power Technology


  • Not CUL

5. Champion Power 100294 – Best Home Standby Generator

Champion Power 100294My last best generators for apartments review is about the robust and durable Champion 100294 Standby generator form Champion Power Equipment.

It’s a generator that will power your whole apartment and also leave you with some extra power to run other appliances like a pool pump or outdoor lights. The 14Kw power and the ATS200 Service Entry Rated Automatic Transfer Switch that is fitted with a demand control making it an ideal reliable solution to power your apartment during a power outage.

The best part about this standby apartment generator is, all your apartment’s circuits are divided into prioritized zones – from crucial to managed.


  • Whole house transfer switch
  • Advanced sound dampening
  • Reliable self-diagnostic tests
  • No extension cords needed
  • Designed low-tone muffler
  • 10-year limited Warranty


  • Heavy and large
  • No cables provided

6. DuroMax XP12000EH – Hybrid Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH – Hybrid Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorMy list starts with a powerful generator that provides power found in home standby units in a portable package, the DuroMax Hybrid XP12000EH Portable Generator. It’s a dual fueled unit that provides energy and versatility.

A generator is a perfect unit for powering your apartment’s essential appliances and get you out of the darkness through a power outage or emergency event. The DuroMax Hybrid XP12000EH comes with a user-friendly, keyed electric start and an optional recoil start which allows to safely and quickly start it.

The dual fuel technology allows the unit to run on either propane or gasoline providing the freedom and flexibility of choosing fuel. You will also love to hear that it features Low Oil Shutoff which protects your investment by shutting the engine off automatically when the oil is low.


  • All metal construction
  • Dual Fuel Technology
  • Extended runtime
  • Mx2 power boost
  • Low Oil Shut-off
  • Surge-arrest


  • Only two 3-Prong Outlets

Best Generators for Apartments Buying Guide:

When you look at the generators above you will realize that to some extent the generators are different, and their differences could make it a challenge to find an ideal one. With the following factors, the process of elevation will work better for you. You need to read it so that you can make your best decision.

Types: Portable or Standby

Portable: Portable generators are known to be the best versatile units on the market. Their applications are virtually limitless. You can use them at home, camping or even in remote areas. While deciding on the best generators for apartments, you have to remember that you will need to power it on when there is a power outage. A portable generator uses gasoline or propane and comes with 120/240 volt power outlets. When running, you can connect the appliances and tools directly into the outlets.

Standby: A home/business standby generator is a large machine that is permanently installed outside the house/apartment/business premises. The generator is directly wired into the building electrical system to offer power to the necessary circuits during any power outages. Most of these generators start automatically after sensing power loss. Additionally, they are kept connected to natural gas or liquid propane and needs professional installation.

Inverter Technology

The inverter technology is used to turn DC power into AC power directly after production, which is the type of current which power all the apartments’ appliances. These apply to portable inverters, but with a standby, it already has an inverter built in which turn the power into AC directly. When making your generator you have to ensure you have an inverter, or the generator has an inverter.

Noise Reduction

An apartment might be yours but unless you live in a remote area. But, if you live in a place where you have some neighbor, then you will need to consider the amount of noise your generator produces. You also need to weigh yourself. Do not get a generator that will disturb you as you have some considerable time. Look for a generator with a large muffler if noise is a concern for you, your home and the neighborhood.

Transfer Switch

When powering your apartment especially with a standby generator, you will need a transfer which helps in switching off the utility line and switch back when the power comes back on. That reduces the power loss to some of the non-crucial connections allowing the generator to maximize its output. When buying a standby generator make sure it comes with the transfer switch, but if you are going for a standby, then you will need to buy it separately.

Best Generators for Apartments (FAQs)

Q: Can I run my generator for an apartment during inclement weather?

A: I suggest you never do that. Never run the generator directly in the rain, snow or other wet conditions. Also never run your generator indoors or in the garage. So, keep it under a dense cover, if it’s a standby generator. If it’s a portable model, you can place it in your deck or patio away from the windows.


With all the above information nothing should stop you from getting the best generator for your apartment. All the products in the best generators for apartments review above are high-quality models that you can trust to provide you with reliable power. So, pick the ideal unit for you and get to have your home covered during the next power outage.

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