Top 6 Best 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioners (Updated for 2020)

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Best 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioners OverviewsWhen the temperature starts rising, humans suffer a lot, especially those who have no air conditioner. The air conditioner provides not only cooling service but also keep free space from humidity. Whatever for enjoying the summer perfectly, you will need to keep your space comfy and cool. But how can you do this? Of course, you need to choose the best 15000 BTU window air conditioner when you are living up to 700 SQ FT.

This review will show you 7 the best window air conditioner, which is perfect for up to 700 SQ FT and included some special features that allow you to enjoy your summer more enjoyable. So, without delay, let’s get started.

The 6 Best 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioners for 2020 Reviews

1. Emerson Quiet 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Emerson Quiet 15000 BTU Window Air ConditionerEmerson Quiet Kool EARC15RE1 15000 BTU window air conditioner is an awesome device that cools and prevents humidity from my space up to 700 SQ FT (Estimate 750 SQ Ft). It never needs any special voltage electric outlet because it operates with a 115V electric outlet, which is the most common thing.

However, the device also saves my electricity bill around 10% because of its high EER ratings. On the other hand, this equipment comes with a quiet operation, which means you can quietly handle it without any hassles.


  • Suitable for small and medium space
  • High EER ratings
  • Easy to customize the temperature
  • 8-way airflow
  • Of course, quietly operate


  • The warranty is not clear

2. Friedrich Chill Series CP15G10B Air Conditioner

Friedrich Chill Series CP10G10B Window Air ConditionerThis is another energy-star air conditioner that installing wall-window mounting. The device was constructed with solid and eco-friendly materials, which never made your air toxic. Whatever it comes with 1550 BTU cooling capacity and covers the area up to 700 SQ FT.

You can install this component with your office, apartment, and any other indoor space where the window has. It comes with 4-operating modes such as fan, cool, money saver and dehumidifies. Overall, you will get a comfortable temperature on your space, maintaining the health condition.


  • Used automatic function
  • Comes with 4-operating modes
  • Used eco-friendly materials
  • Provides instant and effective cooling service
  • The dehumidifier function is very powerful


  • Have not electric control panel

3. Frigidaire FFRE1533U1 Window Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 25000 BTU Window Air ConditionerFrigidaire is one of the most popular brands on the market, which provides its users awesome air conditioner with an excellent experience. Furthermore, it is not only to keep your space cool down but also used a dehumidifier function and prevent 3.8 pints per hour.

With 15000 BTU cooling capacity, this unit able to keep the space cool up to 850 SQ FT (estimate 700 SQ FT). It has safety certification such as UL/CUL, ETL, and NSF, which is enough for kids and any age of people. Next, it is also CSA and ADA compliant, which made this component one of the best choices for the people.


  • Comes with high 11.8 EER ratings
  • Prevent 3.8 pints per hour
  • Passed with all safety certification
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Keep the space comfy


  • None

4. Keystone Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Keystone Energy Star 25000 BTU Air ConditionerIf you are looking for a window air conditioner that comes with a 3-in-1 function such as cool, fan, and dehumidifier, without worried, you will try this unit. It is a low-noise level window air conditioner below 56 dBA like raindrop sound. Keystone is able to cover the area up to 700 SQ FT with 15000 BTU cooling capacity.

Overheated protection allows you to use this unit safely. The energy-star certification helps you to save your electricity bill. So, you can apply this unit with your room without paying much money.


  • Comes with high EER 11.8 ratings
  • Operates with low-noise level
  • Used overheated protection
  • The full-function remote control system
  • Long-time supported


  • The installation process is not clear

5. TCL 15W3E1-A 15,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

TCL 12W3E1 A Window Air ConditionerTCL window air conditioner is one of the best ways to beat the heat for anyone without a central cooling system. This 15000 BTU cools the space up to 700 SQ FT effectively and fastly. No need to move from your chair to operate this unit because it comes with a full-function remote control system.

On the other hand, you will achieve an electric control panel that allows you to operate this window comfortably. Whatever the device is used, a 24-hour timer on/off the system. The special sleep mode allows you to hassle-free take your sound sleep with this unit.


  • Full function remote control system
  • Used 24-hour timer
  • Used special sleep mode
  • Comes with safety protection
  • Have the 1-year limited warranty


  • Easily dusted

6. Arctic King 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Arctic King 15000 BTU Window Air ConditionerArctic King is most popular for personal air conditioner. I can not explain it as the best window air conditioner, but it is able to provide you the best service. However, the device runs with a 115V electric outlet, so you never need to set up a special outlet like 230V.

Combine energy-efficiency ratio that means CEER 11.1, which saves your electricity bill at least 10% without any extra tools. The user manual is clear, and you will also get a crystal and clear installation method for hassle-free installation. On the other hand, this window air conditioner’s customer service is awesome and fast.


  • Comes with 3-in-1 functions
  • Easy to run with a normal electric outlet
  • Save the electricity bill
  • Crystal and clear user manual
  • Hassle-free to operate with remote


  • It is a little bit noisy

Best 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioners Buying Guide:

Coverage area

Choosing the right coverage area saves your money and provides excellent support, which you imagine. Whatever if you live in 700 to 850 SQ FT area, you will choose to chose a window air conditioner that has 15000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) cooling capacity.

Noise level

Everyone wants to avoid noisy product. The window air conditioner is a noisy product, but some of them come with a low-noise level. It would help if you considered a window air conditioner below 60 dBA noise level to get excellent service. It would help if you did not avoid this section when you are going to purchase a window air conditioner.

Installation requirement

When you think about the window air conditioner, you may also think of your window. Some of the brands made their product with the hassle when the user goes for installing. Sometimes the window damages, which suck. So, it would help if you chose a window air conditioner that has a clear installation process and included all of the accessories.

Voltage require

Around 60% of people avoid this section when they are going to purchase a window air conditioner. Whatever the 115V is common, every office and house. So, if you want to reduce the installation cost, surely you need to choose a 115V electric outlet. On the other hand, some of the window air conditioners require 230V, which is special if you want you to avoid these products.

Best 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioners (FAQs)

Q: How many BTUs do I need for window AC?

A: It depends on your house or office size. Suppose your room size up to 700 SQ FT; then, you need to choose a 15000 BTU air conditioner.

Q: What is the best 15000 BTU window air conditioner?

A: If you want to choose the best 15000 BTU air conditioner with window installing, you can go for the upper products. I hope that the products are able to full-fill your desire.


Now you are aware of the best 15000 BTU window air conditioner information and able to compare the product for you. If you are still unhappy and confused about choosing the best one, I will win for you Emerson Quiet Kool EARC15RE1 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. So, without delay, choose your desire one right now.

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