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10 Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioners (Reviews) in 2021

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Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioners OverviewsWhen you don’t have a central air conditioner, you need to consider a window air conditioner. When summer heat and suffer you a lot, the air conditioner may relieve you from pain. But which size air conditioner is suitable for you? Well, if you are living on up to 550 SQ FT area, you need to choose the best 12000 BTU window air conditioner for your space. Here I discuss the top 10 products which are now top-rated on the market.

For your assistance, I also write a resourceful buying guide so that you can prevent your confusion and choose the best one. So, without doing late, let’s get started.

Top 10 Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioners Update for 2021

1. LG LW1216ER Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

LG LW1016ER 10000 Window Air ConditionerKeep the summertime living easy and breezy with this window air conditioner. With 12000 BTU of cooling power, this 115V window air conditioner with remote from energy-star will efficiently cool down a room up to 550 SQ FT without draining your wallet. However, this unit comes with a 4-way air direction system that supplies your air with any direction whatever you want. On the other hand, this component used a washable and reusable filter for reducing your replacement cost.

It removes the 3.3-pints from the air with its dehumidifier functions. Moreover, you can control this air conditioner with a remote and electronic control panel from long-distance. The adjustment temperature and custom setup temperature allows you to use this component with maximum comfort and perfect temperature.


  • Prevent up to 3.3 pints per hour
  • Both electric and remote control facilities
  • 4-way air direction system
  • Easy to setup custom temperature
  • Used washable and removable filter


  • It is a non-returnable air conditioner

2. MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

MIDEA EasyCool Window Air ConditionerMIDEA is one of my favorite brands, and I used this air conditioner for my office room around 4-years without any hassles. It comes with high EER ratings that save my electricity bill around 10%. However, this component cooling a room up to 550 SQ FT with 12000 BTU (British Thermal Unit). The Sleepwell and easy timer function makes it easy to pre-set your temperature so that you can get instant cooling service.

However, this unit includes all of the accessories, making this component easy to install and reducing the accessories cost. When the filter is dirty, it alerts you so that you can easily clean this component without hassles.


  • Comes with a 24-hour programmable feature
  • Remote control facility with display
  • High 12 EER rating facility
  • Used automatic energy-saving modes
  • Reduce electricity cost


  • The warranty is not clear

3. hOmeLabs 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

hOmeLabs 10000 BTU Window Air ConditionerThe hOmeLabs 12000 BTU window air conditioner comes with a 4-in-1 function such as cool, dry, fan, and eco-sleep mode, but I can not find the dehumidifier function. With 12000 BTU, this unit easily covers the area up to 550 SQ FT of office, apartment, garage, bedroom, kitchen, and other spaces. The hOmeLabs window-mounted air conditioner is operated by a mechanical dial making it simple and easy to use without any assistant.

It is a low-noise level window air conditioner below 60 dBA. With this unit, you can control the direction of air by moving the slat vent. You need not purchase any accessories from the market because all of the accessories are included.


  • Operate with a very low-noise level
  • Comes with 4-in-1 functions
  • Easy to moving airflow any direction
  • Used low power setup
  • Reusable and eco-friendly filter


  • Have not any timer

4. Koldfront 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Koldfront 12000 BTU Window Air ConditionerThis Koldfront 12000 BTU window air conditioner with a dehumidifier allows your space up to 5500 SQ FT comfy and humidity free. It comes with 4-operation modes such as cool, dehumidifier, fan, and heat system, which is enough for keeping your space maximum comfort. The installation hardware and weather seals are included, so you need not purchase them separately. The 4-way air direction helps you to get perfect air in your area.

On the other hand, Koldfront provides excellent warranty and technical support. The manufacturer works very fast, and you never pay them for the job. Overall, this component is a perfect air conditioner for your window system.


  • It used 4-operating modes
  • Included all of installing hardware
  • Keep the maximum space comfort
  • The customer service is very well and fast
  • The product provides long-time supported


  • Some users found it noisy

5. Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 10000 BTU Window Mounted Compact Air ConditionerFrigidaire is one of the most familer brand of the air conditioner industry. They start to work since 1919 with a reputation. The Frigidaire 12000 BTU 115V window-mounted compact air conditioner is able to cool the space up to 550 SQ FT or two medium-size rooms. It comes with both control systems such as electronics, and another is a remote control system so that you can operate this air conditioner without moving your bed.

However, the device comes with high EER ratings 12, which is enough for saving energy. The standard EER rating is eight, so you need not worried about the energy-saving function. Overall, you will get all of the quality features that help you use it for a long time.


  • It is a compact window air conditioner
  • Easily cover two medium size room
  • Easy to operate from long-distance
  • Comes with high EER ratings 12
  • Made with solid construction


  • The window kit is not included

6. BLACK+DECKER BWAC12WT Window Air Conditioner

BLACKDECKER BWAC12WT Window Air ConditionerBlack + Decker BWAC12WT window air conditioner comes with 12000 BTU, which keeps your home cool and comfortable even during the hottest month. An adjustment temperature control cools the air to 61 to 88 degrees F. It provides effective and fast cooling service up to 550 SQ FT area without any hassles. This equipment is not only kept your space cool but also prevented humidity from your space.

The filter of this unit is used for washable and removable so that you can save your filter replacement cost. Whatever you will get a long-time warranty and technical support so that you can use this unit without any fear.


  • Keep the space cool and comfort
  • Comes with hassle-free installation
  • Long-time warranty
  • Used removable and washable filter
  • Used advance technology


  • Some users found its power button issue

7. Whirlpool 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Whirlpool Energy Star 12000 BTU Window Air ConditionerAre you looking for a compact, powerful, and quality features window air conditioner? Surely, you will try this component. Whirlpool comes with high EER ratings (Energy Star ratings) 12.1, which saves your electricity bill and provides you perfect service. With 12000 BTU, the device easily covers the space up to 550 SQ FT. The auto-evaporation system helps you to continue running the unit without any breaks.

Remote control with LCD display allows you to control the unit from access the room. The dehumidifier is able to prevent 2.64 pints per hour so that you can keep your space humidity free. Overall, you can operate this unit with a remote and electronic control panel.


  • Easy to the installation method
  • Used auto-evaporation system
  • Compact and powerful design
  • Instant working even hottest weather
  • Used a powerful dehumidifier


  • A little bit noisy

8. RCA RACE1202E 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

RCA RACE1202E 12000 BTU Window Air ConditionerStay cool and comfortable this summer with this updated RCA RACE1202E 12000 BTU window air conditioner. It is suitable for a cooling room up to 550 SQ FT, which makes it ideal for bedroom, bathroom, family rooms and more other spaces. This RCA window air conditioner is featured with an LED display, which helps you to control this device without any hassles. A full-function remote control also allows you to operate this unit easily.

The 360-degrees direction control lets you direct air where it needs to go. You can easily be setting its all of the function. You may know that it comes with 3-in-1 functions, and all of them work at the same time.


  • Suitable for small and medium space
  • Operate with low-noise level
  • Comes with 3-in-1 function
  • The 360-degrees rotation facilities
  • Easy to operate the device


  • A little bit expensive

9. Friedrich Chill 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Friedrich Chill Premier 12000 BTU Window Air ConditionerIf you are looking for a window air conditioner which built-in WI-FI function, surely you will try this air conditioner. However, you will operate this unit via voice command so that you need not struggle with remote control. With 12000 BTU cooling capacity, this component comes with instant cooling service up to 550 SQ FT. It is not only cooling the space but also keep your space from humidity.

Overall, the device operates with a low noise level, so you can not feel any disturbance when you are watching TV, reading, and other activities. There are lots of quality features you will achieve from this unit.


  • Comes with WI-FI connectivity
  • The very low noise level
  • Easy to operate with voice command
  • Featured with high-quality materials
  • Long-time supported


  • It is an expensive window air conditioner

10. TCL 12W3E1-A Window Air Conditioner

TCL 12W3E1 A Window Air ConditionerLet’s welcome the final 12000 BTU window air conditioner. It is a powerful 12000 BTU rating quiet, fast, and effective cooling and dehumidifier the room up to 550 SQ Ft. Easy to install and use, while the front-mounted, electronic and remote control to easily operate. The 24-hour programmable timer helps you to operate this unit 24-hour without hassles. The auto-evaporation system allows you to use it 24-hour without any breaks.

Overall, you can wash and remove the filter. The user manual is crystal and clear, so you need not confuse when you use this unit. Finally, the product comes with an affordable price. So, without delay, you can choose this unit.


  • Comes with a 24-hour timer
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Easy to installation
  • Comes with updated features
  • It is an affordable price air conditioner


  • The warranty is not clear enough

Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioners Buying Guide:

EER ratings

EER means energy efficiency ratings. According to energy experts, 8 EER rating is well enough for saving energy. But if you want to save your electricity bill up to 150%, you need to consider up to 10 EER ratings. It is much important because the window air conditioner is already expensive equipment. So, you may not increase your cost, right?


Most people think that the window air conditioner is a hassle to install and bad enough for their walls. Now the installation is more updated, so you need not waste your money on the installation. Before you purchase any air conditioner, you need to consider the easy installation process and look out on the product’s accessories.


Around 70% of people look about functions when they are going to purchase an air conditioner. However, most of the popular brand comes with 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 functions. But it would help if you considered cooling, dehumidifier, and fans function for keeping your space comfy. If you avoid these functions, your money totally wastes, so you must consider them.


You may never want to purchase an air conditioner which does not provide you long-time service, right? Durability depends on lots of things such as materials, construction, technology, and some other things. For getting a durable model, you need to consider a long-time warranty and technical support so that you need not worry about the product.

Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioners (FAQs)

Q: Is 12000 BTU window air conditioner good?

A: Of course, a 12000 BTU air conditioner is well enough for up to 550 SQ FT area.

Q: Is 12000 BTU window air conditioner costly?

A: No, if your price below 400 USD, you will get a perfect and powerful window air conditioner.


Whatever now, you have enough information about the best 12000 BTU window air conditioner. An air conditioner is an excellent company for the person who suffers in summer. I hope that the above products help you a lot to choose the best one for you. If you thin you need more information about this topic, let me know the below comment box.

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