Top 10 Best 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioners [Reviewed] for 2021

Best 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioners OverviewCooling the home perfectly with perfect temperature is tricky enough, especially when you are not thinking about central air conditioner for your small space. However, if your area up to 150 SQ FT you can easily maintain your space temperature with the best 5000 BTU window air conditioner. People always are living with confusion which window air conditioners are best on the market and suitable for their small space.

Well, the questions are valuable after researching on this topic I collect ten best products which are suitable for your small space, and you will get you to require temperature. So, without delay, let’s break down the list below.

The 10 Best 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioners Updated in 2021

1. Frigidaire 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 5000 BTU Window Air ConditionerOn a hot and humid day, the Frigidaire 5000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) window air conditioner quickly cool the space up to 150 SQ FT. Suitable for the small indoor area such as office, home, garage, and other spaces with this unit. This mini compact unique feature compact unit features mechanical rotary controls and top full width and comes with two airflow direction system.

The effortless restart automatically resumes the operating at its previous settings once the power is restored. The product comes with a multi-operating system which helps you to get the perfect temperature for your small room. You will discover 2 cool fan speeds which allow you to get instant cooling service.


  • Quickly cool the small space
  • Comes with compact unique features
  • Used two-direction airflow
  • Provides instant cooling service
  • The full functions of remote control facilities


  • A little bit noisy

2. MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window Air Conditioner

MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window air conditionerMIDEA MAW05M1BWT is one of the best choices to beat the heat on the hot summer day. This piece of handy equipped with cool up to 150 SQ FT and comes with a white finish that increases your home more beautiful. On the other hand, this mechanical machine comes with two cooling fans that allow you to keep your instant cool. It is included all of the accessories such as window kit for installing this component.

The 7-temperature settings allow you to get you to require temperature regularly. Whatever the device provides you high combine energy-efficient rate (CEER) 11.1 ratings which save your electricity bill even you use the product 24-hours without a break.


  • Able to provide custom temperature setup facility
  • Used high CEER 11.1 ratings
  • Used two cooling fans
  • Comes with 7-temperature settings
  • Included installation window kit


  • None

3. hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Air ConditionerThis is another mini window air conditioner. Featuring with 5000 BTU this component is able to cool the space up to 150 SQ FT. In addition, it is suitable for living room, bedroom, and small apartment. Whatever you will operate this unit via an electric control panel and remote control panel so you can not need to worried another option to operate the device. The equipment comes with 7-temperature settings for cooling your space.

It is included a reusable and washable filter that can be easily cleaned with warm water and dish soap, or vacuum cleaning. So, you need not worry about to choose another filter or replacement. There are so many advantages you will achieve from this unit.


  • Used perfect measurement for installation
  • Easy to setting 7-temperature option
  • Both electric and remote control facilities
  • Reusable and washable filter
  • Long-time supported


  • Some users found it operates loudly

4. AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

AmazonBasics Window Mounted Air Conditioner 2Window air conditioners are always costly, but this AmazonBascis window air conditioner comes with a low rated price with quality features. It is an energy-efficient air conditioning unit cools the room up to 150 SQ FT (estimate 120 SQ FT). It is suitable for small space and RVs for getting the best experience. It comes with 7-temperature settings, dual cooling fans and the adjustable air direction, which made this component like premium.

Please don’t judge this unit with its price. Keep the air cool and fresh with its powerful filter and compressor. The filter of this unit prevents dust, bacteria, and other harmful elements so that you can take the fresh breath and keep your space comfy with this window air conditioner.


  • Used a digital control panel
  • Operate with low-noise level
  • Used dual cooling fans
  • Operates with 7-temperature settings
  • Have adjustable air direction


  • Have not any night mode

5. AMANA 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

AMANA 5000 BTU Window Air ConditionerHave you ever used an air conditioner for your living space? Well, if your answer is no, surely you can try this air conditioner for your small space. It comes with 8-way directional air louvres which provides your each of the space cool instantly. With 5000 BTU ratings, the device is able to cool the space up to 150 SQ FT. Whatever AMANA also used a reusable and washable filter so that you can reduce your filter cost.

However, I loved this unit for my RV because of its excellent cooling performance and durability. So, if you are looking for a small and excellent cooling capacity window air conditioner, then you can try this unit.


  • Comes with 5.9ft long power cord
  • 8-way directional air
  • Of course, durable
  • Comes with the best performance
  • Used reusable and washable filter


  • The compressor is loud

6. GE AHV05LZ 5050 BTU Window Air Conditioner

GE AHV05LZ 5050 BTU Window Air ConditionerBeat with the heat on a summer day with this window air conditioner. GE 5050 window air conditioner comes with 5050 BTU rating cooling capacity and keeps the space comfy up to 150 SQ FT. However, its manual thermostat control system allows you to operate this unit without any hassles. On the other hand, the 2-cooling fan speed provides you with instant cooling service with this unit.

Whatever the device is used a powerful dehumidifier function which able to prevent the humidity from your space. So, what do you want else from this component?


  • Used thermostat control panel
  • Overheated protection
  • Have not produced any toxic air
  • Have 2-cooling fan speed
  • Used a powerful dehumidifier function


  • It is a less powerful product

7. Keystone 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Keystone 6000 BTU Window Air ConditionerThe Keystone 5000 BTU window air conditioner has several features which able to keep your space cool and comfy. Remotely operate and cool the space up to 150 SQ FT. It also has electronic control with LED display and a temperature sensing LCD remote control allows you to see the temperature level. On the other hand, the dehumidifier function allows you to keep the space free from humidity.

The auto-evaporation technology helps you to run this device 24-hour without a break. The most interesting feature is that this device operates with a low noise level. You never need to purchase any tools for installing the device. I hope that it is an excellent deal for you.


  • Comes with LED display
  • LCD remote control
  • Easy to setup custom temperature
  • Used auto-evaporation technology
  • Easy to operate 24-hour


  • The AC compressor does not kick on fan blows only

8. Perfect Aire 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Perfect Aire 5000 BTU Window Air ConditionerDiscover simplistic comfort and perfect air of your space? Then you can choose this Perfect Aire 5000 BTU window air conditioner. With cooling capacity for any small-sized room such as 100 to 150 SQ FT area. The temperature is easy to set up and customize. Whatever the device allows you to operate with the remote and electronic control panel. It is cool not only space but also dehumidifier the area.

The 2-way air direction control provides you to direct your air in your direction. With the mounted window kit included, so you need to purchase the kit separately. Overall, you will get all of the facilities from this unit with affordable price.


  • Included mounted window kit
  • The user’s manual crystal and clear
  • Easy to setup custom temperature
  • Comes with 2-way air direction
  • Used high-quality materials


  • The warranty is not clear

9. Friedrich 5,000 BTU Window Air conditioner

Friedrich CCF05A10A 5000 BTU Window Air conditionerAre you searching for a small window air conditioner which cools the space up to 150 SQ FT? Then Friedrich CCF05A10A is one of the best choices for you. You will install this device for RV, bedroom, kitchen, and other small spaces with dehumidifier function. On the other hand, I found this unit’s filter reusable and washable, which reduce the replacement and filter buying cost.

According to Amazon users, they found this unit quiet and durability. One of them LEE told me that the device has an awesome night mode that allows him to sleep with peach. There are lots of advantages you will get from this unit.


  • Suitable for the small area
  • Used eco-friendly materials
  • Provides quick and effective cooling service
  • Used removable and washable filter
  • Hassle-free to operate


  • Have not thermostat facility

10. TCL 5WR1-A 5,000 BTU window Air conditioner

TCL 5WR1 A 5000 BTU window Air conditionerLet’s welcome the final one. Powered by 5000 BTU rating and this component is able to cover the space up to 150 SQ FT. TCL is easy to install and setup without any plumber and tools so that you can reduce the cost of your tools. The smart sensor of temperature that allows you to operate with you comfortably require temperature. But the model is not power up to 150 SQ FT. So, if you need an extra powerful air conditioner, you will avoid this unit.

Whatever the device is suitable for any ages of people. If you have kids of your family, you don’t need to worry about their health condition. I think the device is ready to provide you with the best service to use this unit comfortably.


  • Provides fast and effective cooling service
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Comes with affordable price
  • Instant cover the space
  • Low energy consumption


  • Some users found it becomes fast dirty

Best 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioners Buying Guide:

Room size

The size of your room is one of the most crucial factors when you are going to select a window air conditioner. On average, 5000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) will be effective 100 to 150 SQ FT. So, measure the SQ FT with the window air conditioner, and then go to the next step for choosing the best one.

Performance feature

When you are going to shop the best 5000 BTU window air conditioner, you need to look at the additional features. So, what can you focus? Well, you need to focus on the washable filter, eco-friendly materials, 24-hour timer, sleep, mode, and some others feature. For comfortably use the air conditioner these features, you must be considered.

EER ratio

Everyone wants to save the electricity bill, especially when they are owners of an air conditioner. However, if you also want to save the electricity bill, you should consider a high EER rating window air conditioner. You can choose up to 11 EER ratings. Please find 12.3 EER ratings. I think this section allows you to save electricity bill.

Noise Level

This is my final tips and tricks for you. Whatever noise is an irritating issue that disturbs us when we are watching TV, sleeping, and reading, but if you care about the noise, you can choose a low-noise level air conditioner. You need to choose below 52 dBA noise level for avoiding the noise. It would help if you did not go up to 52 dBA.

Best 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioners (FAQs)

Q: How long can I expect a 5000 BTU AC unit to last?

A: it isn’t very easy to provide you with the right answer because it depends on lots of things. But according to my experience, 5000 BTU window air consider work fine 3 to 7 years.

Q: Which is the best 5000 BTU window air conditioner?

A: If you want to choose the best products, why not you check my above list. They are top-rated and provides user satisfaction from long-time.


Choosing the best 5000 BTU window air conditioner is a challenging task which every air conditioners desire people face. For choosing the best one, you need to research which I ready do for you properly. However, you can choose any of the above product for getting the best performance.

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