5 Best CO2 Generators for Grow Room (Reviews) in 2021

Globo Swim Featured ImageA grow room, in my opinion, is incomplete without a CO2 generator. CO2 is imperative for the photosynthesis process in plants. That is why; if you’re planning to create a grow room, it is better to choose the best CO2 generator for grow room. It will ensure that you can maintain the CO2 levels in the room.

The problem is that there are quite a few options available when searching for the best CO2 generator for grow room. I will today make the task easy for you by sharing with you the top five options which you should consider.

5 Best CO2 Generator for Grow Room in 2021

1. AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner Co2 Generator

AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner Co2 Generator Liquid PropaneCO2 generator which I am highlighting now consists of 4 burners. These burners run on liquid propane. The brass burners are heavy duty in construction. It means that these can last for a long time.

Moreover, the size of the CO2 generator itself is pretty compact so that you can place it in the corner of the grow room. The safety pilot valve ensures that you can shut down the fuel supply. If the unit falls or tips over, the CO2 shuts down.

The electronic ignition model makes sure that you can start the CO2 generator. It is suitable for rooms measuring 14’ x 14’. It can produce 11 ft.³ of CO2 per hour. The combination of these features along with the safety on offer makes it one of the best CO2 generators for grow rooms.


  • Incorporates three burners
  • Runs on liquid propane
  • Brass Burners
  • Compact design
  • Consists of safety pilot valves
  • Suitable for rooms measuring 14’ x 14.’


  • The packaging is not up to the mark

2. Titan Controls 2-Burner Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Generator

Titan Controls 2 Burner Carbon Dioxide CO2 GeneratorThe CO2 generator which I am speaking about now consists of 2 burners. It provides you with a way to generate CO2 for your plants. It runs on liquid propane which makes it easy for you to use.

Once you connect the CO2 generator to 120 V connection, you are good to go. The generator can generate 5.3 ft.³ of CO2 per hour. You can easily use it in grow rooms to get the CO2 levels which you want. The compact nature and high CO2 generation capability make it a great choice.


  • Consists of 2 burners
  • Burners run on liquid propane
  • Requires a 120V connection
  • Can generate 5.3 ft.³ of CO2 per hour
  • Compact design


  • Burners require maintenance

3. The Green Pad Co2 Generator

The Green Pad Co2 GeneratorThe next generator on my list is a bit unique. The generator which I am highlighting now comes in the form of pads. They increase the level of carbon dioxide within your grow room. Once the humidity levels are 35% to 50%, they are activated.

At the same time, they reduce mold and algae in your grow room. If you’re looking for a unique CO2 enrichment solution, you can go with these pads. You will not have to worry about providing the propane or gas connection to them. You can accelerate the process along with the required levels of CO2.

The package comes along with hangers which makes it easy for you to use these pads. A single pad can last for one week. All in all, when you’re looking for a unique way for CO2 generation for your grow room, you can consider this option.


  • Easy to use pads
  • Activated by humidity
  • Accelerated by sprinkling water
  • Pad can last for one week
  • Comes along with the hanger


  • Comes only in a pack of 5

4. DIY  Pressurized CO2 System

Rhinox DIY Pressurized CO2 SystemThe next CO2 generator comes along with all the hardware which you need. It consists of caps, Wales, the V connector, tubing, and even a pressure gauge.

All you need to do is to use to carbonated beverage bottles and a reaction material. You have to connect it to the diffuser then. If you’re looking for a CO2 generator for a small grow tent like 2’ x 3’, it is a pretty good option.

The pressurized CO2 generator ensures that the diffuser of the CO2 is pretty quiet. It helps you maintain the CO2 levels across the grow room. The ease of use is what makes it such a good option.


  • Comes along with all the hardware
  • Suitable for small grow rooms
  • Quick diffuser
  • Easy to use
  • Includes detailed instructions


  • Uneven generation of CO2

5. Louvi Hydrogen Pro CO2 Generator

Louvi Hydrogen Pro CO2 GeneratorThe water cooled CO2 generator which I am highlighting now works on the heat exchange principle. It uses propane to generate heat. The insulated internal tubing ensures that it is entirely safe to use in any grow room.

The water cooling feature also means that the temperature of the grow room does not increase. Only carbon dioxide releases into the grow room. In case of ignition failure, it has automatic relight function which makes CO2 generation perfect for consistent use.

If you’re looking for a CO2 generator which you will not have to monitor, again and again, you can consider this option. All in all, the simplistic nature of the CO2 generator makes it an excellent choice.


  • Burners are not propane
  • Water cooled
  • Dissipates 90% of the heat
  • Incorporates ignition failure and safety systems
  • Insulated internal tubing


  • After sales support is pretty limited

Best CO2 Generators for Grow Room Reviews Buying Guide:

As you can see, there are different types of CO2 generators on offer. I like to choose from these 5 CO2 generators. These are not only long-lasting but are easy to use. Before you make your buying decision, go through my buying guide below to understand which one you should choose.


The first and foremost thing which you have to look at is the mechanism of CO2 generation. It can be reliant on the burners, or it can be something else. You have to look at the working mechanism and accordingly, decide whether you can incorporate that into your grow room or not. Most of them require a proper connection as well. You have to factor in all of these before making a buying decision.

CO2 generation capacity

Most of the generators let you know the size of the grow room for which they are suitable. You have to look at their CO2 generation capability and then make a buying decision.


The grow rooms are already pretty compact. You need maximum space in grow rooms for the plants. Due to this very reason, it is essential to look at the size of the CO2 generator itself before making a decision.


You have to always look at the longevity and the frequency of maintenance. Once you look at that, it becomes easy to understand whether you can use these generators on a long term basis or not. Ideally, you should choose a solution which you can use in the longer term.

I consider these four factors while choosing the best CO2 generator for grow rooms. I will now answer some of the questions about CO2 generators below.

Best CO2 Generators for Grow Room (FAQs)

Q: Does co2 help plants grow?

A: An increase in CO2 levels helps the photosynthesis process which accelerates the plant growth. That is why; CO2 can indeed help plants grow. Owing to this very reason, CO2 generators in the grow rooms can help your plants grow faster.

Q: How essential is co2 in a grow room?

A: Plants need CO2 for photosynthesis and can consume up to 1500 ppm of CO2. The other constituents include light and water. The CO2 levels in the atmosphere usually are around 350 ppm. That is why, the higher the CO2 levels, the better is the growth of your plant. Maintaining proper CO2 in your grow rooms is indeed essential to help your plants grow efficiently.

Q: How can I increase co2 in my grow room?

A: The best way to increase CO2 levels in your grow rooms is to use any of the above CO2 generators. With the help of these generators, you can easily maintain the desired level of CO2 levels in the grow rooms.


So, if you want your plants to grow soon, the above CO2 generators can undoubtedly help you out. Instead of going with any other option, choose from the best CO2 generator for grow rooms above. I have taken great effort to include only the best CO2 generators on my list above.

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